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Echo1 AK47 Contractors Personal Weapon AK74 (C.P.W) Full Size Airsoft AEG Electric Rifle - (Package: Rifle)

44 Customer Reviews

by Simon S. on 03/20/2018
"best gun on this website, itll act like a $750 gun with an 11.1 lipo, mine has a shs high torque motor and shs 12:1 gears in it and its like im using a multi-thousand dollar gun, also it will last for several years with no upgrades
by Anthony F. on 03/09/2017
"Picked this gun up used from a guy who needed some cash quick. Can honestly say I was genuinely surprised at it's great performance. I'll do a pro-con list and tell a couple stories so you guys can get a feel for the gun.

When i first brought this to a game, I thought it would be to heavy to use, and while it is heavier it isn't too bad. While you might not win any races it definitely is lighter than other suppression-type weapons. And trust me, this thing can SUPPRESS! At about 150 ft this thing has about a 18 inch spread. (Stock barrel, no internal mods) the thing shoots at least 420 FPS. As it could compete with my G&P M4 from the epic deal in 2015.

It isn't that great at CQB it was never made for that. although with a folding stock and fore-grip it could hold it's own FOR SURE.
I suggest a bi-pod or vert grip to help with weight and steady your aim. Ours came with vert grip but i don't know if it comes in box or not.

Also, the bolt handle did break off but that was our fault for dropping it on gravel. The bolt is made of slightly cheaper metal but will still be fine under normal use.

Extreme firepower and suppression.

A lot of upgrade potential.

All performance described above was STOCK and USED.


Slightly slow Rate of fire with 8.4 V battery (600 rounds a minute) a 9.6 V should easily fix that though.

Heavier, A sling and fore grip/bi-pod is a MUST for games with a lot of travel.

Not CQB friendly, but some work can make that less of a problem.

In closing, This is a great gun, it's outperformed every gun I've encountered except a Polar star and a G&P 280$ M4
(which was only better due to it's INSANE ROF).

So, Yes, you should probably buy this gun :D
by Max J. on 09/09/2015
"So I have had this gun for about a year and 8 months and it is very good with my 8.4 1200 mah battery. Fast response great rof high accuracy. The reason I am reviewing it now is because I was playing with my friends over the other day and I have a lot of land, so my friend was using it at night on the enemy team and I had layed down behind him shooting at his other teammate and shot both of them without knowing and i shot my friend using the AK like 30+ times (KWA MP7) and I hear him like moaning and I am dying laughing and I Run over to him and step on the stock of the gun and break it straight off. Luckily had a extra gold spray painted folding stock and slapped that on there. I was in the process of finding a replacement ak buffer tube assembly so thats how I got here.
Good FPS for field
Full Metal Body
Big Mag size
Fast ROF
Sling mounts on left side right where stock meets body of gun
Great internals
Well Shimmed and Highly durable
Can be a little awkward in cqc
A screw fell out in front of the magwell the other day??
Irons sight came a little bent to the side
Overall a steal for the price IMO great AK
by Kenneth R. on 07/19/2015
"This gun is amazing!!!!!!!! If your looking for a reliable AK you should definitely get this baby!
Lipo ready
Retractable Crain stock
Great weight
Comes with grip
Amazing primary
Somewhat of a tight fit for the battery

Overall this gun works great!
by Dustin M. on 08/06/2014
"overall grate gun! Definitely would start out with this. I really had no problems with it except the stock was wobbly when I got it but I had it fixed by one of my airsoft friends. And I would recommend getting at least a red dot.... well you know its an ak47. I was also happy that it came with a decent grip. : ) Hope this helps.
by Chris F. on 05/29/2014
"This was the very first gun I ever bought and I LOVE IT! I got it a few months ago when I started playing and I've put well over 30,000 rounds through it and it still fires perfectly! I let a friend use it (kind of a big guy) he fell on top of the gun while playing and it didn't do any damage, this thing is a BEAST! I play with a group full of veteran airsofters on a private field with no FPS restrictions and I'm able to really compete with these players that have well over $1000+ in their guns. I have done NO upgrades yet! Out of the box it was firing 400FPS with almost perfect accuracy at 75ft and great accuracy at around 125ft. ROF is pretty weak even with my 11.1 Lipo but for how I play, ROF isn't all that important to me. It's very well built and metal everything! I love that but others may find this gun to heavy. I'm 6'1 only 150lbs and I can get around the field perfectly fine but every player prefers different things. I love that it's an AK+M4 mix, there are a lot of upgrades I've found for it plus it's more unique than just another KWA M4. I'm actually looking to to some external work, CAA Tan stock with a Tan RIS and grip and find a muzzle amplifier to make it more unique and aggressive sounding! For the price of this gun, you have to buy it! Plus, for new airsofters, you get a battery and charger so you're set to play right when it arrives!
by Tara V. on 08/13/2013
"I love this gun. That's all I have to say.

Pros: Good FPS
Sturdy build
Plenty of room for attatchments

Cons: Pretty heavy (Until you get used to it)
by Wei F. on 08/24/2012
"This gun is my first gun and it is great. It is a great way to switch over to aks from m4s because its so customizable.

Pros: very customizable
Lots of rail space (for an ak)
High Fps
Looks Great
600 round hi caps
perfect for noobs like me
Comes with foregrip

Cons: Pretty Heavy
by Mike P. on 04/26/2012
"This Ak performs very well and is very accurate. It is also very durable with the full metal. The only problem I've had with this was the handle next to the trigger which was slightly wobbley but was very easy to tighten up , and i reccomend that you have a sling for it as the gun gets heavy after awhile
by Connor g. on 02/04/2012
"This gun is the best!! I love it and is the best AK in my opinion. I just used it today at the field.
I bought a 9.6v stick with it though (details at the end)

The Pros:

Full metal gun
High FPS (chronoed 440 max, with 420+s on average)
Fast ROF
Great gearbox

The Cons:
Not really any, might be a bit heavy

About buying the 9.6v battery: The stick is 1 cell block too big. So you have 2 choices to undergo that problem.

1. Have your gun modified


2. Don't put on the top receiver on, and have the battery come out to the left side [under the ris]. And just use Electrical Tape and Duct tape (that's over the electrical tape). Just have camo bandana cloth over the battery compartment space and use a little duct tape to keep the cloth in place.
(the ghetto way)

Amazing gun. Was totally worth buying.
by David N. on 12/21/2011
"This gun, to put it simply, is extremely durable, capable, and dependable. At it's price, you may not find another AK with as much to love in a JG or even another Echo1 or G&G. It is a prime field weapon of every kind, and with the right load-out built around it, it will function to perfection. The stock battery is trash, but if you are willing to shell out a little more for a great gun, my suggestion is an 11.1v Li-Po stick, which the Gear Box IS built to handle.

All metal (cept hand guard)
firm mag well
great velocity, accuracy and ROF
quality gearbox, and internals
awesome look and finish
has never jammed

Slight stock wobble (can be fixed with hex tool)
battery installment not quick (it is easy, but takes too long to do in the middle of game)
flash hider doesn't come off (be lawful! but prevents mock silencer attachment)

Seriously, with the drum mag and scope i attached, this baby has heft. Be careful, if you are a lightweight, or simply want a reasonably weighted gun, keep looking. The weight is the price of it's durability: invincible.
by julio o. on 11/06/2011
nice rail system
good fps 410 to 420 with .20
has full trade marks
mag holds 600 bb's
very accurate no joke you can snipe with this gun
rate of fire really good 12 to 13 rounds with a 8.4v
couldn't think of any but this gun ways like 8 pounds so get a sling
by Raphael B. on 08/08/2011
"I've had this CPW for a while now, and I must say it is has been the best deal EVER for any gun you can find. It's rate of fire sounds like a beast, the fps is beastly, it has the weight of a beast, and it's looks are beastly. ITS A BIG BLACK HAIRY BEAST. I've killed entire teams before with it.

I also took it apart completely to remove the disgusting industrial grease, and replace it with my own. ALMOST all the internals are metal, but I plan to upgrade the plastic parts to metal parts. The inner barrel has a 6.08 mm diameter, which works great, but I plan to install a 6.01 mm in the future. The gearbox internals are rock solid (but a pain to reassemble!), but again, SOME parts could be metal instead of plastic. The external parts that I wish weren't plastic are the hand guards (the area covered in rails), because a small notch broke off on the inside that held the lower guard in place. I had to superglue it twice.


Beast ROF
Beast FPS
Beast Weight
Beast Looks
Easy to take apart/reassemble (completely)
Rails all over
Comes with cheap vertical grip
Has an M4 stock!


The big rail above the receiver is angled down by about 5 degrees.
Clip it comes with can fall out with a mere nudge of the support lever.
Only takes stick batteries (unless simple modifications are made).
Can't take sticks that are too long.
Flash Hider CANNOT be removed unless you break it (what blocks it from unscrewing is a welded metal pin. You can push the pin away in the CYMA version of this gun, but not this one).

Overall AMAZING gun. Just a forewarning: ONLY BUY METAL CLIPS IF YOU HAVE AN AK. PLASTIC ONES ARE BOUND TO BREAK (happened to me twice).
by Nick F. on 03/05/2011
"I have had it for two years and have had no problems. It has great fps and is very accurate. I recommend you get .23 or .25 gram bbs to make it extremely accurate.
by Adam K. on 02/01/2011
"This is an extremely solid AEG. I've owned this weapon for about two years now and I haven't had a problem with it yet. On top of that it looks plain sexy and the rails open the doors to plenty of customization options.

Hits hard: (415-420) fps
Extremely accurate: can hit a man size target from around 200 ft
Lots of rails
Fairly high rate fire for only an 8.4v battery
Full metal

Only can hold an 8.4v stick (can take a 10.8v PEQ box with some minor modification)
Heavy from the full metal construction
Stock is hard to replace if broken