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Matrix CIRAS Style Assault Vest with Pouches - OD Green

43 Customer Reviews

by Zoey D. on 09/16/2016
"This vest is absolutely amazing. Being my first vest, I am extremely happy with it. The quality is great, the velcro works super well, pouches are extremely sturdy and the thing seems like it can last a really long time. The only thing I can "complain" about, is that there were a lot of strings stuck in the velcro (that were not attached to the vest mind you) when I got it, but that's really no big deal since you can remove them. Overall, this vest is amazing, and I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who is planning on getting a vest!
by Mike M. on 04/04/2013
"I have owned this vest for two years; I bought it from my teammate/friend who had for two years before that. During those four years this vest has been not used but abused during countless weekend skrimishes as well as regional events; yet it is still in almost prefect condition.

It is easy to get one and off once you figure it out, and is easily adjustable. When adjusted correctly it will not move a cenitimeter when running, jumping, rolling or being dragged (there are drag handles!). Each mag pouch can hold 2 m4 mags (total of 8!), and the admin and utility pouches are very roomy. They are not removeable but I find them to be placed great (or I am just used to it).

To sum it all up, even though I am creating a new (tan) loadout, I will probably never sell this vest. I'll wear it occasionally and let friends borrow it but it stays mine!

I would recommend this to anybody looking for a well built all around plate carrier, especially for $80! This vest could easily be sold for $130.

I would not even think twice about running this plate carrier to a Op: Lion Claws event. It is just that great.
by Tim R. on 09/19/2012
"AMAZING VEST!!!! This is by far one of the best vests on the market. Its tough and can take almost anything you throw at it. It also has plenty of M.O.L.L.E on it ot put pretty much anything you want on it. I highly suggest you buy this vest withough a dought.
by Thomas M. on 08/03/2012
"Great vest!! when i ordered this i was strucken by suprisment by how high quality this vest is for the price. It fits great and is easy to take on and off, I love it and you will too, BUY THIS VEST!!!!
by Stephen W. on 07/12/2012
"Just one word for this vest....AMAZING. Just got my vest in the mail today got delayed bc of july 4th but its cool. It took me probably took me 10 seconds to adjust the vest to my body. and is acuttally very comfortable and cant wait to test it out on the field this weekend. I highly recommend getting this vest for indoors and outdoors. Plus saves you 30$ with the built in hydration carrier on your back.
by Elizabeth F. on 07/02/2012
"this vest is great for outdoor and indoor and i highly recomened it to anyone. IT is a great price for how great it fits,looks,wieghs,and works for me anyway. I guest you should just by this vest because if you do your a beast
by Deneen K. on 07/01/2012
"This vest is amazing! It is very high quality. I was a little sceptical at first because it is a matrix, but it is worth at least double what it costs. There is a lot of MOLLE space, especially on the back. I have AK mags, and those even fit in the vest. I put a MOLLE dump pouch on the left front and that works out well. The hydration space on the back holds a hydration bladder perfectly. The admin pouch is also very imressive. The only problem is when you load it up with 8 mags and a hydration bladder, it gets pretty heavy.

All things considered, this is a great vest if you want protection, a lot of MOLLE space, and a lot of room for mags. Buy this vest!
by Jason G. on 06/20/2012
"Wonderful piece of gear, the high grade material makes it nice to wear and makes it look spectacular. I can't wait to have an airsoft war in this. Very highly recommend this to anyone looking for ciras style, best $80 bucks I ever spent on gear.
by Brad B. on 12/24/2011
"Let me get right down to the point, and then I'll give you my conclusion.

1) Can hold 2 m4 mags per pouch. 4 mp5 mags per pouch. 1 MK36 mag per pouch.
2) Durable. Made from very high quality material.
3) Replica of U.S. Plate Carrier, but it's 10x more breathable and lighter.
4) Utility pouch
5) MOLLE ready
6) Fits me very nicely (I'm 5'6" about 140lbs)
7) Comes in 3 colors. (personally i like OD better)
8) A lot of room for patches
9) Cheap for what it does

1) A bit small
Those are all the cons I could find....

Excellent. If you have a bunch of midcaps for your m4 or mp5, this vest can carry a ton of mags (Get a dump pouch too). I tested it out and shot it from 5ft away with my echo1 mp5 and the bbs just bounced off like you threw a piece of paper at it. MUCH more durable than the Matrix SDEU vest. Utility pouch is great for carrying a spare battery or screwdriver, however, i don't think it will fit a can of green gas. Since it's MOLLE ready, you can add so many more things.

5 out of 5 stars. The best vest I own and for a cheap price.
by Andrew W. on 11/19/2011
"This vest is pretty sick, it's nothing compared to the $120 plate carriers though. When I first got it, it took me legitimately a minute to fit it to my body. The vest, however, does not have the ability to carry any sort of plates. The whole thing is quite thick while still giving you the ability to have the same range of movement as you would without a vest on. I'm 6' 4" so no matter what, a vest will be a bit small on me, my vest goes down about an inch past my belly button. The only issue that I have with the vest is that the pouches aren't removeable! Why would there be a molle vest without removeable pouches? But whatever it's still a pretty sick vest. And no it's not a bluish/teal color, it's OD Green.
by Kelby C. on 02/16/2011
"this vest is AMAZING. very strong and sturdy, and fits any size. pouches fit m4 or m14 mags perfectly, along with pretty much any other kind, although ak mags stick out a little. also, if you have alot of pisol mags you may want to get a belt that has pisol mag pouches on it or molle capable pouches (this vest has molle loops on the back and theres some space on the front) because once you fill this thing with your rifle mags and batterys and bb's theres not much more room. 5 out of 5 this is a great buy OD looks cool with woodland marpat
by Jamie M. on 12/30/2010
"This vest is great! Im 4'11" and it fits me perfectly. Also my friend whos 5'5" tried it on and also fits him perfectly, its practically a one size fits all! Very adjustable and carry all you need. Over all its a great vest for a great price.

Very adjustable
Carries everything you need
Velcro patch
Water proof

Cant take off patches
by Erik A. on 11/06/2010
"i just received this vest today and played for 5 hours at the local airsoft field and it was magnificent it cut my reload time in half it protects very well from high powered guns honestly. i strongly recommend this vest for anybody it fits all sizes fat short tall skinny it doesnt matter. the only cons about this is i have an mp5 so the mags sometimes fall out if i put them in sloppy. but they fit perfect for m4 just like the description. and the pouches are sewn on so they dont detach but since there good it dont matta

by Hunter G. on 09/27/2010
"Great vest. Comfortable. Easy to use. Plenty of uses. Basically all you need. The side pouch is big enough to hold 5000 bb's + something else small. Mag pouches fit 2 m4 mags snugly. Wouldn't be able to fit anything bigger inside. adjustable for size. Overall great vest.
by Jamison M. on 03/31/2010
"Just got it today, haven't used it in any games yet but so far I'm impressed. Put on all my gear to test the feel: loaded it up with m4 mags double-stacked, extra BB's and speed-loader in the utility pouch, knife in the "pistol mag pouch" up top, and put all my patches on there (like it makes a difference anyway). Ran around with it and tested firing positions and what-not and it feels great!

Since the shoulder straps are adjustable and you wrap the inner part of this thing around your body nice and snug it fits great. I can't imagine anyone being uncomfortable in this vest and for $80 no one can complain. I have been using one of the $40 cross-draw vests from here for a few years and it has done it's job well but I think the ciras will ultimately give me that extra bit of reloading comfort/speed I was looking for as well as looking great while I do it! ;)

If you're looking for a perfect starter vest, this is it. I have no need to buy a perfect plate carrier and pimp it out with pouches and such when this has everything I need already sewn on, with some molle too, and is probably -half- the price if you compare a plate carrier AND pouches to go with. Ths thing gives you the same look and feel of any ciras style gear for a much more affordable price.