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BELL Full Metal 1:1 Scale Gas Blowback M9 Airsoft Pistol

9 Customer Reviews

by Alexander N. on 04/04/2009
"I just got this gun a week ago and it is amazing! The blowback is somewhere between medium and high and you can get a mag and a half (about 35 rounds) from each 3 sec burst of gas. The tactical rail can fit most lasers, flashlights, etc... and it's incredibly easy to take apart in the field and clean after battles. It comes with spare seals and parts. So far, I haven't lost even 1 seal. The mag doesn't leak and it makes an incredibly realistic "click" noise when you insert it. Every button functions perfectly. The case is very nice and it has a picture of the gun on the top. Great job Bell!
by chris k. on 12/10/2008
"good gun for a starter when i got mine i love it about to upgrade to a kwa tho startin to play more and this gun is just taken a beatin but with a little TLC i got it up and running again nice. a perfect 1st side arm for some1 startin out.
by tammy h. on 11/29/2008
"wat kind of gas dose this gun take?and is this gun better the the abs version?
by Eric G. on 07/31/2008
"I love this gun. I use it as my sidearm and I've tooken out so many people with it. My friends are scared to hell if I pull this and they are out in the open.If you want a durable,good lookingreliable gas blowback this is the gun you want. Trust me you need to get this gun!
by Alexander N. on 03/09/2010
"I got this gun about a year ago now and it is still working like new, as long as you lube it, of course! I ended up painting the grips tan and it looks pretty nice, I've gotta say. Only technological failure is that the gas release came to me broken (I bought a cheap extra mag...the one I originally got is still working like new!) but I ended up not using the extra mag anyways as it holds 25 rounds or 26 if you pre chamber one. Overall good gun for the price and for beginners to low intermediate. If you are a more advanced player like me, however, go with a KWA M9 or USP .45.
by John Y. on 11/13/2008
"This gun is fairly decent for the value
The only things I have to say are to watch the safeties, especially the right side, as they fall off easily, and the trigger spring may eventually break, disabling double action.
This type of generic HFC/clone M9 also has a tendency to fire when the slide racked with the safety on.
Very bad, may lead to accidents in the safe room.
Otherwise, the kick is nice, the pistol is fairly accurate and has reasonable range.
The mags are kinda cheap feeling, but it can use any HFC/KJW/generic M9 mag, although I'm pretty sure Marui and KWA won't fit.
The guncase is decent, cheap plastic and foam, but entire usable.
I'm not sure how it'd hold up if you dropped it or anything though.

All in all, fairly decent pistol, and I'm planning on using one for parts for a Samurai Edge project.

IMPORTANT: if you want a good, cheap Beretta, this would be much better then the HFC full auto.
You see, the thing about the full auto is that the extra position on the safety for auto, not to mention the firing itself, is very hard on the safety. The safety can break very easily on said gun because of this.
The Bell would be better then the HFC as a standard pistol due to this, not to mention it doesn't have the crap-tastic "trademarks" that the HFC has.
If you want a full auto Beretta the HFC is.......still crap. Get a KWA M93R, as the safety is relocated and more durable.
by John M. on 08/16/2008
"This is the clone of the HFC / KJW M9, which is a metal / reinforced version of the Tokyo Marui M9. The TSD model is much cheaper but the magazine seal is not as great. But the good new is, it is compatible with HFC magazine so buy that for spare and you'll be good. HFC also have a lot of spare parts for their guns and mag here on so thats also good news.
by Terry M. on 08/15/2008
"This gun is absolutely excelent in a battle. It is extremely acurate and the fps is great. i hit a guy square in the head from 100 feet away.
the only problem is that the gun leaks gas alot when you fire it, so you have to refill frequently. also, there is a rubber seal on the gas intake that almost always falls off when you refill. It is really tiny, so its a pain to find, and if you do find it, luckily there is a spare that comes with the gun. But that fell off too, so now im going to have to buy a new magazine. but aside fromthat, this gun is an excelent buy.
by Joe P. on 05/28/2008
"I used to own this gun, I didn't have any large problems except for the fact that the gas leaks way too much, even if you don't put that much gas into the gun, the grip did break after a friend of mine dropped it, but that wasn't that big of a deal. Good price for a decent intermediate GBB pistol.