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AGM Type 96 Airsoft Bolt Action Sniper Rifle (Color: Black)

132 Customer Reviews

by Rhyand K. on 03/28/2017


Cons - None! Not a single one!
by Gregory B. on 01/05/2017
"I just ordered this sniper rifle recently and it is shooting pretty good it doesn't sound as it's shooting 450 or around that more like 400

Accurate for the most part
Evenly balanced
Looks nice
If you don't like the FPS you can buy a tune up kit for $50
Not very expensive

Kinda heavy( could be a good thing)
Bipod much to wobly on mine ( probably just mine )
Cheek rest not so comfortable
by Gabriel S. on 04/04/2016
"I've had this gun for two years now it still works great.

-design looks great
-it does have some weight to it (could go both way i guess)
-performed consistently
-cheap if your buying it stock

-fps out of the box is low than it calmed, but that's normal (I got a Tuning Kit and it went back up A LOT)
-it does have some weight to it (again it depends how you look at it. I personally like it)

-only one rail
by alex c. on 02/29/2016
"i didnt buy this rifle here but this gun is absolutely fantastic. ive had it for a good year and a half to 2 years and its accurate(with the right bbs) durable and has the ability to be upgraded. the only con i have is very minor and thats if you dont lube the bolt cylinder, it will get really stiff and hard to pull back. that is the only back sass this gun has given me. other than that, its great:)
by Van W. on 08/09/2015
"All and all a very good gun. I have owned mine for 3 years, used it in rain and snow. Finding a good strap is tricky, .25's seem to work for me but I am testing it with .30's and plan on upgrading it. Definitely good for price, while a gas/CO2 rifle is nice, there is little that can go wrong a spring. Very good FPS and sometime to be feared on the battlefield when used by someone experienced. Accurate but it can not out range some AEG's. Trusty and well worth it.
by Raymond D. on 03/25/2013
"This thing is awesome, when i saw the price i was a little worried but after seeing all the reviews for it i couldn't resist. And it turned out to be a pretty cool gun. I already had a nice scope which fits perfectly on it. It differently has some wait to it and everything that needs to be metal is metal. Reminds me of the awp in counter strike. Very powerfull gun for the price.
by Chris K. on 12/18/2012
Pretty powerful
Good weight
Nice Scope
Feels Pretty Sturdy

Not to accurate (all thou i have only been using .20s because my .25s haven't come yet so it could just be the bbs)
Misfeeds sometimes

Good gun for the money!
by Teresa D. on 10/21/2012
"Awesome airsoft Gun:
Shoots hard/fast
comes with mount
easy to reload
easy upgrading
Cheek rest hard.
bolt needs tightening (easy, Alan wrenches included)
by Matthew L. on 10/01/2012
- Sturdy plastic body
- Sort of heavy (pro for me)
- full metal barrel
- nice feel and grip
- shoots hard and fast
- pretty quiet

- If you don't push the bolt in all the way it wont fire.
- (only for last bb) If you push the bolt in and it shows the spring and wont fire, take out the clip and pull the bolt back (other words, the bb get's stuck)
- Plastic magazine
- scope and bipod not included :

That's it! :D Get It!
by Jordan D. on 06/08/2012
"I love this gun, i got it with .28 BB's its very accurate, i definitely consider getting a bipod. People say its heavy.... well its a sniper you shouldn't be running' around with it. I got the L96 with the scope that came with it and it ROCKS!! definitely get it.

solid (its not going to break very easily)
easy to hold in my opinion
fantastic range
great price

the bolt needs to be tightened very so on... not a big deal
bit heavy but also... you shouldn't be moving around with it
by Tim W. on 05/09/2012

Hey guys i got this gun about 3 days ago along with the bipod , scope and some .25g BBs. the scope is full metal and very easy to put on and zero in . the bipod is full metal and very sturdy . also this gun shoots very hard and accurate , i shot my freind in the but from exacly 100ft and he sreamed and ran lol :D . so overall this gun is great , i recoment getting this gun for all levels of playing. :)
by blake t. on 04/23/2012
"i have had this gun for a long time, upgraded the internals and the external. (metal trigger assembly, new spring, metal piston, huting scope, camo tape on the entire weapon, and a mock suppressor). its a great gun, hits hard, a bit heavy. butthis thing isnt meant to be used as a mobile platform. my next task on this weapon is to add an m203 grenade launcher to it, and i found the way to do so. next review, i'll be posting how to get this done without losing your bipod
by Tal K. on 12/18/2011
"I bought this gun. I placed my order on Monday, then, on Wednesday, it arrived. When I tested it, I was stunned by the performance.

Heavy ( I like it)
Very high FPS
Extremely accurate
Easy to take apart
Relatively low price

You need to tighten the bold with an Allen wrench every 90-100 shots.

This gun is just amazing! Right out of the box, it has very nice FPS and accuracy. Buying the scope IS A MUST. Very nice scope, and very cheap. Bipod is optional, but nice (I got it)

Five stars.
by Robert K. on 09/29/2011
"I just got this gun and i must say its an amazing gun! Everything about is great! The scope accessory
is amazing. Really easy to zero in and get that shot dead on. The stock is a good quality plastic and a nice metal barrel.Also a surprising metal mounting rail. Here are some pros and cons.

Metal barrel and rail
Good quality scope
Bolt action for that real sniping feel
Good sturdy weight (to heavy for small kids)
Sling is nice
Clip hold is about 28-30
Easy pull back bolt

Plastic clip (dark plastic)


Final decision: Buy this for the price and the amazing gun for those new to sniping!
by blaine s. on 02/16/2011
"I got this gun about 5 hours ago and I've proble shot 1,000 bbs out of it and I have to say it's a good gun and I can't wait to play a game with it