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Light Weight IBH Airsoft Helmet w/ NVG Mount by Marix / Lancer - OD Green

8 Customer Reviews

by Kim S. on 02/18/2013
"The Matrix IBH Helmet is fantastic!
Looks amazing and its very cheap compared to other tactical Helmets. (Buy Side-Rails and you are good to go).
It's make from High Quality ABS Plastic (from what i heard).
The Helmet has a NVG Mount so you can Night-vision Goggles or a Go-Pro Camera if you wan't to upload videos of Airsoft.
At first the helmet was not fitting me correctly, it was because the middle cushion was too large, but i ripped it out, cut it in half and i am good to go since i wear a balaclava with the helmet.
Chin Strap is good also.
I just received it today for my birthday and i can't wait to use it with Airsoft Battles!

by Daniel K. on 04/23/2012
"First off to say this is a great helmet but only on problem the padding is herendous. The helmet is abs plastic and very comfortable. Great helmet

looks great
straps are sturdy
hard helmet

by Daniel K. on 02/19/2012
"When i first got this helmet it was in perfect shape and worth the money. It was packaged great and took only a week to ship, but the best part it came with 50% off and free shipping on my next order. This helmet is very sturdy, abs plastic, and comfortable. This helmet is comfortable because of padding inside, also the straps are comfortable. This goes great with goggles and a mesh mask, also when you go airsofting you never see anyone wear these its rare. These helmets are used by U.S. Special Forces and its also it has open ears for radio. This helmet is overall 5 stars in my opinion, Thanks and Team!
by Jeremy B. on 12/20/2011
"i just got this helmet, and I must say. It is even better than I imagined..

Some say that this helmet is Amazing and others say it its garbage..
I say that this helmet is nearly perfect. The Helmet itself is awesome quality, shape and design is very welly made. The only problem I have with it is that i did not order this sooner!

Good build
Great quality
Straps work very well
Pads are comfortable
Doesn't move on your head
has NVG mount (metal, great quality)
Screws all metal(some on mine needed tightening)
Looks VERY tactical

Pads are good, but as other reviewers say..It could be replaced. I, however, do no have the money for new pads, and these ones work fine, do not let reviews of bad pads scare you because trust me, it could be MUCH WORSE. For the AWESOME price, this helmet is better than I would have ever expected to get.

This product is amazing, I highly recommend it.
by Edmund C. on 11/18/2014
"This is a fine helmet for someone looking to get a low-cost, but authentinc-looking helmet for general use. The foam padding inside is dual-layered open cell soft foam over semi-rigid closed-cell foam. Each pad is about an inch thick, which really restricts the actual wearable size. This helmet should fit snugly on someone who wears a size 7 1/4 to size 7 1/2 cover.

For larger heads, the pads are easily removed and modified, however, the strapping system is a bit of a trick to adjust properly and was clearly made for smaller head sizes (think Asian fit).

When paired with your own velcro additions, or the velcro kits sold here, this helmet is on par with other more expensive versions when it comes to looks.

A sturdy, easily customizable helmet for beginners or more advanced players.

The liberal application of foam padding, as well as a somewhat complicated strap adjustment system could prove troublesome for players with large head sizes.
by Kristin M. on 04/01/2013
"I absolutley love this helmet!
When it came in everything functions well
however the strap system is a bit odd
and my plastic buckle broke after 5 days on
the field, no big deal because they can be replaced for
about $2
by Robert W. on 05/23/2012
"I just got this helmet today and Im already in love with it. its a smooth and rugged texture on it. the only con I can think about is the buckle system. I only had it on for about 15 minutes when the buckle on the top left snapped in half now I had to put on some electrical tape and its better now. also I bought a pair of flakjacks with this and they look great together but they slip off so the tape came in handy yet again but ill be buying the straps to keep them on soon.

:not a lot of people have one.

cons: buckle system is meh.

other than that I'm very happy with my purchase and can't wait to use it :))
by Dan W. on 02/05/2010
"Many who have reviewed this helmet say that it is the best reproduction out there. They must have never worn a real helmet of any kind. The padding is terrible; a joke really, which could not possibly last for one single hot day. The straps are simply impossibe. The hardware is total fallapart junk. Better hardware (by far) comes with a 5 dollar kids bicycle helmet from Wal Mart! I do understand the purpose of this helmet, and do not expect a real protective item, but c'mon guys, really. The holes for the NVG mount were drilled off center, every screw in the helmet was loose, some of them were missing, and I had to mess with this helmet for half an hour to be able to wear it. I eventually gave up on the straps and padding that came with it, threw it all away, and put my own straps and padding in. If I had not coincidentally had a set of Skydex ballistic helmet upgrade system sitting around, I would have had to send this helmet back. Totally impossible to wear in any way as I received it. It's just a pity that I had to use a hundred dollar set of pads to fix up a sixty dollar plastic fake helmet. Oh well, it's still 500 bucks cheaper than the real thing, and easier to get. On the plus side, once I upgraded the helmet, it looks and feels great. My recommendation; if you want a nice special-ops helmet reproduction, don't forget to EBay up a set of real pads and straps, (PASGT will work fine) and be prepared for some serious frustration in making them work.