Reviews: King Arms Military Type 1x32 Red Dot Sight Scope For Airsoft w/ Weaver Rail Mount


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Model: Scope-KA-TBD-15

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by Kenn L. on 2013-04-19 00:04:41
No problems, worked just like it should.
Feels great, very sturdy
I recommend when it gets back in stock.
by bobby m. on 2010-02-04 19:53:11
"overall, it will heighten the value of any mid class to high end rifle out there (it probably weighs more than a beginner gun which is awesome for me). the construction is solid and it feels like a rubberized metal (very sweet). the paint job is flawless, changes from each color/brightness very nicely, and the front lens has a silver reflection finish. although the RIS attachment mount was manufactured a little off, i could barely notice (probably just mine). also the levels of brightness leave a glare at night so u are supposed to use both eyes to see( try it and it works well). easy to remove and put on, now just have to wait for my pretty M4 to come in 2 weeks :D one more thing, the iron sights arent really accurate, but they are super cool (reminds me of pistol sights). 4/5 for the glare, defect (not really).
nice adjusting settings too, very clicky!!!
PS- the packaging is very protective cuz the train it was on to my house de-railed so it was delayed on top of the 12 days of waiting(processing)
by John B. on 2009-03-28 18:56:05
"Well i give this a 2 and this is a honest review. Like a few others might have said, the knob for changing the brightness slowly deforms, then it broke off. Theres no way to fix this, so its basically a tube with 2 pieces of glass now. Honestly im prolly just going to draw a dot in it rofl. Well anyhow i it is a good design, when it worked i enjoyed it.

I would not recommend buying this product. IT WILL BREAK ON YOU.

this lasted less time then my 5 dollar red dot scope, not even joking. And aswell as that even if you get one to work longer, the paint on the knob chips off within 2 days and u get a silver ring around it.

by Bobby F. on 2009-02-06 19:43:18
"I put this on a custom m4 and now the m4 looks exactly like the one used in iraq except i didnt spend 10 grand on a real one
by terri m. on 2009-02-02 16:40:30
"this is agreat sight looks really on good on an M4 or an M16. I have it on my echo 1 M4 and it looks fantastic. the only reason i gave it four stars is because it gives off a little glare on the first brightness setting if you are playing inside and the iron sights aren't really acurate. don't really have to use the brightest setting because the first is bright enough for outside any way.

Looks great
Rubbery coating
Cross reticule
First setting is bright enough for outside
Iron sights gives it that extra look

Iron sights are kinda off key
Gives off a little bit of glare if you are playing inside or at night.
by matt m. on 2009-01-26 15:01:47
"does anyone know if this sight's dot or crosshair is above the standard m4 front sight someone answer

Webmaster: Yes it is.
by Jack Y. on 2009-01-04 17:57:41
"this is great red dot for the money. i picked it up and it had a very good feel to it. its heavy, sturdy, and has a cool rubbery texture to it. it fits perfectly on my E1 VMG-74. accurate and easy to zero although im still tweaking it to get it just right. unlike what ive heard the iran sights are spot on and work like a charm. only problem ive found is that the batteries it takes are very small and i didnt out until after i bought it and the wrong batteries that evike doesnt sell the right kind. im sure any battery store has them so other than that its a great scope.
by Zachary A. on 2008-12-03 12:16:14
"this scope is the best i had no prombles with it and i really love how it has the iron sights on the top

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by T.J. L. on 2008-12-02 23:07:42
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by T.J. L. on 2008-12-02 23:06:32
"Hey yo patty w, what other red dot scope r u looking to buy? I could maby help
by Justin M. on 2008-11-29 19:44:20
"great scope, love the crosshairs, looks awesome on my CA M4CQB
by Don W. on 2008-11-26 08:03:46
"hey, im thinking of picking up one of these for christmas, what battery does it use?

Displaying 1 to 12 (of 22 reviews)

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