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NcStar VISM Tactical Vest - Large - Digital Camo

12 Customer Reviews

by John C. on 06/06/2012
"Let me start by saying that I am a VERY large guy. 6'3" 330lbs thanks to my sitting security job. _:)

This vest fits even my, extremely, large physique. It took about 20 mins to get fairly well adjusted, mostly due to the huge adjustment capabilities.

Strapped my Condor water bag on the back, threw all of my clips in, attached my drop leg to it, and threw my WE 1911 in the cross draw. Perfection. This thing is ready to roll.

Nice and breathable. I am worried about the durability of the unit, but we'll see. If it can be broken...I can certainly break it. I'm hard on everything.

Good buy, especially if you're a big dude. Don't hesitate on this one.
by Cedric B. on 02/11/2011
"Had this vest for close to a year now, great vest. Got a KJW M9A1 last Christmas, and when i have it in the handgun holster, i notice the weight of the gun slightly brings the vest to droop to the left due to weight (not a big deal) the vest is extremely adjustable, more adjustable than i ever thought. The color is great (tan) so basically any other camo underneath goes great with the tan. All the pockets and pouches are easily removable, whether its Velcro or button.

Strong and Durable
Quality, last long time after wear and tear
Easy to adjust to your body size
Holds handguns, easy to reach. AND ALSO the handgun holster is removable and you can place it on your own belt! (if you dont like the "cross draw")
Feels secure and fits well

None :)
by Nicholas S. on 09/29/2010
"Does it come as solid ACU or does it have the black part on the shoulder??????
by Justin V. on 04/04/2010
"I bought one of these because i wanted a Tac vest for 3 reasons. I wanted a cross draw to hodl my sidearm at a covenient spot, Beable to Carry my magazines without using a Coat pocket, And Be able to use a hydration carryer.

Im a bigger person 6'4" @ 300 lbs I had to adjust the pistol belt a bit but after wards it fits nicley and performs were it needs too. The pistol is Holster is removable if one desires to remove it for Molle Conpatable mag pouches for there primary but the AR15 pouchs only hold 1 magazine each.

All i gotta say if Getting into the Sport or Skirmishign its a mush gettign a chest rig or tac vest. THEY ARE WORTH EVERY DOLLAR. I rather have mags ready then fumblign about trying to pull em out of a coat, jeans or cargo pants. and then findign out im out because i couldn't reload fast enough. were im from 95% of our games are in wooded areas or fields. and the vest dosent feel cheap period. And it may feel heavy at first but after 1-2 skirmishies you wont realize its on.

Well made
Customisable to an extent
Pistol Mags hold most Pistol Magazines
Can get a hydro backpack and equip it to the back.

AR14 pouches only hold 1 magaziern and are non moveable
Pistol mag pouchs only hold Meduim/smaller pistol magazines.
(A desert eagle or Full sized USP are Tight fits in the holster)
Desert eagle mags are tight to sitck in the oistol pouches.
The pistol holter has a CLip holing the pistol in instead of a snap release (like a quick draw snap button.)
My personal opinion is 10 Stars out of 5, I've read other reviews that have downplayed crossdraws but personally using one there is more to them then what they see.
by jennifer e. on 03/13/2009
"By far my favorite vest, very good belt, I liked the presets when i ordered this so i didnt change it around. I also like how the hand gun pouch isnt on your belt(for this its easier for me to grab the hand gun becaus eim right handed and its closer to my arm). overall a great vest.
I would recomend a hydration pack for this since it is pretty light and can get the job done.
by Gerardo E. on 02/21/2009
"How sad fat kid sizes oh ya that's y I like it LOL and I'm almost 6ft so ya u should get it
by insignia d. on 10/25/2008
"Nice vest. I'm a tall and fat guy and this fits me perfectly. I'm 6,3 and I weigh around 280 pounds. This fits 6 mags for when I'm not using the box mag for my SAW and and two little pockets fit goggles, minitype battery, gloves, smoke grenades and small knives (not all together of course). The belt is also really good.
by dillon b. on 10/16/2008
"dont buy this off this website. you can get the exact same vest for 10 dollars less on
by Craig A. on 09/27/2008
"This vest rules. For airsoft or just going to the market and tripping people out. Really, it is at a great price point and quite functional. The molle backing is great for my camel bak. Now I can spray and pray and stay hydrated. The sizing is the best feature because it's kind of hard finding tactical gear in fat kid sizes.
by Jonah M. on 07/18/2008
"First of all, this vest exceeded all of my expectations. The material is very durable, and easy to adjust. The mesh weave allows for excellent ventilation and comfort of wear, and the weight distribution makes this vest a joy to wear on extended operations. The pistol holster is adjustable for front or rear mounting and fits both my Glock 23 and airsoft Glock perfectly.

The rifle mag pouches seem a bit on the small side, but are elastic to allow for a snug fit on most M16/M4 magazines (at least mine fit snugly.) The only knock I have on the vest is that the strap securing the pistol is a clip instead of snap thumb break which can make unholstering your weapon a bit unwieldy, but for airsoft it shouldn't be much of a problem.

As a large guy, it is often difficult to find quality equipment in my size for a fair price, but this vest is a great value for what you pay.

Jonah Mullins
by Junro C. on 05/08/2008
"When crossdraw vests were first released to public they were very expensive. The design (three magazine pouch, holster, pistol mag pouch, belt) were designed by top tactical gear designers to be the most useful setup.

For those that wants to customize their own setup, you can always get a vest with molle loops and build your own vest.

There is a reason why crossdraw vests are very popular. If you don't carry more than 6 hi-cap magazine, they are just fine. There are always belt pouches, thigh rigs and other accessories to expand your capacity.
by Joshua B. on 08/04/2008
"Great vest. I really like this for my small to medium games. It does not have the ammo carrying capacity that I require for large games (i use a lot of mid-caps for their reliability) The full coverage is actually a plus in the medium range games I use this in. Great for someone that gets agitated easily as you can still feel the bbs, but if you start taking a lot of Friendly fire, or indirect fire, you wont end up looking like you lost a fight with a hornets nest. The pistol and pistol mag pouches are positioned well, they do not stick out like some of the clones do. The Mag pouches are also easy to get at quickly.