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Black Owl Gear / Phantom Gear MOLLE Roll-Up Utility / Dump Pouch (Color: Black)

17 Customer Reviews

by Daniel M. on 05/30/2018
doesn't get in the way when maneuvering
can fit quite a few magazines for its size

by Roger G. on 09/05/2017
"defiantly my favorite dump pouch so far.

crazy small (can cover it with the palm of my hand)
can carry lots of weight
nice tab for deployment

haven't found any yet.
by Ray L. on 07/02/2017
"Very handy pouch. I took it camping and stored my MRE snacks in it. Very large, but folds to be very compact.
by Ray L. on 01/07/2017
"It's a really nice dump pouch. It stores away nicely when not in use and can provide you with some extra storage when you need it. I took it camping once and stored my MRE snacks in it. Rugged build quality and decent capacity.
by Stiven A. on 05/22/2015
"I receive this pouch and actually I'm using it in my 2nd Gen ILBE USMC assault pack, it is very well constructed and durable, is not that big, will take 4 M4 mags but then if you want to fit more you need to start organizing them before putting more on it. What I like the most is that it is a dump pouch that you can keep folded taking little space when you are not using it.

-well made
-plastic covered interior
-Good stitching

-Non that I can mention.

I'm very happy with this purchase, totally recommended.
by Noah H. on 05/20/2014
"I bought this to put on the back of my battle belt and it works great. If you are going to buy this, you have to know that it is on the smaller size as far as dump pouches go. This is fine with me because I only run six mid-caps on my load out and this pouch fits about five mags. If you really want to force it, you can fit six mags. It also has paracord on the rim of the pouch so you can adjust the size of the opening. Overall, this is a great dump pouch if you don't carry a ton a mags and if you want to keep a low-profile.

Made from good material for the price
Fits 5 to 6 mags
Mounting is very sturdy
Adjustable opening
Has velcro so you can close the pouch when unfolded
Very compact when folded away

The only con is that if you run a lot of mags for longer games, then this might be a little small if you strongly rely on your dump pouch for spent mags.
by michael c. on 02/26/2013
"works for me. I can fit my 4 extra kwa kriss vector mags(which are pretty heavy) and a couple M93r extended mags just fine. Draw string is nice to help it from moving around a little.
by James S. on 08/26/2012
"A nice little pouch that's not bulky at all, but can hold a lot of mags and things. Folds up easily, and is very convenient.
by TJ B. on 04/18/2012
"This is great and allows very quick mag changes, it holds 6 Magpul PTS M4 PMAGs! It is great because it folds up to a small pouch. I recommend this to other people because it works great!
by John C. on 12/11/2011
"Very nice pouch! Can hold about 6 PMAGs. Can fit on MOLLE gear, a tactical belt, or a BDU belt. Great quality and size!!!
by alex s. on 01/14/2011
"This pouch is Awesome can hold 6 ak47 mags no problem. I could probable fit 1 or 2 more in but for realistic purposes 6. It rolls up as shown, and conserves space on your vest. It is for molle vests, rigs, or belts, but you could put it on other things. I five this pouch a 5 of 5 for compact and tactical handling.
by Mike H. on 01/14/2009
"This ammo dump pouch is SWEET, folded up it dosn't get in your way and looks nice on a vest or a drop leg and unfolded it'll holds all six of the G3 mags I carry. If your tired of droping your mags or fumbling to put it back in your vest I'd reccomened getting this, exspecially at 12 bucks.
by Benjamin M. on 12/06/2008
"Bought this pouch about two weeks ago. As the photos show, the pouch unfolds into a very much larger pouch. The pouch was designed for MOLLE vests and belts, but it's possible to just mount the guy on your regular pants belt. When unfolded, the pouch can tightly fit about seven AK74 mags, so really it would only be able to hold perhaps six or so when used practically. It's a great investment for people who have loads of mags and don't want to just drop them on the floor to perform the most tactical reload ever, plus it looks great and has +5 Operator. Awesome.
by jeremy h. on 11/03/2015
"Well, the roll up dump pouch is good to go. I already own two in other colors, and both have held up pretty good, no stitches failed, and velcro still has a couple years in them. The odd thing is, its listed as a phantom brand, but i was sent a dump pouch from conder. I don't mind that a bit since condor is a brand i am familliar with and would rather have.
by Jonathan H. on 09/28/2013
"I love this thing! It's really given me faith in dump pouches, and it's a huge convenience to me in CQB pick up games.

Rollable; you can roll it up and it stays with velcro
Molle and belt compatible
You can put a hood over the pouch if you worry about your stuff falling out of it, stays with velcro
Compact and low profile
Rivet in the bottom to allow water to drain if it's a rainy day or sandy
REALLY convenient to have; dump magazines, empty grenades, empty green gas, etc.
Made of 500D Nylon, very light
Stiffer than a lot of other dump pouches out there; molle straps on pouch by stiffened nylon back
Parachord hood tightness adjustment; keeps it stiff and size of dump hole is adjustable
Very easy to install
The entire back of the pouch can be attatched to a molle rig to keep stability

Not for bigger games; cannot hold a large amount of magazines, fits around 5
500D Nylon is not the strongest military gear material
Because the entire back can be attached, the molle straps are pretty long; when you attatch to a belt, it's going to be a little loose.