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Echo 1 M203 Socom RIS Mount Airsoft Grenade Launcher - Short Type. ( OD )

8 Customer Reviews

by cody b. on 03/04/2009
"yes it will fit a M4 and a G36 and yes it is worth the money cuase i put one on my UGT sniper next to the bipod and it is amazing cuase it is short and it is light and camoed same as my gun and ghillie suit and it kicks ass if you have been spotted
by dakota d. on 09/16/2008
"will this fit on an aeg g36c because i really want one and i dont want to buy a whole knew gun just to get the gernade launcher and the g36c has a place to attach the sling in front of the rail so thats why i wanted to no
by George W. on 06/25/2008
"Yes it can fit an AK if it has a 20mm rail. (AK RIS....ect) See the two knobs on the image, thats the rail attachment. Make sure your AK has the rail on the handguard. But I recommend a smaller profile M203 for Ak series.

Some CO2 powered grenades such as the madbull ones are "CO2 grenades" and will fit these launchers
by Anthony R. on 06/25/2008
"is this OK for an AK47 type gun? I really want one, but i have an AK47S, and hate M4's!
by Matthew E. on 06/25/2008
"Question can madbull co2 grenades be used in it i wont to get an grenade
launcher for my m4 can some one who owns it or knows someone who has it tell me.
by Alex A. on 02/06/2009
In my honest opinion I would say that it is worth the money. The barrel is metal but the handgaurd is plastic. So if you only want full metal then you should find something else. Also some of these have been known to wobble a little bit. My say is yes, they are worth it. E1 is usually a reliable company.
by scotty d. on 06/25/2008
"This grenader is very well built,very many metal parts.every thing else depends on the type of grenade you buy
by Cayman P. on 11/28/2008
"yes it will fit a g36c if you have a metric allen wrench set. you can take off the sling mount and put the screw back in the rail. now, i am seriously considering an m203. i like this one because it is od, is short and fairly cheap. i would like to know if it is worth the money.