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Marushin M2 Carbine Full Metal w/ real Wood Furniture Airsoft 8mm gas rifle

20 Customer Reviews

by Eric S. on 05/15/2009
"Yes the real (M2) is fully automatic. the m1a1 carbine is semiautomatic
by Terry J. on 04/09/2009
"Hey matt r. the M-1 carbine is the semi auto version that was used in ww2 then they re-designed the rifle to fire on fully automatic around 1949 and they re named the rifle the M-2, remember that the M2 is the full auto carbine, and the M1 is the semi version, do your history before you tell someone that they dont know what they are talking about.
by Stephen K. on 03/11/2009
"The M2 carbine is the SELECT FIRE VERSION of the M1 carbine. I think it is the most awesome classic airsoft rifle in the world!
by Matt L. on 03/10/2009
"For ALL those who THINK they know what the M2 carbine is and DON"T, it IS an M1 carbine redisigned in late World War two for a select fire option. This gun IS the M2, and because of that IS in fact the FULL AUTO VERSION! With that out of the way, I will get onto the review...
Let me first say that this gun is one of the strongest I have ever fired. Its feet per second (FPS) is at a crazy 345 with .34 gram 8mm bb's. The Rate of fire is pretty insane, too; it will empty the 16 round magazine in a little over a second, which can be good and bad at the same time. It is bad because It takes longer to load that to empty. Secondly, the selector switch will move foreword to the "rock n' roll" mode by itself (Full automatic). It has a full metal bolt assembly, barrel, magazine, adjustable sights, bayonet lug, and internals. Additionally, it disassembles like the real thing, and has a full wood stock. It will accommodate a real M1 carbine sling, as it does not come with one. Accuracy is amazing. It can easily hit a human sized target at 120 feet in two shots at the most. At 150 feet, you may need to fire a couple more shots. It weighs 6 pounds, making it nice for taking on long games with minimal rest. With a little modification,it can be converted to the paratrooper stock version.

Lightweight while still maintaining a realistic feel
Wood and Metal
No plastic
Adjustable sights
Bolt locks back
Realistic Disassembly
Accuracy 120+ feet

Low capacity magazine
Heavy magazines (especially when you are carrying six of them)
No 6mm option
Very sensitive to sand and dirt, so be very careful and make sure you clean it every once in a while
The selector switch will wobble to full auto, also, so be careful!

If I could, I would give this a 7 out of 5. Thanks Evike!
by Donald B. on 02/22/2009
"The Marushin M2 is an excellent replica of the WWII/Korea/Veitnam era fully automactic successor to the M1 semi-automatic carbine. My Marushin chrono'ed at 390 w/ .34grs and propane. It has some minor design flaws such as a wobblely mag/magwell and a selector switch that switch to full auto on its own. Its an accurite mid-range weapon, just like the real one. The wood stock is solid and the receiver sits snugly in it. THE BLOW-BACK BOLT GROUP WILL NOT HANDLE RED GAS AND SAND!! That why I'll be getting a second one as soon as I can afford it, the gun is that good. With some minor work, it will fit into a real M1A1 folding stock, to produce a really unquie airsoft rifle.

PS I've fired both the single shot M1 and the full auto M2, both carbines exist in real life....
by Cory S. on 02/14/2009
"Ok matt r., obviously u dont know what your talking about because your wrong. the real m2 carbine is full auto. You were probally thinking about the m1 carbine which, although looks very similar to the m2 carbine, the m1 carbine is semi auto. Once again this is a m2 carbine not an m1 carbine so u r wrong. face the facts, maybe u should do a little research yourself before u start accusing others. Ok there buddy.
by Matt L. on 02/10/2009
"Well, for a little bit of clarification, and to ALL those who don't know what the M2 carbine is, it is the full-auto version of the M1 cabine, made by Winchester Arms in late world war two for a full auto, light carbine with a high capacity thirty round mag. This is the M2 CARBINE. The Marushin 8mm version is the best (and only) M2 carbine airsoft gun on the market. Mine is chrono'd at about 360 feet per second. The accuracy is very good. It can easily hit a person at 120 feet. The only major con is the magazine capacity. It only holds 16 rounds; however, that is all you need. You have sixteen reasons why Marushin is better than any Classic Army, G&G, G&P, or Tokyo Marui. The 8mm bb's leave much larger welts than 6mm bb's, so people won't want to play agianst you unless they have a decent gun as well. The buttplate is all metal, and can take aftermarket real ones. The stock is light, and made of nice wood. The bolt is all metal, and when it blows back, it creates a strong recoil effect, as well as make a nice metallic and intimidating noise. The sights are very nice and are adjustable for windage and elevation. If you want, you can even put a paratrooper stock for the real steel on it:
The barrel is all metal, and is 8.06mm is diameter. Real military surplus m1 or m2 carbine slings will fit on it, too. I hope this helps with your decision on this gun!
by Wesley B. on 02/08/2009
"#not a review#

"jimmy s. dosnt know what he is talking about, the real version of this gun is not ful auto, its just semi auto. YOU CAN'T ALWAYS TRUST WIKIPEDIA!"

YES IT IS! the M2 Carbine in .30cal is a SELLECT FIRE aka fully Automatic firearm, it was first proliferated in the Korean war.

Max Popenker is one of the foremost authorities in firearms and firearm technology on the internet.
by kevin l. on 02/08/2009
"Matt R, the real version of this gun IS full-auto. This is the M2 carbine, not the M1A1. It is the automatic version.
by matt r. on 01/07/2009
"jimmy s. dosnt know what he is talking about, the real version of this gun is not ful auto, its just semi auto. YOU CAN'T ALWAYS TRUST WIKIPEDIA!
by Mikhail K. on 11/29/2008
"Ry, do you actually read the Title of the Item?!?!?!!?!??!?!
by Emily K. on 10/13/2008
"The M2 modification, which had a select-fire capability and a magazines of larger capacity (30 rounds, interchangeable with the older 15-round ones)

Please learn to do a tad of research before you open your mouth.
by Robert B. on 03/19/2009
"This is the M2 Carbine. It was the "Update" of the M1 Carbine used by paratroopers and light riflemen in World War II. The M2 Carbine came in as an update of the gun for Vietnam. Many people might don't know that leftover and slightly changed WW2 guns where used in Vietnam before the BAR replacement (M60), M1 Garand and M2 Carbine replacement (M14), and the assault rifle replacement (M16), and rifle grenades were replaced by this shotgun thing that shot bombs.

The M2 Carbine was a M1 Carbine with better working internals, easier to maintain, and was given the options of Safe, Semi-Auto, and Automatic modes, and a 30 round banana clip.

Now for my review of this gun. This gun works fairly well, it should be used for non-competitive or actual firefights ideally. I have used one identical to this in a competition, and it looks good, fires well, but the clip size is inadequate. This is a cool gun to have around, be seen with, and have in your arms collection. Not a gun for playing.
by Andrew G. on 03/17/2009
"Matt R. You, dear child, are ill informed. The M1 is semi automatic, whereas the M2 is fully automatic, it was introduced nearer the end of the war. You too should do some research, and there are other places you can find this information, but I for one learned it by being in the United States Marine Corps. Good luck at reducing the amount of fail you must accumulate in your life. go play Guitar Loser or something.

This gun looks great, and the realistic clip is amazing for hardcore realists. well done. only gripe is the price...
by christopher c. on 02/20/2009
"not meaning to argue the point, but the m2 was a select fire weapon appearing towards the end of ww2, and the m1 carbine was semi automatic. Marushin makes great quality weapons, but i've always thought their magazine capacity was odd.. (15 and 30 round magazines for the real steel)