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Matrix S.D.E.U. Ultra Light Weight Airsoft Tactical Vest - (OD Green)

36 Customer Reviews

by Brandon B. on 01/20/2014
"I used this about 5 times already and i love it. I'm a big guy about 6' 0 or so and it just barely fits but it does enough so it doesn't come off mid game. If you're a support gunner and want to look the part, look no further. everyone says i look like a juggernaut with this. It's a little hard to look around with the front neck cover but it's removable. this can hold 6 m4 mags for the mag pouches. the grenade shell holster is better than i thought, but i use it for a desert eagle mag holster and it doesnt move at all. the admin pouch can fit 3/4 speed loaders and the radio pouch can fit various long thin items. it carries everything i need so it's good and has a lot of protection for hot cqb play.
mag pouches work well and fit things as tight as you want
grenade shell holster can hold co2 pistol mags as well
crotch protector for people who want to protect their dignity and pride
arm strips are good for patches
a little small on a big guy
slightly hard to look around with full neck protection but not too bad
waist bands seem a little flimsy but not rip-able at all
amazing vest, definitely worth the price.
by Jaromir E. on 04/08/2013
"Very good and durable. Can last for a long time.
- Comes with everything PLUS crotch guard
- Looks intimidating
- Light
- lot of space for stuff

- Will sweat all the water out of u...
- Might be restricting but if u dont like dont get it
- No MOLE sytem right but this one provides all u may need with it
- Pouches for mags arent that big as it seams

Overall: Surely recomended to all who wants something ready right away from box and something providing still a lot of protection though a very very good hydratation must be maintained in it.
by Victor M. on 12/25/2012
"i Love this vest! it fits great the sleeve things kinda get in the way but u can take that off. im 5'7" 140lbs and couldnt be better! only problem is its a little tight for 6 magazines, 2 in each, other than that very satisfied.
by jimmy s. on 12/21/2012
"Straight out the box this vest looks small but I am 6.2" and 180lbs. It is ideal the purchaser is around 5.8-6.0 area but for my height I am very good for it. This vest goes well with all types of ACU and Marine corps BDUs. I love it so far and the quality is very great of a vest! I recommend this vest to anyone who is mid to light weight and can manage the Amount of heat it gives you but hey, it makes a perfect warmth coat in the winter hahaha! Remember.

This vest is for the ranges stated below


Anyone taller than 6.4 or 6.5 would not be satisfied with this vest so review the other matrix SDEU MOLLE vest if I were you.
by Matt O. on 07/23/2012
"A very nice vest. I've had it for about a year now and I couldn't have asked more from a vest.


You wont feel any hits on the vest.
Very durable
Crotch and neck protector


Can get hot in the summer
Neck guard can get pretty constricting

All in all a great vest. It's taken many bbs and held up. I recommend it to anyone
by ezekiel b. on 12/07/2011
"This is my second time buying this vest, I had the black one for two years before it wore out. Great vest very durable, although one of my mag buckles got shot and chipped as well as one of the shoulder/ arm connector piece. I live in Colorado and we have the infamous DMZ airsoft. I'm 5 7" and this fits perfectly I live this vest and I use it every weekend at the DMZ.
Great looking
Provides protection and lightweight
Strong enough to keep you not looking like a meth head and light enough to know when your hit
Crotch protector!

Buckles are a little weak
Gets hot sometimes.
by theodore L. on 10/26/2011
"This vest is very well made,can store AK mags, pistols, and grenade shells! Very compact and comfortable.

Pros: comfortable
Stores any gun mag or shell
Very light
Great / Realistic looking
Cons: crotch protector kinda tight ( I'm 6 foot) but you can modify it by cutting it off
Shoulder guards can also be modified
Only things is, is that matrix should make it a little bit stronger
Otherwise totally recommended to any pro or beginner
by davon w. on 05/25/2010
"this is a great vest


1 if your short like me 5'5" its great fits prefect
2 took shots point blank and no problem you can feel it but not bad
3 even shoots from long range you can feel so don't let the thickness fool u cause u can still feel it but again still not bad this was tested with a 2.0 bb not 2.5 k

cons _ not bad k but still more like ugh lol _
takes a little to get use to _ to put on that is _
as far as fitting 2 m4/m16 mags you can but is a little tight i used magpul and they fit but snug k
i would like to see more pockets like on the back sides.

all in all dam good vest love it in O.D color
by brandon p. on 04/08/2010
"This has got to be the greatest vest ever! I got it about 3 months ago. This was a replacement vest for my swat vest that was too heavy and very constricting. This vest is light weight very durable and amazing quality. The vest has 3 mag pouches in the front. One pouch holds one M14 mag or 2 M4 mags. Im not sure how many AK mags but it looks like it would fit one. The vest also has and admin pouch with very good and long lasting velcrow. It also has a grenade loop for a 40mm. grenade. It has detachable shoulder pads that are very usefull and confortable. Some people have said that they do not like the shoulder pads but i love them. It has a neck protector(detatchable).....very thick and good protection. Last but not least a nut protector(detatchable). The one problem for that is that it hangs really hight from where my little friend is. It has that snug "Im not going anywhere" type of feeling when u have it on. I found that when your crawling on the ground army style i doesnt bug or smash anything that is in the pouches and pockets. So all in all a great vest and I would recomend this vest to anyone on the airsoft playing field.......from first time noobs to very expirenced verterans.
by Travis B. on 01/07/2010
"This vest is excellent if you love to look up-armored and don't want the hassle of all that weight! I'm around 6 ft. tall, 170 lbs. and this thing fits me perfectly. It gets a little warm in the summer, but that's to be expected in a vest like this. And to answer any questions of comfort, No the arm pads don't bother you nearly as much as you think they would. Half the time I forget they're even there. No they're aren't any loops for belts, but that's just part of it being an SDEU vest. When the cargo of an ALICE belt is required you can just do what I do and wear the ALICE belt/suspenders under the vest and it fits perfectly.

-The mags pouches are easy to get to, and hold M4/M16 mags like a charm.
-The flip-down groin plate has come in handy in several CQB situations.
-Light-weight and comfortable.
-Arm pads and front Neck Armor are removable.
-Has room for a Camel-Back.
-Easy to wear an ALICE belt with.

-Gets warm in the summer.
-No belt loops.
by Quintin N. on 09/05/2009
"is this vest good for kids because im thinking of getting my kid one.
by Nancy W. on 05/18/2009
"I got this vest the other day for my first airsoft event. I looooovvvved it! Every hit, no matter from what airsoft gun, or how close/far they were felt like someone lightly tapping me. I used to be scared of getting hit by airsoft BB's and this vest made me not care about getting hit what-so-ever. I've tried other cheap vests and there is no way near as much protection as this one. The best part is you can detatch things like the front neck guard, the shoulder protectors and either tuck away or take off the crotch protector that comes with it (the crotch protector in no way affects your movement.)

My only warning about this vest is that it looks a little silly on tall people. I'm a 5'3" female and it goes down to my hips...perfect for me though! :) In other words the vest is short but the width can fit just about anyone.
by Travis B. on 04/29/2009
"Totally worth the money. It looks awesome with woodland camo.

The vest is extremely comfortable and fits like a second skin even with the groin plate down and the arm protectors on!

However it does not have belt loops, but it hasn't bothered me. I just wear my tactical belt right up under it.

Definitely a must for anyone going for that up-armored badass look.
by Quint M. on 02/11/2009
"It is possible that this is the best tactical vest on the market today! I highly recomend you buy this product. Can withstand 750 fps point blank without feeling a thing.
by Quint M. on 02/01/2009
"This is posibly the best vest i have ever owned. Highly recomend.