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AIM Tornado Infinity Speed Gear Set w/ Hell-Fire Piston for Airsoft AEG Rifles

10 Customer Reviews

by Joe S. on 10/20/2013
"Great gears. The piston is pretty average however, so I use the Modify titanium coated one instead. I get around 38rps with my set up off of these. Very satisfied!

-Very durable; they will last a long time
-Auto shimming (could also be a con if you're picky)

-Compatibility issues

*I had to buy the AIM anti-reversal latch because none of mine worked smoothly at all. It's a minor cost, though.
*Auto shimming limits your FPS, as you should not go above an M100 because the springs allow the gears to "float up and down" too much, which will cause them to strip much faster. This can also mess up your AOE with the piston, which leads to a stripped piston very quickly.
*M90-M95 spring suggested
*Filing on certain gearboxes may be required. If you don't know how to shim or correct an AOE, you should not be installing this yourself. Do research on these things as this is not a "drop in" upgrade. It requires much tuning and patience.
by Sam C. on 06/15/2013
"These gears are superb! Don't be worried when it says they carry no warranty, they work just fine and will not break your gun. My G&G cm16 raider was broken for a while, and after taking it apart I saw that the stock spur gear was stripped badly. I bought this gear set because after a year of use, my gun chronos in at ~260fps, so I decided I wanted to have an advantage in RPM. I have no use for the piston yet, however it seems to be sturdy and has metal teeth so it will make for a good replacement. If you plan on purchasing these or any internal upgrades, be prepared to take your gun apart numerous times as it will need adjustment before the gears work perfectly, and I must say that taking a gun apart is a rather tedious process. All in all, these gears have saved my broken gun and made it better than it was before. 5 out of 5 stars, thanks a lot Evike!
by Connor H. on 03/24/2009
"this gearset is INSANE

i installed it on my stock tm p90 with a m100 spring and systema turbo mtr. its not even funny how fast it is, ive fired about 7500 bbs on this setup and havent had to open up the gearbox.

just to give u some perspective i shot a 2 foot long cardboard sheet clean in half in about 3 seconds
by James C. on 09/30/2008
"This gear set + lipo is the easiest way to get the ultimate rate of fire on an AEG. (M100 or M110 spring).

(Normally its a Prometheus high speed gear or systema high speed, high speed motor and a lot a lot of work to a stock piston shaving down the extra weight to make it high speed.)

And even with $300 down, all that speed will strip the gear fast and requires tons of money to upkeep. To prevent too much upkeep, just use regular battery and slow it down a little bit. Lipoly should be used on M120 or higher guns.
by JR F. on 09/25/2008
"I forgot to ad... I am using a Firefox 11,1 1600 mah 12C lipo in the setup.
by JR F. on 09/25/2008
"Classic Army Scar L:

I am running these gears/piston along with cylinder head and piston head with "Sorbo" material on them. The Sorbo is a new rubber compound (but a lot better) that helps take the abuse that the high ROF these gears give at the piston head and front part of the gearbox where the gearbox will usually break. I also use an AMP high performance motor. All I can tell you is the gears/piston sound a lot different than regular ones and the ROF is so high, I dont know how to count it. This is the fastest setup I have ever seen in a regular V2 gearbox. I play with guys that have Classic Army M249's with a lot of upgrades and my Scar is faster than theirs. This setup is STUPID FAST.
by William H. on 09/15/2008
"With a lipo and guarder turbo these gears give me 18 rps on an m120 spring, and ~30-35 rps on a stock spring. The piston is very nicely made, as are the gears. They are somewhat self shimming, and excellent quality.

What is not pictured is the motor pinion, which comes with the gears. I was not able to remove the pinion from the Guarder Turbo (I believe you need a special tool) and there is a whine / high pitched sound when it fires. It has done over 2500 rounds now without problems, but you might want to get a pinion removal tool with this set and change the motor pinion too.
by Michael J. on 09/12/2008
"All insane rate of fire gearbox setup will shread gears. But it'll all be worth it.

To not go too fast, you can use a 8.4V battery, M100 spring, magnum motor.....(One of the three, not all of them, or else it'll be too slow.)

If you use stock spring (~300~350 fps), turbo motor, 9.6V or lipoly and this gearset, you'll get MAXIMUM cycle rate....the piston is already customized for hyper speed.
by Jarek d. on 08/04/2015
"This set does help increase fire rate. I don't have a chrono on hand, but the increase is definitely noticeable.
The real beauty of these gear though is that it is versatile. It has a median gear ratio and a (slightly) better geometry that makes it capable of high speed and high torque (within reason).
The auto shimming spring idea can be a double edge sword though. Its helpful to get the shim just right but if you abuse the full-auto, the gears may "jump". Also, if you have a chunky bearing or bushing for the spur, the spring guide for the auto shim may not fit. And the guide is somewhat delicate, so if are going to shave it down, do so gently.
by Jonathan A. on 12/27/2011
"I got this gear set as a replacement for the gear set in the KWA KM4-A1 2GX. Unfortunately, my original gear set wore down on the sector gear and piston, and since I was running an 11.1 Lipo at around 22-25 rounds per second, it was predictable that I would need to replace the gear set soon!

In comes this gear set! For the price, it is definitely a good investment, especially if you are aiming for that high rate of fire, but make sure you do use a low power spring (M120-M130 or equivalent max), because you could wear your gears down faster if you use a stronger spring.

This gear set was definitely worth it, the only reason I give it four stars though is because the floating gear set up did not work properly. I followed the steps to use the springs to help the gears float "perfectly" inside the gear box for maximum performance, but all they did was cause my box to lock up. Took them out and the box ran at 150% efficiency again!

Good deal
Piston AND Speed Gear Set
Full metal teeth on piston

Floating Spring system didn't work (for me).

Overall, definitely worth it!