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New Gen. Dboy Full Metal M4 Airsoft AEG w/ Selective Rail System

8 Customer Reviews

by Alex B. on 06/26/2013
"I have had this gun for over a year now and the only problem I have had with it is that the internals don't want to come out of the gun I have not yet tried brute force( a rubber mallet) the gins construction is good and it has proven itself in combat time and time again over all it is and amazing deal if you are a seasoned vet or just getting into airsoft this gun will fit the bill. Don't hesitate, get it!
by Alex B. on 06/16/2012
"I just got this gun and it is great the only problem I had was that the stock fell off but that was easily fixed
Pros :
Marui bayoner fits the gun
The gun is fully upgradable
Two of the three hex keys (Allen wrenches) needed were included
Full metal makes the gun really durable
doesn't have anything loose on it out of the box

Soft metal for the front hand guard
Vibration can shake the stock off
My flash guard came broken in the box but evoke sent a new one with it
by Andrew H. on 09/29/2010
"This gun is a BEAST!!! but for the $ of course it has a couple cons to it...

-Full metal, This thing is built like a TANK!!! I've dropped it a couple times... picked it back up and kept firing!
-Extremely LOUD and imtidating, (hilarious story I have this M4 and during a match it was malfunctioning but I had a $6 pistol from Evike that was a piece of junk, I laid down "fire" with my aeg which wasn't shooting anything, my target ducked down and hid I just kept firing and advancing, by the time I was probably 5 yards away I was "out of ammo" teehee! and when he came out to shoot me I poped him once with the pistol! best $6 I ever spent!) But back to the review of this gun.....
-HIGH Fps this thing has some epic range if you add a slightly better motor to it but out of the box, pretty much owns.
-Price!!! Unbeatable for the quality
-Full rails... everywhere!
-Customization, You want it, You add it. Everything is extremely easy to fix/modify to make better.
-Sights are pretty good right out of the box but adjust great, I would recommend a red dot or a 4x or lower scope though just to see where exactly it's shooting at.

and now... to the Cons of this gun.
-Motor plate is not adjusted correctly from the factory and WILL tear up your gearbox if you dont get it right soon, If adjusted soon enough this problem is non existent so make sure you tune it up before you go out on the field, I learned the hard way and the warranty is voided by that even though it was their problem to start with.
-Stock comes loose eventually and just needs tightened not a big deal but just a little annoying.
-the lower part of the forgrip railing comes off extremely easy, I taped up my gun with some of the marpat camo wrap and it holds steady now obviously :D
-Battery will not fit inside the forgrip you have to put it in the PEQ box, adds to the realism though so it's nice.

Final thoughts
-If you're new to Airsoft, or a seasoned veteran this gun will fit your needs perfectly, It wont let you down on the field if you keep it well maintained! so just go ahead and click add to cart will ya?!
by Geoff G. on 01/11/2010
"Got this gun in october, and used it at a big airsoft match. It worked pretty good but had a lack of range. Be ready to have to repair and replace some internal parts for the stock ones are easily damaged.

Best AEG I have ever used. Shoots fast with a 9.6 and is extremely easy to upgrade for those that love to get heavy in the game. (personaly, I put a crane stock on it and had it rewired.)
by Thomas B. on 09/24/2008
"This is a Great gun i did a couple modifacations and now is a Big heavy son of a gun. WHOOOOOO
by Alex H. on 10/14/2014
"Just got the gun yesterday, shoots good, not a lot of space for battery inside the rails. PEQ Box is way too big and it's really wobbly. Bottom rail mout that holds wiring harness inside falls off doesn't lock in, the ring that is suppose to lock rail in is all bent and doesn't work, on the positive side, shoots awesome and I put my own 9.6V in it and shot amazing, decent accuracy, adjusted hop up a bit then shot even better, orange tip came off easy put on silencer. All my mags fit good but sometimes you have to out it in on just the right angle to make them stay. The gun is heavy so if you're looking for something easy to hold for a long time this is not for you, it's not much of a CQB gun either, too powerful and not very versatile. The gun is fully upgradable so I will be upgrading motor, bucking and hop up, perhaps a barrel as well.
by Matthew E. on 07/22/2008
"Im giving this gun a 4 stars because of the lack of range it has it has a good metal and rail system but horrible range get the JG version of this gun.
by Joseph S. on 08/11/2016
"It was OK but for the most part good
Full metal
Shoots fine
Accuracy is ok but acceptable
Low price

R.i.s is wobbly
Metal seems to be somewhat cheap
Stock comes loose
Hard to upgrade because nothing likes to stay in place
The lower piece of the R.I.S falls off a lot(some tape should fixe that)
R.I.S is to small to fit any battery lucky they give you a dummy P.E.Q box to put your battery in

Over all its a decent gun for the price but tbh save up a little bit more and get the KWA cqb