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Pre-Order ETA January 2017 Condor MOLLE Operator Plate Carrier MOPC - Multicam

16 Customer Reviews

by Eva O. on 04/19/2016
"great vest!! I am 5,2 and it fits great
by Ian G. on 04/30/2014
"I love this plate carrier I'm 5'9 120 and this fits me just fine
by Elijah S. on 06/24/2013
"Okay so I don't normally do reviews but I thought that I would give some specs on this marvelous vest. First off, this vest matches my 5.11 Multicam TDU perfectly. The amount of MOLLE or, more correctly, PALS webbing is a HUGE plus! It allowed me to really implement my saw gunner loadout to the fullest which consist of two M249 multicam pouches, some M9 pistol pouches and even a M4 triple stacker! (I am also the supply guy for my team in case you think I am insane. Which ain't that bad either. Amazing workout) ANYWAY! When I first got it, my biggest problem, (not even really a problem), was that it would slide up and it made my neck raw after 30 minutes of running around. But that didn't last long, I tinkered with the straps a bit until I got it tight and snug and now it's excellent for running with my over abundance of items for extended periods. But I guess that wasn't really to big of a deal so no star deducted. It is very durable and lasted me a 30 hour RED-EYE simulation match through foliage and brush, (Very rough environment), and this vest pulled through it all, still in top-notch condition! Also I should mention I am six feet, two inches and 183 pounds so this vest was pretty snug right off but a little more adjustment and it fit perfectly. So for 6'0 guys and gals to 6'5 it should be pretty snug right off the bat! Shorter guys could adjust the straps and you should be good! If not add some improvised plate carriers to spread out the vest ;)

All in all, along with the insane amount of stress I put this vest through monthly... Five stars, it well deserves it. It was well worth worth every penny put down on it :)
by Nancy S. on 04/14/2013
"First off this is a great plate carrier for anyone big or small tall or short
Fully adjustable
Multicam licensed
Low profile
I took a sleeping pad for camping and cut them for plates

Overall this a great plate carrier for starters a or "professionals".
by Jackson V. on 04/03/2013
"This vest is great is has MOLLE all over the whole vest. This is one of my favorite vests, I would recommend this vest for anyone. The fabric is strong and this vest is worth the $106. I have had this vest for about 5 months it's worth every cent. Every time I go out to a game some asks about the vest.

Buy it! I recommend it to anyone, you wont regret it.
by nathan w. on 08/21/2012
"Got mine today and I have to say this plate carrier is AMAZING! The attention to detail is second to none. Plenty of MOLLIE real-estate for anything from magazines to radios. Lightweight construction makes it perfect for intense field play and the double stitching make it tough enough to withstand the thickest woodland.
by Sean H. on 10/20/2010
"This vest is only MOLLE compatible. it's like AA batteries. There are no different sizes. If it's MOLLE gear, it WILL fit. That's why MOLLE was invented. For universal attachments.

by Susan D. on 03/26/2009
"I got this vest/ plate carrier today and it is awesome. totally adjustable and it fit me perfectly and I'm 6' 1" ish at like 150 lbs. Some people have complained about the molle webbing being sewn poorly but mine was perfect and all my pouches fit perfectly. I love the vest and you should get one
by Jacob D. on 03/19/2009
"Great vest! It fits me extremely snug, and on top of that there is plenty of room to put pouches. It's also a plate carrier so you can put like cardboard or what ever kind of padding in it. I love this vest and everyone says its the best one they see on the field. Anyone who looks at this vest GET IT.
by Jacob D. on 03/04/2009
by Troy L. on 10/08/2016
"So i reviewed this Pc exactly one year ago and ill post another about it, so i have now had it for about 2 years, and i love it. I've worn many types of plate carriers and this ones my favorite. If you buy the mag inserts and mag pouches like i did having a capability of having 9 spares. I recommend buying the condor tidepool bladder for it. Its a exact fit on it, you just have to take the straps off. Even then with a bladder i would not dare to carry no more than 6 spares. Its cheap for the quality but youll pay tons to buy stuff to keep it well weighted and looking nice, ive spent about 400$ total on it just to make it presentable. Its overlaped stitching which means its 2 layers of cloth stitched together making extremly thick and durable making perfect for heavy molle to it. Ive put it through rain, mud, snow, dirt, grass. Hasnt faded one bit. For a referece for anyone wondering if its a darker multicam. It is not, I have the crye g3 combat pants in multicam and its a bit lighter, not enough for a average player to notice but enough to notice side by side. Comfy over all but not breathable. I usually poor 2 or 3 bottles of water down it per hour to stay cool. I also have a sling tied around the drag handle and through the shoulder covers and my sr10 is about 12 pounds and hasnt stretched the handle one bit, ive been dragged by it also, me being 5'11 and 160 it held up great. My only complaint is as i said im a normal sized 16 year old and it still doesnt fit me extremly tight sadly, thats why i loaded it with weight to keep it snug other wise best pc ive owned.
by Troy L. on 10/07/2015
"Ive had this pc for about 8 months now. I use it everytime i play, i have two other pc's but this is my favorite. Its good for its price. But thats where they get you, ive spent about $300 just trying to get it to look good and fit good, dont listen to what people say about it fitting perfectly im 5"10 and 150 pounds, im a bigger teen and its very loose. Its fronyt heavy when you have mags in it, as i said few hundred dollars later i have the wait evenly balanced. If your looking for a good bag for the back of it, check out the condor tidepool hydration. Fits perfectly, no over lap or anything. Its dead on perfect. On the front i have a condor multicam 6 mag pouch and the inserts for it so i can hold 9 mags total...(do not do it) it is front heavy as hell. It does not balance well like that, if your a person that doesnt like bags on the back, get atleast a 5 pound weight to atleast get close to it being even. Has a stiff cummberbund, doesnt stretch at all, but its nice and comfortable, over all i like it.
by Michael D. on 11/20/2013
"Such a great vest I own 3 with different color depending on my game, probably the best I've ever had and the price is perfect! I have many condor pouches so I can change the design and configuration no problem!! Now 4 stars and here's why, I'm 6ft tall with a waist 31-32 so fairly thin, what you have to do is bring the front Velcro of the cummerbund on top of each other to make it tight, the problem is that it will be floppy on the side and looks quite stupid. What I did to fix that is added some plastic clips on the back where the elastic is and it fits me like a glove but again that's only if your a thin person otherwise shouldn't pose a problem and if you don't care about the floppiness. Light, not bulky, not warm, cheap, has enough room for many many pouches so new player or experience it doesn't matter I have 3 years in and this is just perfect don't need to pay 500$ for a real vest this is great and rugged
by Alex E. on 01/17/2009
"A pretty solid vest. It matches my Multicam perfectly, and it fits me well (after putting some fake, home-made cardboard plates into it). I am a small guy, so this is impressive. If adjusted correctly, the vest doesnt slide up or down. If it isnt adjust right, the vest will slide up and irritate your neck. It feels pretty uncomfortable. The MOLLE webbing allows a wide range of pouches and accessories to be mounted.

The velcro at the top of this vest is nice, and allows a good old American flag to be put on your vest (show off some patriotism guys!). You can also get name tapes, ranks, ect that can all be put on the velcro. It just makes your vest a little more personal and unique.

However, my main problem with this vest is the webbing. The very outer rings are much too small. They require lots of extra effort to put a strap from a pouch through. It is definitely a job for some needle nose pliers. That is why I gave this 4 stars; because the webbing job sucks. You can probably take off the webbing and re-do the sewing, but that is alot of extra work.

I dont suggest this vest, there are better ones for the money. I am happy with mine, but you can do much better. I have complicated feelings towards this vest....
by Matthew H. on 07/30/2016
"I've owned this plate carrier for about one year now and so far it is holding up nicely but only a few complaints as far as quality control. The first one is the actual stitching of the molle is off in two places on mine i really didnt change out my load out to much when using this. I fixed this by redoing some of the areas my self this also includes some fraying in some places and fixed that with a lighter.

lots of molle space
one size fits almost everyone
durable to falls water and anything you will run into

some fraying
some stitching will become loose after time
velcro areas do not stay good if you like to change out your patches a lot