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Model: Vest-MTX-SDEU-T

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by Tyler H. on 2016-07-21 14:19:32
"Great vest. Really is. Light wight and easy to store/travel with. Part of the reason too I got it is because it looks really cool, especially with those sleeves. Wrong. It doesn't come with sleeves nor is it compatible with sleeves because it has no velcro to store it on. It was a bit of a let down but otherwise great vest and if your shot in the torso with this thing on you cant feel it at all!
by Dillon S. on 2016-04-05 18:12:09
"Very well built vest that has lots of Velcro for adjustments ( fit my 13 year old and fits me ) overall very good vest it will be my go to vest

Pros - Hydration Bladder
Holds many mags
Adjustable as to what you want on and off ( neck and arm guards etc. )
For the size its very light
Has room for grenades and other pouches

Cons - Lack of pistol holster ( no big deal )
No other cons
by jack z. on 2015-04-23 00:49:07
"I won this vest from one of evike's Facebook photo contests after submitting a photo of myself flying an f-18 GO NAVY.

Gotta say for airsoft use this thing is awesome. It is really lightweight, and very breathable in my opinion. I sweat a lot and this is much more comfortable than a heavy plate carrier.

If your'e a run and gun type of guy like myself, go with this vest. Take off the neck and shoulder protection, don't wear and shirt underneath, hit those bicep curls and you'll look like a complete bada$$.
by Anh H. on 2015-02-24 14:08:50
"This vest is comfortable and light weight. Has removable shoulder pads, and front neck guard also comes with a crotch protector ;). It fits 6 standard ak mags however you won't be able to close top of it. Hydration pouch is good but I don't use it any more because I can't feel my hits. Overall this is a good vest but I feel like I can't feel my hits sometimes and even called myself out by getting hit by a falling twig a couple of times.
by Trenton R. on 2014-06-25 12:48:08
"Love it. there is still a lot of customization, fits nice. Holds my mags, a battery, speedloader and still has extra room. Very nice quality.
by Justice S. on 2014-02-02 11:37:27
"I was very pleased with my vest, it's light weight and places where movement is a must are pliable enough. The look is very cool, I took off the arm pieces because I can't feel the hits on my arms but body mass is noticeable.
Light weight
Hydration pouch
Looks cool

Velcro can stick to everything, just a little frustrating

Diffidently worth what I paid for, but I bought it on markdown.
by Albert H. on 2013-12-05 19:52:35
"It's an awesome vest, it totally deserves a five star. I went to my local CQB arena wearing this and I dominated alongside with my HK416
by Andrew K. on 2013-11-09 20:47:26
"I got this vest about 3 months ago and love it. I was going for a heavy-class look, and for the price this vest actually gives you a lot of options. First off it's real light, a lot lighter than people think. I never have to worry about getting hit in the neck or back. The arm pads look cool and are very functional, and since they're clip on they can be put on other load outs. OVERALL:

Very light
Serious protection and unique look
Detachable shoulder pads and neck protector. Groin protector tucks into vest.

NO MOLLE (although if you're clever and good at some basic sewing you can modify the vest)
by Michael B. on 2013-07-03 15:32:01
"This is a great vest!

Needs more molle
by Jonathan H. on 2012-10-30 23:59:58
"I really like this vest, but it does have it's cons and pros:

-Light desert tan, to bright for the woods
Installed pouches and lots of velcro
40mm grenade bandolier style pouch (also fits bayonets)
Lot's of protection
-IT ALSO COMES WITH GROIN PAD. You can flip if inside the vest if you want it too, it stays with velcro. Non removable though, but it's no trouble when you conceal it inside the vest
-The front neck brace piece is also removable
Hydration carrier in the back (I use it as a backpack sometimes)
Easy adjustment
-BEST FOR NOT-VERY-TALL PEOPLE if you want to you use the groin pad
Worth more than what your buying it for
-The vest+pouches would normally cost around $100
Very nice feel
-Feel cushiony on the inside, very thick armor
-Soft armor=more flexibility, easier on your back
SUPER lightweight
-My baby brother weighs more!

I wish there were more pouches and MOLLE weavings for more customization
The rifle pouches on the bottom aren't too universal
-Difficult to pull out a magazine if you dual stack it, best to use only one magazine in each pouch.
-Magpul's/magazine assists won't fit if you put two magazines
by Cash M. on 2012-10-08 19:44:33
"just got this vest today and i love i put it on and i did notice that it was a little hard to get on but it wasnt that bad. i did have a couple problems with the arm pads but nothing major that would be a Con. the im a big guy so the croch protecter is a little higher than i would like :) but thats a small Con. Some of the good things is lots of mag space the croch protecter and the arm pads are pros with a Con or two. But all and all this vest is a great vestand i recomend it to players that need a good vest.
I give this vest a 5/5 with its few flaws it is worth the price in my book.
by Lucas Y. on 2012-09-23 14:30:05
"the vest is great it is worth the $80

great material,very durable,lightweight

Cons: well so far I have none cause
it's a great vest

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