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Airsoft Season! SAVE 18% with coupon code: SUMMER2018 (Exclude MAP and SALE Items) R-Custom Fiberglass "Army" Full Face Mask (Color: Green Flame / Mesh Lens)

11 Customer Reviews

by Michael J. on 01/11/2012
"This Mask is so awesome. It's great for anyone.

1. Lightweight
2. Fiberglass (REALLY Strong)
3. Extremely Comfortable
4. Flame and the way it looks makes it a boss
5. Straps are strong and high quality
6. Doesn't move around when you run.
7. Mesh (Could be a con, but this is a pro because there's ZERO FOG)
8. You can aim with it on...

1. Mesh (Could be a pro, but this is a con for some because some fields don't allow mesh.
That's all I could find so far, but only time will tell.

Overall Rating: 5/5 Excellent
by Gus B. on 12/27/2011
"I got the solid black mask for christmas. It is awesome tested it at 520 fps with minor damage to the forehead. Very comfortable and surprisingly easy to see through. I could see pretty well at night too. I did a custom paintjob on it and it gives it a good intimidation factor

Good visibility
No fogging

Needs more forehead padding ( I added some more and it is amazing now.)

Overall I recommend this mask. Very comfortable. And overall a great mask
by Christopher P. on 04/02/2011
"This is a truly amazing airsoft mask, looks so BEAST just shooting up your enemies looking like Emil or Salem form army of two.
-quality finish
-amazing detail on the flames
-Mesh has a good visiblity
-It doesnt scratch (Ive been hit with the butt of a gun).

the glue of the foam might start coming off after extensive use but nothing like glue can fix it.

Conclusion: This is a must buy, show off your $100 mask to noobs. If you buy this mask like me, you'll have swagg of an airsofter.
by Jordan K. on 01/07/2010
"first of all this mask is just awesome. the minute i put it on i was amazed by the comfort and visibility i had. the didign itself is just wicked awesome, and quite scary. i can breath through it perfectly (even with a balaclava on underneath) and hear any noise. you have to talk a little bit louder through it but not too much. the visibility is great and the mask is lower profile. i can see down my g36 sights perfectly an almost down the scope on my l96. you will need a balaclava to wear underneath for extra comfort and it looks a little weird without one on. overall amazing mask. if you have the money for this then buy it immedietly. you wont be disappointed.
by John S. on 11/26/2009
"This mask is VERY comfortable. Visibility is a little blurred (for lack of better description) by the grid but you have a wide angle of viewing. The mask is light and once adjusted stays in place well. I ordered the black one and did my own custom paint job.

I'm very happy with this purchase. Probably my favorite piece of gear.
by Edvinas M. on 09/23/2009
"I adore this mask. It is convenient and stands all tests during war. But, there is an unpleasant moment in a colour. Fires it is beautiful, but they are allocated in wood district, and black colour too allocates. I use Milspex BDU Version a camouflage. It very much approaches under district on which we are at war. Also it turns out that me is invisible in the field of battle but, my head is visible. It would be desirable certainly that there were camouflage variants as desert, Multi camouflage, etc. Then to this mask will not be equal.
by Uriah W. on 09/22/2009
"I've had this mask since last May and LOVE it.

I use iron sights and can see perfectly through them. Sometimes I use a reflex site as well. This is the best mask I have seen or used and I own an airsoft store.

If you are going to use this in CQB, you should wear some shooting glasses under the mask. (uncomfortable but will save your eyes)

I never use shooting glasses under my mask when playing outdoors and have played every week for the last 4 months. There have been absolutely NO PROBLEMS whatsoever.

Get this mask if you play outside. It is amazing.
by Andrew M. on 05/01/2009
"I purchased this product a short while ago and i gotta say it's the best mask I've used. before I bought this I was using a converted gas mask which was good but this mask is a lot more comfortable. it's easy to get on and off. there's no fogging up, it's solid as a rock. I've taken a few shots to the head at around 350fps and dropped it a couple of times and there's not a mark on it. my only downfall with the mask was the lack of padding around the eyes and bridge of the nose but that was shortly rectified by a bit of foam padding and some cloth to cover it all held in place with some very strong glue.

awesome mask if you don't own one you're truly missing out!!!!
by Matthew O. on 12/01/2008
"i bought this way back in September when they were still on pre-order, and its amazing, i only have one problem with it, and its totally my own fault. CORRECTIVE PRESCRIPTION GLASSES cannot be worn under this mask, there just isn't enough room. If you have contacts more power to you, but if you have glasses i'm afraid this product could be a little disappointing. I am currently trying to custom mount a spare pair of lenses directly to the mesh, i don't have very high hopes for it. In a couple days I will repost with the results
by James R. on 11/08/2008
"check it out if you got this mask or any of them like it, and you are having trouble seeing your dot site then try putting a raiser on your RIS I raised mine up about an inch and it works great for me now i don't even have to readjust my shooting style just thought i would throw some useful information out there for ya.
by Adam B. on 10/20/2008
"***Actual Reivew***

I used to use an old Halloween Jason mask w/ goggles (I painted it, so it didnít glow in the dark). It actually worked quite well, but did occasionally fog. It was defiantly a great low budget idea. But Iím hard core, so I eventually shelled out the cash for this. Now, I have a very large head (I wear 7 ĺ to 8Ē fitted hats) and this still fits great. It covers about half of my ear on the sides, one third of my head on the top and comes down just below my chin. The construction is very solid. I pulled and pried a little on the padding and the straps, it seems glued and rivetedvery tight. I took a few shots to the head in my first skirmish (our whole team shoots 350fps plus, some 425fps) with it and it didnít even scratch. This mask is everything the video describes and more. Comfort, protection, intimidation; and now for the break down:

I couldnít see the screen over the eyes at all unless I actually tried to look at it.
Low profile communication gear will work. We got ours from Wal-Mart. See the video for bulky stuff.
Solid Construction
Very Comfortable
Great Protection
Cool looks

I think it would be pretty hard to use with Iron Sights. See below

You Decide:
I shoot a G36c w/ a reflex site on it. And I had some trouble getting my head low enough to see through the site without resting the mask on my stock. It wasnít uncomfortable or cumbersome at all! But the vibration from the gun translated into the mask when it was resting against the stock. This actually made the gun sound a lot cooler inside the mask, but it was also a lot louder (just for me, no one else could hear it). So it was a little harder to hear my opponents yell ďOUT!!Ē when I shot them. I was able to adjust my shooting technique to avoid the added noise and still see through the site properly, but that will take some getting used to.

Iíve only used this mask once so far and it was @ night. Iíll post again after our day game or if any other relevant details immerge.