JG GA Full Size M3 Realistic Shell Loading Airsoft Shotgun (CQB Pistol Grip)

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Model: SG-M183A1

21 Customer Reviews

by Kevin R. on 06/01/2014
"OK, so I got this gun in the store itself- great staff, was very helpful. When I test fired this shotgun, it seemed to be working fine, and it still is today (I got a few days ago).

Great side-arm or back-up
Comes with four shells and shell holder
Great accuracy
Great range
Adjustable hop-up

Shell holder doesn't even want to hold the shells (you put 'em in, and they come out the bottom)
Crappy sling, recommend using something better
No rails
That's about it

I think this gun is way under-priced and very reliable as a back-up. Would totally recommend this for all players!!!
by Andy B. on 09/26/2009
"*Lets Out Sigh* All right....

First off, this was my VERY first purchase from Evike, and I was impressed with the shipping, FIVE DAYS! It also arrived RIGHT ON THE DUE DATE! Yay!

But.. Not with the product itself.... Here's the rundown:

I first got it, and the box looked like it was beaten to the moon and back; dented everywhere. This had no effect on thew product, however. I cut it open with my Razor by Spyderco, and found that it was harder to open than it looked. Took me a good five minutes.

Anyway, open the box and WOW! See this sexy beast staring back at me! I pick it up and immideitly notice one thing; it was LIGHT, which is strange because I remember on the site it said clearly "HEAVY WEIGHT." Anyway, finding that odd, I set it down and picked up the shells; They seemed cheap but work pretty well... Exceot they misfeed terribly. I'll get to that later.

I ordered the Six Pack of shotgun shells to go with it, and was impressed. They looked very shiny. I received three black and three red. I cracked that case open like a walnut and found that they seemed to actually be CHEAPER in quality of the original ones! I was discouraged, but I pressed on.

I noticed a funny smell on my hands after handling the shotgun, which I identified as that cheap dollar store plastic smell. It disgusted me and amazed me, for it was a good gun.

So anyway, I load some shells and proceed to go into my driveway and pelt the rock in the neighbor's yard from across the street. But noticed something funny: The hop up was set to max right out of the box, and therefore there is only a 10 PERCENT chance of a BB firing everytime I shoot, even after I adjusted it. The shells keep misfeeding, and the thing NEVER FIRES! It's so RARE to get a shot off! So in general, it was a good buy, just need to get the hopup reajusted.


Accurate (When it works.)
Hits HARD!
Good Shell capacity.


That AWFUL cheap plastic smell.
Shell holder is useless.
by Josh S. on 03/21/2009
"This is one dominant shotgun. I've had it for about 3 weeks now and its given a lot of people giant welts. Here's a quick little story about how I owned up with this gun.... Me and a few a my friends were playing against two guys, one kid had a thompson m1a1 aeg(426 fps) and the other kid had a KWA g36c aeg (around 400fps). Everyone on my team had horrible little spring pistols except for one kid who had a shotgun, but his shotty was a crossman stinger(not very good). So I was about 175-200 ft away from the kid w/ the thompson and I was hidden so he couldnt see me and I aimed at him and fired and I watched as the bb flew completly straight and nailed him in the head. When the game was over he lied and said that I didnt hit him but there was a welt on his forehead that proved that I did.

Accuracy - if you know what weight of bb you are using and how to adjust the hop up it's pretty much a sniper rifle)
Range - You'd be suprised how far it goes
FPS - 360-380 not too shabby
IT HAS SIGHTS!!! most other shottys dont
Pain - It stings pretty dang bad
Realism - the shells make it look and feel completly real
Shell capacity - each holds about 29 you do the math 29bbs X 4 shells
Good weight - not too heavy not too light
Hop up - There are like 6 different hop up settings

Pretty much all plastic
Shells jam sometimes but I was using the biodegradeable bbs so thats probably why

Tips- Dont use biodegradable bbs with this it will probably jam, dont use .12 gram bbs or it will completly curve .20g and .23g bbs are just right for this gun. I alway keep the hop up right in the middle. And you should add a little bit of airsoft gun lube to the inside of shells every now and then

Overall a great shotgun, its a great backup if your using some high end aeg but if you just play for fun around the neighborhood, its an awesome primary gun.
JG GA Full Size M3 Realistic Shell Loading Airsoft Shotgun (CQB Pistol Grip)

JG GA Full Size M3 Realistic Shell Loading Airsoft Shotgun (CQB Pistol Grip)

The JG Golden Arrow M3 Tactical Shotgun series is designed after the Tokyo Marui / Craft Apple Work M3 shotgun series. The JG M3 platform utilizes the same shotgun shell specification and chamber design. The M3 by GA / TSD is now an all time favorite for it is a fraction of the price of it's original yet packed with power, features and performance. The shotgun comes complete with shotgun shell holder, metal inner barrel, serrated pump, on frame safety, adjustable hopup, realistic shotgun shells and a pistol grip.
Each GA M3 shotgun comes with a set of four high-capacity 30 round shotgun shells that are fully compatible with both CAW & Tokyo Marui's single and 3 round burst shotgun series.


  • On-frame adjustable hop-up
  • Four 30 round shotgun shell included
  • Realistic shell loading action & convenient pump action
  • Realistic pump action allows shooter to remain engaged while you chamber the next round
  • High durability single shot pump shotgun
  • Heavy weight and robust construction
  • 1:1 true-to-scale full size replica
  • CQB pistol grip for maximum compact platform & portability
  • Deluxe shotgun shell holster included
  • Ergonomic design with serrated pump and grip
  • Tokyo Marui / Matrix and other major shotgun shells compatible
  • Sling ready with integrated sling swivel
Length: 640mm
Muzzle Velocity: 350~400 FPS
Effective Range: 70~150 feet
System: Realistic Pump Action / Single Shot. No gas or battery required.
Magazine Capacity: 30 bbs per shotgun shell. (4 Shells included). Spare 14 round and 30 round shells available here at Evike.com
BB: 6mm. Matrix or compatible high grade bb recommended.
Color: Matte Black
Package Includes: Shotgun, Shell Holster, BB Loader, 4x Shotgun Shells, Manual
Hopup: Adjustable / Yes.

Manufacturer: JG (Golden Arrow Division) USA Distribution: Matrix UkArms TSD

About JG

JG / Jing Gong (China) / ASP (Hong Kong) is among the world's largest Airsoft OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and pioneer for high quality Airsoft AEG rifles. With superb production capability, volume, and their close relationship Evike.com positioned JG to provide the world market with great reliable products.

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