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King Arms 120 Round Mid-Cap M4/M16 AEG Magazine (Color: Black / Single Magazine)

6 Customer Reviews

by Jonah K. on 06/29/2013
"Recently purchased this for my G&G combat machine custom. I'd like to say it DOES fit on my G&G gun with very little wobble. It feeds great on semi and full auto. The only thing I could say against this is that its really light. Its still sturdy, but its so light its almost unrealistic! But that could be a pro also because it lessens the overall weight of the gun. If you are an airsofter on a budget, get this!
by Justin C. on 02/15/2013
"Best midcaps probably out right now. I have had these things for over a yea, and still not misfeeding. I am also know for having bad luck....:( Ive painted them and they still havent misfeed.
by Guillaume D. on 07/04/2012
"Cheap, good quality for plastic, perfect. Spring is fine, no misfeeds, etc. If you're not looking for a metal midcap or a higher capacity mid cap (yea..) I'd highly recommend it.

Requires modification on G&G 2010/F2000 (easy tho, just saw off the extra part).
by charles s. on 11/07/2011
"i ordered two of these last Wed. they said it would take 5-7 working days for them to get here,they arrived Sat. morn,I pulled some maint on them and started shooting. they work very well, no feeding probs at all. my only complaint is i didn't buy more.
by Kevin L. on 02/28/2012
"I just got three of those today. Love them. They work great i just went throw 500 bbs in the last hour and their working great. I got a sig556 and they fit so and m4 or m16 even the p90 boxs mag sould work great with them. Their not metal, but its a strong plastic. i wish i got more. I give them a 4 out of 5
by Ryan B. on 07/14/2013
"I bought three of these for my custom m4, plastic body, everything internally is upgraded, 400fps, around 850rpm. They all worked for about one game, then two of the three would not feed at all, while the other one worked perfectly fine. They seem to be very durable, given the fact that after they would stop feeding in the middle of a firefight, i would throw them against the nearest rock, and they only have a few scratches. Throwing them did not break them, as they still work in my friend's g&g raider XL, and his vfc m4.

Throw proof, very durable
nice capacity
don't rattle
black, not a grey like some others
ok price
don't wobble in gun
great to relieve stress if you need to throw something

Stopped feeding after one game
Gets you killed in a firefight

3/5 since they are very durable, and they seem to work in some guns, but not all.

I do NOT recommend these, the EliteForce ones are just as good, cheaper, and feed in my gun along with my friend's vfc and g&g