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WE-Tech Full Metal M1911 Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistol w/ Imitation Ivory Grips

13 Customer Reviews

by Matt H. on 11/21/2015
"Super nice gun!

I bought this gun about four weeks ago and it is still shooting just as good as it was brand new.
For $90 it is awesome! but the fake ivory grips are sort of cheesy (It is some thing you can probable get past)

Great cqb gun,
Mags are not too expensive $15,
Nice range (for a pistol)
Super accurate,
Full metal,

A little heavy (could be a pro)
lower mag capacity (15 rounds)
You only get about two mags before you have to reload the gas (could be a pro)
The orange tip is a little hard to get off tho,

Over all it a great gun, SO BUY IT!!!
by Darrick W. on 06/01/2014
"This is a really nice pistol. I owned two samples of this item before ordering the Western Arms version who I assume WE tech copied this gun from. I never saw the movie this gun comes from, but this gun has all the tactical upgrades I would want in a 1911 without changing over to a Hi-Capa model. The We Tech 1911's with the rear adjustable sights seem to be more accurate than the standard MEU and GI based 1911 models. Accuracy at 100 feet isn't a nail driver by any means but is fairly respectable. I have not had any problems out of this 1911. I have since sold one to a coworker and modified the other one with a shooters design V12 Slide and a few other upgrades to make it a nail driver.

If Evike gets it back in stock, $85.00 is a plus
Decent accuracy

by Zach C. on 02/05/2014
"OMG I'm speechless if evike didn't carry this pistol I would have prolly gotten the crappiest pistol on the market BUT luckily my dad found this and showed it to me and I said that grip looks weird but that's a very good pistol and I didn't even know that was going to be my christmas gift and I am very satisfied with the grip it feels so comfortable and the blowback on this gun is awesome the slide works great the safety works great the welts hurt bad and it makes people call there hits if you can buys this do it just hit that add to cart button type in all the information and wait the days it takes to shoot get used to it buy a few more mags and go dominate your freinds.... Buy this gun!!!!
by Louisa O. on 09/30/2013
"One of he best sidearms ive ever used. I recommend it to anyone who can get their hands on one.
by jaime r. on 09/21/2012
"very cool gun, ivory grips are awesome and comfortable.

290-330 .2 w/t
ivory grips
hard blowback
no cons
by Collin F. on 01/24/2011
"When I first looked at this gun I thought to myself wow, that grip looks pretty stupid but when I got it the grip turned out to be really comfortable. Also the full metal and full gas blowback feature is great! This gun can be either a cqb or just regular field play gun. This gun is just an all around multipurpose weapon. If u can buy this gun now. Get it! ALSO! Be careful filling this gun with the gas! It only takes 5 to 10 seconds for it to be filled so don't over fill it or you have a magazine problem.(don't worry you just will need a new magazine which are about $20 I think)
by clint j. on 09/22/2010
"this gun is amazing i got it a week ago and i ws speechless when i picked it up.
get this nowwwww.
pors- full metal
hard blow back
nice wieght

barrel wobbles
by Hunter M. on 03/03/2010
"This was my first gbb airsoft gun first of all let my mention how heavy it was it almost felt too heavy to be a real gun because almost all the parts are metal in the exception of the fake ivory grips and the orange tip it has so many safteys on it the grip saftey, the thumb saftey ,and the half-cock saftey for the hammer. The gun has a very hard kick but not as much as a 9mm handgun it has equal recoil to that of a .22 caliber pistol.
pros: realistic weight, operation, sights,and parts
a good amount of safteys to avoid accidents
cool design of the muzzle break or flash hider at the front of the gun
magizine slides very smoothly into place

sometimes the magazine catch will not work when the magazine is empty
the thumb saftey only works when the hammer is pulled back all the way
the propane smells very bad after firing multiple rounds (this is normal and it is for saftey reasons due to the risk of injury from the gas)

5/5 stars for durability too
by Aaron M. on 11/26/2009
"I bought this gun off a friend who got it from for $75 and an old cell phone. At first I thought it might have been a lil bit too much, but it was so worth it.

PROS:all metal
3 hole trigger
comfortable and stylish grips
metal magazine
vent port things built into the barrel(very cool looking)

CONS:total gas eater
only 15 round mags (I don't mind)
2 out of 3 of the magazines I have leak
The barrel wobbles a little bit

by Michael W. on 01/23/2009
"I just got this gun maybe a couple hours ago, and man am I impressed. The gun is full metal, very heavy weight(but not too much, just like the real steel), well balanced, cool looks, and I always love the two magazine deal offers. I got this at the walk-in store, and the first impression of the gun was really good. I first noticed the ported slide and barrel, acting as a mock "compensation" for if it were a real 1911. This was actually very well finished and designed. The grip is ok if the player is looking for a competition firearm, but I'm looking for a rather tactical/skirmish type look and feel, so I am getting real steel Pachmayr American Legend grips. The ambidextrous safety is a problem on these particular grips, due to the fact that some modification has to be done for the grip to fit. However, the spectacular thing about all WE 1911's, is that they can all fit real steel grips. That is Definitely a plus. I have not had any problems with the mags, unlike many others who have said that their mags leak or whatever. Mine are fine. Fifteen rounds per mag is also a plus if realism is sought. The three-hole trigger is a nice touch; very good looking, and light. Everything on this 1911 that goes "click", which is the trigger and the safety, all "click" extremely affirmatively. The ambidextrous safety is never stiff, works very well. But, as for all WE guns, the slide has a BIT of a wobble to it. It isn't visible at all, but you can here it slightly if you shake the gun. But who would do that? It personally doesn't bother me. BUY THIS GUN!
by Ethan F. on 12/01/2016
"I had a bit of trouble with quality control at first, but the damaged item was easily replaced. As for performance, take some time to adjust the hop and sights yourself, take care of maintenance actively, then it just might be the best performing pistol on the field.
by David N. on 07/02/2015
"I have thIs pistol and it shoots great. The accuracy is good for a pistol. At 30-40 feet it takes 1-2 shots to hit some1 and this is not that loud of a gun. Also the kick is barely noticeable so it's really is to aim and shoot more than 1 shot off. My only problom is that the slide will get caught on the nozzle at random and I have to push it over. Also I bent the slide release on it but it didn't cause any problems. Overall love the gun and would recommend it to A friend.
Shoots hard
Shoots accurate

Have to push hard on the mag to get it in
Overall love the gun
by Patrick G. on 10/14/2014

To get it to take CO2, you need to purchase a mag that is compatible with it, then purchase some extra stuff to make your gun not blow itself to pieces when using CO2. I just use propane now.

Other than that, shoots hard and accurately with .25's, though I might go a teeny bit lighter on the weight of the BB's.