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KJW M1911-A1 Full Metal Blowback Pistol (Model: CO2)

34 Customer Reviews

by Marvin F. on 07/18/2017
"This is a great gun, but here's my reasons for giving it the 5 star Rating.
Feels like a plastic barrel, but the orange tip is metal; if it is a metal barrel it seems to be of a lower quality than the actual gun's frame.

The frame is a mixture of a 1911 and 1911a1 and is full metal(kind of like aluminum or pot metal from what I see), but what you get sticks mostly to a 1911 as for those who need a WWII replica and the only thing that "really"
refers to the 1911a1 model is in the trigger guard near the actual trigger the slightly grooved/curved bit for more "comfort."

The picture features a blue loading nozzle, but I received a red nozzle; for me that was great as I was looking to switch it out anyway so props to Evike for that, but if you are looking for the blue one be aware that you may get a red one.

Using crossman co2 12g Cartridges the thing kicks like a mule and even gave me some ringing in my right ear haha; very accurate and the Tokyo Marui aspect of it holds true.

The magazine is a standard(for my version) co2 mag from KJW and is full metal except for the loading bay for the co2 which is plastic(but very sturdy).

Trigger response is great, it has a working hammer, slide release, magazine release.

When you run out of bbs, the slide locks back and requires the slide release when the mag has been replaced/ refreshed.

This is a nice heavyweight pistol and is great for hands of all sizes ;)

Not necessarily a bad thing, but it has faux plastic wood-style grips(for me I really don't care, but I know a few people who do).

When loading the magazine, on the left face there is an integral part of the gun that ends of scraping the paint of it, but kind of a nitpicky thing.
by alex g. on 11/21/2016
"Highly Recommend this gun.
Mags are light as with the gun
No leaks in mags
40 yard range and havent even adjusted the hop-up
Nice kickback
by Steve F. on 07/23/2015
"I've had this pistol for over a month now and it's been holding up really well, especially for the price.
Full metal(plastic wood grips)
Great low profile iron sights(could be a con)
Decent accuracy
Hard kick
Large mag capacity
Very solid overall

The co2 only lasts about 1-2 mags
You need to screw the co2 in tightly, but not too tight. Once the gas stops hissing, another quarter to half turn is enough.
Single action only

Overall, I'd recommend this pistol to anyone on a budget.
by Andrew G. on 07/01/2015
"Great gun! Very accurate. With co2 I can get through 2 mags before having to replace the cartridge. So far i've used 19 co2 cartridges and about 800-850 rounds with out any problems until... I bought some bbs from wallmart. I was waiting on an order and needed some ammo. Well one jammed in the gun with out me realizing. Took the second shot and the nozzle couldn't handle the pressure and cracked, releasing all the co2. Ive got an order of parts through evike that should be in today so ill update soon.
by brett r. on 09/01/2014
"Great gbb. Has it all. And looks great.
by Christian G. on 07/13/2014
"Pros: Full metal (faux wood grips)
-CO2 powered (more readily available than green gas)
-double stacked magazine
-good hard blowback
-get about 2 mags worth of shots with one CO2 cartridge

Cons: fixed sights
-pricey-ish mags
-might leak CO2 if the screw isn't screwed in hard enough

Overall: very nice 1911, especially for its price, buy at least 1 extra mag if you're getting this
by Bryan B. on 02/12/2014
"I've had this gun for quite a while, and I'm very pleased with it.
It looks and shoots great - the kick is real nice.
Range and accuracy is pretty sweet also.
Nice metal externals!
by Adam L. on 09/07/2013
"This is an amazing hand gun, its full metal except for the grips and easy to dissemble and clean. the co2 version can use green gas clips for more realism which is great. I was able to hit cans at 30 yards with .20's which is great.

Full metal
Easy to disassemble
Long range (for a pistol)
Blow-back (can be a con)

Orange paint on end of barrel (sawed it off)
Bulky co2 mag, can buy green gas
Plastic grips

All in All an excellent sidearm, and is highly recommended
by Jeff N. on 07/02/2013
"Great gun, shoots hard kicks hard, looks real (excluding tip of barrel), makes satisfying sounds when cocked.

all metal
replaceable hand grips

comes with co2 mag (co2 is awful compared to propane or green gas)
none else

Thank you Evike for another awesome gun! I wish I had a way to show you how much I appreciate you guys!
by Cole B. on 01/25/2011
"I have always been a fan of M1911s, real or airsoft, so i bought this magnifecent gun. Never have i had such a great pistol, it shoots perfect, with good accuracy, realistic kick(obviously not like the real one though), and very very durable. Only problem i had was that the top of the mags, the plastic part, breaks very easily wish it was made of metal. Overall fantastic, buy one if you dont have it already.
by Ryan F. on 01/25/2011
"I have had this pistol for about 2 years now and I've gotta tell you....this thing is awesome!!!! I have never had any problems with it and it has never let me down on the field. It is fairly accurate, shoots hard and kicks almost like a .22!!! It is definately a gas hog (a good 7-8 rounds before you need to refill it) but each of those shots is going to be on target if you know how to shoot. Get this won't be disappointed.
by Andres R. on 09/05/2010
"Ive had this gun for 9 months now and it is still working great. It is full metal with hardly any wobble and has a good weight of 2.5 lbs. Its fps averages at about 300-320 and has a descent range of 80-110 ft. It has solid mags and good mag capacity(27 bbs) Now here are the cons: the gun is a gas hog but not that bad. Usually you can get about 18-24 shots, or a whole mag if your lucky. The magazine spring that holds the bbs is very stiff and doesn't seem to loosen up after awhile, but no big deal. Also the inner barrel isn't held in place by anything, so it sorta just hangs there with slight wobble decreasing the accuracy. The pros easily overcome the cons and is still a great gun as a sidearm and for cqb. Ive put over 3000 shots through is gun now and is still working great.

full metal
ok accuracy
looks awesome

gas hog
loose inner barrel

Overall its a great gun for $100. I highly recommend this pistol 5/5 Stars
by Ethyn B. on 08/31/2010
"Great gun. almost feels like the real thing, evike did a great job on getting it to me. action is nice and crisp, kind of a gas hog, but its my first gbb so I cant compare it to anything. over all great gun.
by Declan B. on 03/19/2010
"great handgun.....The first time i fired it it scared the heck outa me......its loud, intimidating, and one mean fighting machine.....

it has i nice weight to it
powerful blowback
2 clips per c02 cartrige

i love it
by stephen D. on 01/29/2010
"Pros-Kicks like a mule,sounds like thunder. strikes like lightning,hits where you point it
CO2 + .28 aluminum BB's will shatter a beer bottle @30ft ( not recomended for CQB) Full metal and very well balanced.
Cons- Sights are crude non-adjustable but hey this particular( real steel) model was disigned for close quarter jungle kills .
Some folks may not like the bulge of the CO2 magazine protruding from the grip but the extre power and kick are worth it. (put a blower on a GTO and you're gonna get hood bulge as a trade off for extra performance.)
If you are a WWII buff this is a must have. Better than the WE Luger, Crosman /Walter P-38
and the Umarex Makarov All good guns but the KJW 1911A-1 beats them all for power ,accuracy and reliability