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Matrix Special Force Cross Draw Tactical Vest w/ Built In Holster & Mag Pouches - ACU

41 Customer Reviews

by Mike M. on 01/12/2017
"I really enjoy this vest. It fits me very well and is lightweight and comfortable. One feature I really like is that the magazine pouches are extremely to remove but thy won't fall off while running. One little problem I had was that the holster was in the back and I had to rearrange it to the front, which was very simple. All in all I really enjoy this vest
by Elizabeth M. on 07/01/2013
"great vest. recommended for anyone

fits great
can hold a lot of stuff
easy to switch things around
pretty lightweight

if you have a heavy pistol the pistol holster will fall off
(it's easy to improvise though)
by Dustin S. on 05/25/2013
"Amazing vest. Fits awesome, can't believe the low price, I just love it. I actually have two. One digital and one woodland.

-Fits really good with no wobble
-Pouches don't get to much in the way
-AMAZING price, I think it's a little too cheap for it's quality.
-QUALITY. Don't let the small price fool you, It competes easily with 70$+ vests.

-The vest is really deceiving. You really don't know which one you're gonna get. I seen some with 2 extra mag pouches where the holster goes, And some that don't come with the 2 mag pouches. Mine come with the 2 pouches AND the holster so i can switch between the two since its Velcro. Wish they'd give a definite answer on what you're gonna get instead of playing the surprise game.

Besides that its an amazing vest. Only one con if you would even consider that one.
by tyler r. on 12/28/2012
"i just got my vest on christmas as a gift and i absolutely love it it comes with more than i thought it came with and overall i give it a 5 out of 5
by David R. on 11/10/2012
"It's truly an amazing vest! I would reccomend it for any level of Airsofter. I used to have to all my mags and gear in pockets on my pants and jacket. It's also good at showing off gear ;) (NOT that kind of gear) First off, I would like to state that there are 4 mag pouches. 3 in front and one on left-side.

-Lightweight (easy to run)
-Holds up to 8 mid-cap/hi-cap mags.
-Holds up to 6 pistol clips (can also be used for shotgun shells, flashlights, speed loaders, stuff like that)
-Can add your own custom pouches and stuff on belt and back of vest

-Belt is to big for almost all belt loops

That's all I have got to say really! Welp, good luck guys!
by tanner c. on 10/03/2012
"i bouht this vest and i love it. Its durable and has alot of fetures.
mine came with 6 double stack mag pouches
plenty of other pouches.
matches all my ACU's
Not the best woodland camo
i dont like the velcro Holster.
by Brian W. on 08/01/2012
"This is my first vest and it is just amazing!!! It comes with a pistol Holster and M4 magazine pouches (In all 6 pouches if you put them on) and comes with 3 pistol mag pouches and those shotgun shell holder you see in the picture.

Nothing incredibly heavy, lightweight
$40!!!!! CHEAP!!!
Has everything I need
Looks good under ACU

Tad bit big for me, time will fix that though
by Sam J. on 03/17/2012
"this is a great Vest i got it in the mail two days ago and it is awsoeme it fits perfectly and is adjustable.
fits perfect
good look
so much ajustability ( there is like three extra pouches witch you can choose to put on)

not a great holster falls off sometimes when you run (its just velkro) but you can take it off)
by Noah A. on 02/22/2012
"Surprisingly a great vest. The mag pouches did hold as many mags as i would of preffered but cutting the elastic fixed tht. The ACU matches very well with my ACUs.
by dan T. on 01/03/2012
"I absolutely love this vest! I got it around halloween of 2011. I bought the OD version and it looks great wit my Woodland marpat and regular woodland loadouts. Days later my aunt was a FBI agent for halloween and she bought one of these of amazon in black and she knew i was into airsoft so she gave it to me!!!This vest is great! My vest has 4 mag pouches and i have a VFC Tactical M4 so the mags fit. Each pouch holds 2 mags so in all 8 mags+ it has a pistol holster and a walkie talkie holder plus a little pouch on the right lower shoulder. And 3 pistol mag pouches. I have a socom gear meu special unit in od and the mags are a tad to big but thats fixable. Overall i give this vest and 9.5 outa 10 cuz the pistol pouch problem but ive used this in about 5-6 wars and it works great i definitely recommend buying this vest beginners or not.
by Connor M. on 12/25/2011
"Just got this vest. AMAZING FIT. Slipped on perfectly. Only problem is that the pistol holster doesn't come attached. Mag pouch size, little small, but other than that GREAT.
by Doug M. on 11/22/2011
"Nice vest. Mine came with 6 M4 mag pouches and a holster on the back at shoulder level. I took off 3 mag pouches (theyre connected in 3's) and put the holster on. I have a heavy pistol, one with metal slide. It fit snugly in the holster, i wasnt afraid of it falling out, but when i was running, the holster detached itself from the vest, cause it was only attached by velcro, and the vibration of me running shook it off. No big deal, i put some ACU tape on it and it dosen't even get the slightest bit loose.
I'm trying to think of something wrong with the vest.....
1. Well, the mag pouches don't fit all mags well. if you got an MP5, this definatley isn't the vest for you.
2. Also, this is basically a righty vest only. If you are left handed, the stock will be coming into contact with the radio pouch. Most people are right handed, so this isn't a big problem.

I'm 13, so iadjusted this vest to fit me perfect. For the money, great vest. Popular too, lots of people use this. You can tell, this vest gots 24 reviews.
by David H. on 11/17/2011
"Great vest, none better for the price.

Pouches are well constructed and layout is very well thought out.

Highly recommended.
by Austin D. on 09/08/2011
"I cannot find a better vest for the same price. It's simple, but elegant. Great for starters or people on a low budget! Looks and feels awesome, but you might to add more pouches if you carry midcaps. Also the holster seems to be universal (not entirely sure, but it fits my Walther P99 Blowback), but is only attached by a Velcro back and two thin straps. Also it is a bit hard to draw your secondary weapon quickly because it has a buckle to hold the gun in place.

-Great look and feel
-Amazing price
-Pouches included (6 Main mag, 6 secondary mag, 1 radio, 1 multi-purpose, 5 co2/shell holder, Holster)

-Hard to fit certain mags in pouches
-The holster is not as secure as a thigh holster
-The buckle on the holster makes it hard to draw secondary quickly

Bottom Line: "Knock out" vest with a "knock out" price!
by Jordan N. on 09/08/2011
"This is a great vest. Its light, plenty of pockets to put mags and speed loaders in.