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SoftAir Full Metal M9 Taurus Licensed Airsoft Gas Blowback by KJW

7 Customer Reviews

by Matt W. on 01/01/2017
"I have had it for almost a year now I have not had any problems with it unless user error. I have ran both CO2 and green gas both work like a charm, have always loved the m9 and it repays me with enjoyment. Best airsoft gun I have ever purchased.
by Sonja A. on 03/04/2015
"This gun is great! the gun is heavy, which gives it a realistic feeling. It shoots great and hard. if your looking for a GBB get this one.
by Jonathan S. on 10/11/2010
"This Gun is absolutely amazing. it shoots hard and accurate with both green gas and Co2. I clocked it at 370+ with co2 and at 340 with green gas. I also did an accuracy test and figured out that you can easily hit a man sized target from 90ft max range 150. The gun is also very durable. I was skirmishing with it, and I dropped it a good 10 ft off of a hill where it landed on a rock. Despite some scratches on the outside, the gun performed with the same amount of power and accuracy. The blowback is crisp and powerful feeling as well.
by Trey C. on 12/30/2009
Nice weight and feel
Nice blowback, kick, and sound while firing
Good FPS
Nice range out of the box
15+ BB Capacity
NOT a CO2 maniac. One CO2 cartridge can last 3 of these magazines
Rugged (except for the magazine)
Easy to take apart

A little inaccurate at long range, but its a pistol, not a Systema
CO2 cartridge replacement requires a flathead and takes a while but one cartridge lasts you 3 magazines so not a problem

Buy this pistol. You won't regret it. Ever.
by Ryan A. on 09/01/2009
"This gun has exceeded my expectations. it is very accurate when i got it i couldn't believe i was shooting airsoft bbs. the mag works great i got another one with it.Except my friend dropped one of them and the feeding lip cracked so i need one of those. the only thing that i don't like about this is on mine the mag sometimes falls out when you are shooing. easy fix with some velcro. And since this is an m9 there are lots of replacement and upgrade parts for it. the build on this gun is amazing all metal except the grips. oh one last thing the sights don't have dots on them so i used some of my moms white nail polish and made some dots. you you have experience with kjw you know that they are a top of the line airsoft manufacture. hope this review helped. i have you tube videos on this gun just search striker5570
by Dantes S. on 01/03/2009
"I love this gun, definitely recommend it, but be warned, the magazines are delicate.

Webmaster: This is made by KJW. The magazine is any KJW M9 magazine. Just like ALL gas gun if you drop it hard the lid could break. But, good thing about KJW over other brand is that it has 100% factory support, so any part you ever loose / break on a KJW gas gun,'s got your back.
by John Y. on 11/01/2009
"The really stupid thing about this gun, is that it isn't really a Taurus. It's a Beretta with Taurus trademarks. It has the Beretta slide pointed safety, which is honestly a pain in the ass and falls out easily. The Taurus uses a frame mounted safety, like a 1911 or USP.

That aside, it's a KJW 92; a very solid pistol, and plenty of parts support.

Recoil, report, and performance is all round pretty good. The magazines work in the HFC models as well, and they're generally more reliable.