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Tokyo Marui MAC 10 Airsoft AEG / AEP Sub-Machine Gun

8 Customer Reviews

by Mark C. on 09/26/2016
"Great for cqb action. I have eight mags and that will last me one round. 50 shots it really shoots, anymore will go one foot out your barrel. I load with the provided loader with the gun. Installed a 6.03 nine ball barrel on it. Does a lot more work. Anyone can do this upgrade, super easy. Its about 5 screws, Phillips #1. Read the owners manual and you can maintain this gun very well.
by casey c. on 10/15/2015
"Awesome gun I got mine 2 weeks ago when the price was $211. Gun lasted 10min stock before I opened her up and installed an SMP wolverine. I used an ak length nozzle, bingo Airsoft works circuit board, amped grip line, dremal, foam insert, gaffers tape, electrical tape, 8 hours later everything works and its shooting at 1.1j using .25s at 30rps at 118psi. Silencer can fit a marui tracer unit inside when foam is removed but will not fit the xcortech x3300w inside due to it being longer in size than marui, however there are normal ccw 14mm threads for any tracer and silencer.

Light weight
Deadly quiet w silencer
Set at zero engagement rules
Tracer unit can fit inside suppressor
Great range for short barrel
SMP wolverine battery can be plugged in for a whole month played w every weekend before being disconnected and charged again

Limited in barrel and bucking choices aep only
No sling mount
Hand mount strap when installed makes a loose metal on metal sound

Great custom gun, 10/10, I'll pay extra over a cheap unreliable clone any day
by derek s. on 06/11/2015
"This gun is amazing!! Tokyo Marui never seems to not surprise me with their guns. I hate we people discourage Tokyo Marui because of their guns being almost all plastic! It's high quality plastic and doesn't seem at all like it will break easily. The parts that need to be metal on the gun are! Tokyo Marui guns will last you YEARS with little care. In my opinion Tokyo Marui is the father to all airsoft and actually kinda is! Another thing Tokyo Marui shot slower then other guns because of foreign laws but velocity doesn't affect the range at all! The slower it is the more accurate it is! The cost of Tokyo Marui guns are correct! People should be paying this high for a good quality airsoft gun that will last them years. I love this Mac 10! The range is perfect! 250 FPS with a .2 and a range of a whooping 150 feet!!! For a gun with a barrel this small 150 feet is very impressive to me. Great rate of fire and easy to manuere. The suppressor that it's comes with actually works really well and is filled with foam! Batteries are easy to get for this gun and I'll never change the wiring to make it fit a 7.4 lipo because I want to keep it all original!

Superb quality and performance
Fps great for CQB
Batteries easy to find
Range is great for such a small compacted gun
Years of usage
Low maintenance
It's Tokyo Marui!!!!

Mags can be a little expensive but great quality

I give this gun a 5/5
by Brendan K. on 11/24/2013
"I love Tokyo Marui, and although most people will tell you that they are not worth the money i beg to disagree, with minimal maintenance and care any TM gun will last 10-15+ years. Where as if you purchase the ever popular JG pieces of S*** you will end up having to pay for parts and maintenance every 5ish years or completely replace the gun, so in the long run TM guns are just as good, or in many cases even better, my TM P90 is the BEST gun i have ever used or played against.
by sharon d. on 10/23/2008
"NO tokyo marui are the highest quality airsoft guns not overpriced you get what you pay for with tm's gas mac's develop very bad problems because they are full auto, gas guns that are full auto are very unreliable
by william g. on 09/16/2008
"but its TM and u know its going to be accurate and reliable. the gas ones are actually not that great, and they develop many problems over a short period of time of using the gun. this is a great electric mac 10 and will last your far longer then the gas ones.
by kiet f. on 11/29/2008
"Looks bad***, shoots great and is very accurate, the only thing is that very small battery. I have a question what type of gearbox is it?
by Anthony R. on 10/16/2008
"that thing is good, but is way too overpriced!

TM's aren't worth the money, especially in this econemy!