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Pre-Order ETA June 2017 AK47 Advanced Full Metal Real Wood Airsoft AEG w/ Lipo Ready Gearbox by CYMA / Matrix (Package: Gun Only)

62 Customer Reviews

by Kolby R. on 12/27/2016
"I got this gun a couple days ago and let me tell you it is amazing out of the box. It shoots fast and hard. It is full metal and real wood furniture which makes it incredibly durible. All around this gun is amazing and I'd recommend it to anyone

Shoots fast
Shoots hard

It's kinda heavy but it's realistic
by gage h. on 03/17/2016
"Great gun, shoots hard and fast. Would suggest keeping a second mag and buy a lot of ammo, you'll need it.
by Drew F. on 07/12/2015
"I bought this gun in February and it works great and shoots hard. I only had one problem with this gun. This gun was over fps limit on my indoor field so I bought a spring to make it legal. After putting my gearbox back together my trigger would stick in semi auto. It still works good in full auto though. The gun still works but have to push the trigger back in position after every semi auto shot.

-Great fps
-Great accuracy
-Feels great

-Trigger stuck in semi auto after spring change.
by Jake M. on 07/22/2014
"I got this gun yesterday, and have put several thousand rounds through it already, only thing I have changed is to a weaker spring, so I can actually use it at my field. Before the change, I shot a ton of bbs through it, it hits HARD. I accidentally shot my toe with it and it hurt, there is a black blood blister on it. This gun sounds good, feels sturdy, and shoots well out of the box. The battery is a tight for, but I can fit one of the dual battery packs in it, but it takes some time to get it in. Overall this is a great gun.
by Vince F. on 06/07/2013
"what can I say.. 57 people cant be wrong, this is one awesome air soft rifle
sturdy not loose like my Javelin AK .This shoots strong accurate would recommend to anyone ..even the good guys should have this one in their collection..cant wait to try it in the field tomorrow..oh yea had to ditch stock battery nfg .. installed 7.4 lipo and all is well..great piece..
by thomas b. on 02/02/2012
"This is a great gun. It shoots very hard and accurate. I would recommend getting a new battery for it instead of the on in the box. It is the most realistic gun ever!

Runs great
High fps (450)
Realistic weight

A little heavy but not a problem
by thomas b. on 03/21/2011
"This gun is great!!!I bought it a while ago and still runs smoothly.This gun shoots at about 450 fps.If you were shot with it at close range you will bleed.Overall this is the best gun anyone could ever buy (for longer range). 5/5
by Ramon C. on 12/23/2010
"beast!!! this gun is incredible! accuracy is crazy good, its super powerful and reliable! another great part is it can fit a small type 9.6v easly. if u want a gun the can dominate in the field buy this.
fps: 380-460
rpm w/ 9.6v about 900-950 rpm
full metal/ real wood
accuracy 10-10
i havnt found a rail mount that i can put on this? help plz?
like all guns some things can git a little loose. just tighten them up...

overall: 10/10 great gun if your thinking about getting it stop and just buy it!
by John A. on 10/27/2010
"I just got this gun seems solid. I also made sure all the screws were tight. It's heavier than my m4! I put a good 9.6v battery in it. Shoots fast and Far. Good fps good rpm with 9.6v battery, so far. Seems pretty good, but you might want to use some oil and give it a good oil bath before use. I also got two free hi-cap metal Tokyo Marui ak47 mags when I purchased the "Holy Cow" deal with it!

Fast with 9.6 battery
Shoots Far and Accurate
Good solid Build
Qualifies for "Holy Cow" deal
Good Hi-cap Mag

Bad Battery in Package
Magazine Jams easy

I would recommend this gun for all pros and cons!
by Austin T. on 03/12/2010
"i have had this gun for about a month now and the only problem ive ever gotten is the switch to turn from semi to fully auto to safty but thats the only thing other wise this is an amazing gun. i have a 9.6v for it and it shoots so smooth. my friend even try his lipo and still it was still accurate in full auto.
by joey s. on 01/14/2010
"I just bought this gun a few weeks ago and this gun is great so far. people say its heavy but i think its pretty light. when i weighed it the scale said 8.3 pounds and that was with a full clip of 20 grams. The battery that comes with this gun dies pretty fast if you ask me but it will last you a while cause i am super trigger happy and i still get to use it for around an hour in a half... i recommend you charge the battery for 7 to 8 hours if it dies. Incase you didnt know cause i had no idea, there is an adjustible hop up thats easy to use behind the silver thing that slides back. If you wanna use this gun i strongly recomend you use 20 grams.
I recommend this gun for expeirenced people and not noobs. ITS DANGEROUS! i have destroyed many things with this gun even really hard aluminum. (my neighbors fear me and they have air soft guns so ya its really good.) okay rate of fire, amazing accuracy and range not to mention alot of power (: best gun you can find for this price.
by Nathaniel H. on 01/12/2010
"a great buy. it was my first aeg.

great fps
very accurate
good rof
very compact internals.

loose selector switch( fixable with a phillips head screw driver)

Its a great buy and i highly recommend it.
( there are tactical conversions availiable on this site and a good scope mount too)
by Travis P. on 12/21/2009
"I got this gun for my birthday during the summer and i must say, THIS GUN IS FRIGGEN AWESOME!!! its extremely reliable and packs a punch... Heres a little battle story: its a 2v2 capture the flag match and i go around the enemy team. I accidently stepped on a branch and one of the other people saw me. I opened fire and he fell to the ground in pain. After capturing the flag and ending the game, i went to see how he was. This gun left welts all over his stomach, groin and legs. Lets put it this way, he wont stay out in the open anymore...

High fps
fast rof
good mag
Nice wood and metal furnature

wood scratches easily
dosent like the cold lol

When i got this gun i was so happy untill a week or 2 later i saw evike got the blowback version for 10 bucks more!! Im so pissed i could get that one... otherwise, this gun kicks @$$!!
by Danielle P. on 10/09/2009
"I just bought this gun and it is super accurate, very realistic looking, quick reload, and POWERFUL!!!
by justin m. on 09/11/2009
"This gun is the most amazing gun i have ever seen the hop up is so amazing i just got my gun today it is worth the wait and the money!