Reviews: New Version AGM APS2 Type96 Airsoft Sniper Rifle - Black


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Model: SR-MP002B
Location: L5-044 V5-M6

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by Samuel P. on 2015-02-22 17:15:26
"This gun was ok out of the box but after one battle, the hop up disintegrated, very disappointed.
by Alucard C. on 2014-11-30 10:25:49
"Might perform decently stock, but the big main problem is that there isn't any aftermarket parts and upgrades for it anymore. Since it doesn't follow any of the main sniper rifle systems, and all the parts are entirely proprietary.

Once you get it, and you use it until it breaks, you are out of luck. You will be better off getting a proper L96 clone, like a Matrix or Well. Even if you don't plan on upgrading, at least there are plenty of replacement parts on the market for them.
by Thomas L. on 2013-09-18 15:32:32
"fit and finish is good, and it seems to be made of durable materials. accurate enough to get the job done. if you are doing any work past about 200 feet (around 75 yards) you will need to start performing accuracy upgrades.

it does NOT like low weight bbs. thought .25 would be heavy enough, its not. get .30 or heavier for this rifle.

only complaint is with the scope add on package, the rings included are way too low, the cheek rest at its lowest position still isn't comfortable for looking through the scope, i have to press hard into my cheekbone. a new set of rings for about ten bucks will fix this, but i really shouldn't have to, considering its an "add on"

other than that, its an accurate target rifle.
by Dustin S. on 2013-05-25 20:11:22
"Probably the Best l96 for the price. Its of course a starter sniper rifle, and should be only used for outdoor scrimmages if its bone stock. But it has an amazing fps for the price. Mine shot around 460 brand new. after 2 years of usage, shoots around 420 so it actually has an amazing life. Will last a WHILE.

-Very comfortable.
-Not heavy, perfectly balanced weight.
-450 stock fps. ___SWEET for 85$
-Really really good range
-Accuracy is pretty nice for the price. USE HEAVIER THAN .25!! .25s are still not heavy enough. Use .30
-Long lasting rifle.
-Even though it is a starter rifle, this thing competes very very well against medium line AEGS and is probably the BEST starter bolt action on the market.

-In comparison to other starter Snipers, this gun doesn't really have any cons. The only problem I can think of is this things is GREASSSSY. The bolt is just a little too greasy. every now and then i find grease in the barrel. So clean this with a cleaning rod fairly often. Not much of a con but still should mention it.
by Michael R. on 2013-04-13 23:21:30
"I've had this rifle for about two years now. Just a few days ago its having a few problems. BBs started rolling out of the barrel. I can probably fix it easily enough, but just a bit of warning to anyone wanting to buy it. Also, you're going to need heavier BBs. .25s are still too light so you'll have to get something heavier still. With those heavier BBs, the accuracy and range is amazing. If you're looking for a lower budget starter rifle then this one is great.
by Raymond D. on 2013-03-25 20:13:54
"This thing is awesome, when i saw the price i was a little worried but after seeing all the reviews for it i couldn't resist. And it turned out to be a pretty cool gun. I already had a nice scope which fits perfectly on it. It differently has some wait to it and everything that needs to be metal is metal. Reminds me of the awp in counter strike. Very powerfull gun for the price.
by Chris K. on 2012-12-18 12:17:10
Pretty powerful
Good weight
Nice Scope
Feels Pretty Sturdy

Not to accurate (all thou i have only been using .20s because my .25s haven't come yet so it could just be the bbs)
Misfeeds sometimes

Good gun for the money!
by Teresa D. on 2012-10-21 15:48:43
"Awesome airsoft Gun:
Shoots hard/fast
comes with mount
easy to reload
easy upgrading
Cheek rest hard.
bolt needs tightening (easy, Alan wrenches included)
by Matthew L. on 2012-10-01 16:53:18
- Sturdy plastic body
- Sort of heavy (pro for me)
- full metal barrel
- nice feel and grip
- shoots hard and fast
- pretty quiet

- If you don't push the bolt in all the way it wont fire.
- (only for last bb) If you push the bolt in and it shows the spring and wont fire, take out the clip and pull the bolt back (other words, the bb get's stuck)
- Plastic magazine
- scope and bipod not included :

That's it! :D Get It!
by Jordan D. on 2012-06-08 18:31:37
"I love this gun, i got it with .28 BB's its very accurate, i definitely consider getting a bipod. People say its heavy.... well its a sniper you shouldn't be running' around with it. I got the L96 with the scope that came with it and it ROCKS!! definitely get it.

solid (its not going to break very easily)
easy to hold in my opinion
fantastic range
great price

the bolt needs to be tightened very so on... not a big deal
bit heavy but also... you shouldn't be moving around with it
by Tim W. on 2012-05-09 20:15:46

Hey guys i got this gun about 3 days ago along with the bipod , scope and some .25g BBs. the scope is full metal and very easy to put on and zero in . the bipod is full metal and very sturdy . also this gun shoots very hard and accurate , i shot my freind in the but from exacly 100ft and he sreamed and ran lol :D . so overall this gun is great , i recoment getting this gun for all levels of playing. :)
by blake t. on 2012-04-23 14:15:54
"i have had this gun for a long time, upgraded the internals and the external. (metal trigger assembly, new spring, metal piston, huting scope, camo tape on the entire weapon, and a mock suppressor). its a great gun, hits hard, a bit heavy. butthis thing isnt meant to be used as a mobile platform. my next task on this weapon is to add an m203 grenade launcher to it, and i found the way to do so. next review, i'll be posting how to get this done without losing your bipod

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