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Broom Handle Full Size German WWII Mauser Airsoft Replica Pistol

16 Customer Reviews

by Tom d. on 11/25/2016
"Perfect gun I personnaly own this gun and it is so powerful that the barrel fell off. Thats how you know its good. Used by the US marines today its an amazing quickscoper that can shoot a mile at least. Nice rusty spring for texture and made from the finest plastic made in china so i must be samuiria sword metal.
by justin s. on 07/04/2012
"good gun for a spring.
and every thing els

my barrel came off but easy fix with glue or tape
hammer broke
over all great gun.
by Diane T. on 01/04/2012
"When I first got this gun I thought it would break easily, but it actucally holds up pretty good!
For a spring pistol you can beat the price and it liiks really cool. I actually bought two.
-Cool looking
-Extremly accurate
-cool firing noise
-two magazines (long and short)

-Dosn't fit in most holsters
-cocking part could break (only after my friend dropped it alot)
by Josef O. on 11/23/2011
"Epic that's all I can say i bought this because i wanted a backup/movie prop and it's amazing scary and above all totally worth it.
Full Metal
Realistic Sights
Heavy Weight
Powerful (For a Spring it's Pretty good)
Realistic Safety
Hurts to shoot while cocking if not held right
by Strawberry U. on 06/01/2010
"Really good gun! Best spring pistol Ive ever seen! Got a lot of compliments for it.

Shoots hard!
WWI and WWII (and we all know how awesome WWII guns are)

Hard to cock at first
by Logan D. on 05/25/2010
"Just got this gun and I gotta be honest, i was blown away. i expected it to be some flimsy POS that i just got for laughs but when i opened the box (which looked very nice btw) my mouth dropped. the metal feels solid no doubt about it, the only thing that rattles on it is the loop on the bottom of the grip and the magazine but that can be easily fixed with some tape around it. the safety works just like on the real thing, you cant fully pull back the hammer when the safety is engaged and you cant squeeze the trigger, so it definitely has safety points. I havent had any skirmishes or play battles with it yet but after plinking around with it the sight system does take a while to get used to and to properly zero in and be acquainted with. After reading the reviews and seeing that the rear sight is fragile i will admit i did baby it a bit whenever i cocked it back, but its a Mauser! Manhandle the thing! this baby can definitely take it. the barrel felt solid on mine and I'm still blown away by it. it even has a slot on the grip for a stock if you have one! how cool is that! All in all im very happy with this purchase and at $20 its a steal. i'm going to be getting a few more when i can, so i suggest you do too!
by Kristin E. on 03/16/2009
"Great gun. Decent fps (around 260), fires pretty accurate, all metal so its very durable, decent size clip, cocks like a regular pistol, pretty heavy. Worth every dollar. Great buy. The only problem is that the rear sight is a piece of trash, broke on me as soon as I got it. Awesome gun. I highly suggest this gun. Ive had alot of pistols in the past and this is my favorite and my best.
by kim v. on 03/03/2009
"very good i am 10000000000000% satisfied. i recomend this to any WWII airsoft collector , like me
by Rick J. on 10/01/2008
"Good gun, full metal but REAR SIGHT IS CRAP DONOT TOUCH IT mine broke 5 min after i bought, the rest is good metal and the fps is decent (around 260). it only comes with one clip so i bought the plastic one for more.
by hendrix K. on 07/07/2008
"Been looking for a full metal Mauser forever! Now my WWII collection is complete! This gun is very detailed and just what I been looking for! Shoots great too!
by Shiro L. on 03/05/2010
"Okay, so I bought this gun from Evike for $20, and I have to say, I definitely have mixed feelings about this.


~250 fps
Full metal means full metal- if you open it up, only a very few parts are plastic.
Working adjustable tangent sight- oddly enough, the sight on mine seems rather sturdy, compared to what other customers say.
Working hammer + safety
20 rd. magazine- decently sized
Decent finish

Now, the thing is, most of the cons keep it from being a collector's item. It's more like a distinctive pistol... that you use, not put on the mantelpiece.


My biggest beef- This Mauser has a slide, where most of the top actually moves, instead of the distinctive bolt that real steel Mauser Broomhandles have. I can see why they did it (the spring would be impossible to cock otherwise) but still...
Full metal isn't necessarily good metal- all parts are cast, with visible seams running down the gun.
The magazine is rather annoying to load.
The recoil spring is located above the ejection port... which means it's housed in an ugly looking nub that doesn't exist in real steel Broomhandles.
Extremely visible screws all over the right side of the gun.
Flimsy lanyard ring
2" inner barrel? really?

Overall and Last Thoughts:
Well, this pistol is fairly good for the money you put on it, it's fairly powerful, and definitely a distinctive sidearm to carry to a skirmish. But, as a so-called "collector's piece", the various inaccuracies take away from the Broomhandle feel. If you're looking for a cool-looking cheap functional spring pistol, this'll do the job. If you're looking for something to hang on the wall, keep looking.
by David T. on 10/11/2009
"The cocking mechanism on an actual model like this it right below the rear sight at the back you may notice a grip, if im correct you pull back on that.
by joshua s. on 03/27/2009
LOOK: good enough to too make you think its nice
FEEL: cheap door knocker metal
RELIABILITY: wear gloves because this will hurt your hand when cocked, mag needs to be broken in A LOT (take apart if its spring jams)
OVERALL: you can pretend you're in battle with this thing but, if you just want to cock it back take out the spring so you wont hurt your hand
by Dallas M. on 11/18/2008
"how does the cocking mechanism work? like a normal pistol?
by Robert S. on 06/19/2008
"Only two complaints with this gun, really. First, while most of the gun feels extremely sturdy, the rear sight is made of very thin metal and prone to snapping if you mess with it at all. Second, the metal version of the gun only comes with a long magazine, making holstering virtually impossible.

Other than that, a very nice gun. Feels very sturdy, shoots well, and looks good.