Reviews: WE Full Metal Hi-Capa 4.3 Compact Elite Airsoft Gas Blowback

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Model: GP-WE-018

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by Alex E. on 2013-06-17 17:32:52
"This is a terrific gun!!!

This is my first gas airsoft gun

And i had great times with it.. Its very very accurate if you adjust the hop up just right... Now i need something for my gas i have bought lol.. it is very realistic as the cops told me..

And, has very good kick to it..
by Nick B. on 2013-06-17 17:32:30
"Overall, this gun is just completely awesome.

300-330 fps, on a warm day in CA i clocked it at 350/fps (but I wouldn't say that's the average)

This gun feels very solid, and was my first gas gun. This custom WE 4.3 Elite is sweet cause it is compatible with green gas, red gas, co2 (if you buy the co2 mag) as well as propane.

One drawback, before you buy it keep in mind the MOCK SUPPRESSOR is strictly for looks.
When attached, the slide rail is in fact, longer than the barrel, causing the gun's slide rail to make contact with the silencer, so you will have to buy a new and longer 14mm threaded barrel extension, however, I found a large washer in the garage to put between the M.S. and the gun's slide rail. Now I can use it, no problems. Just keep it in mind Mock S. is for aesthetic purposes only.

Besides that one downside, this dominates, and makes a great sidearm, if not primary in CQB. Everyone who sees me with this is immediately intimidated. All the more reason to remember GO TO A LEGAL FIELD TO PLAY with this, as it looks extremely real.

Performance- 9.5/10
Looks: 10/10
Quality 10/10 (all metal, worth the $$)
Total functionality: 9/10 - just because the gun is inoperable with the mock suppressor on the barrel it includes, itself.
Hence, the name MOCK suppressor; as it is it strictly for aesthetic purposes. I really don't use it, but recommend getting a co2 mag along with this product.

So, thanks if you read this far. I heavily contemplated getting this, and am nothing but happy with it. Only people unhappy are the enemies I shoot with it. :)

BB's- I would recommend AT LEAST .2g high quality
by jesse r. on 2008-12-01 19:08:56
"my gun worked great for about 6 months, but now for no reason at all, the slide only works for about 6 shots if that, then it wont go back all the way, then it progresses to just leaking all the gas out of the magazine through the barrel. I've stripped the entire gun down and i cant seem to find whats wrong with it. I even spent the money on another mag to see if that was it. so it was an amazing pistol while it worked, however it was a gas muncher......

it would have been all 5 stars but then it stopped working......
by Vinson L. on 2008-11-30 19:12:35
"Works great until it flew... I loaded green gas to fire in my back yard(it was 70 degrees F that day) and the slide broke and sent the gun into pieces. Made out of cheap (pot metal is even better than this shit) metal. Save your money for a western arm... It's plastic, but hmm. Heres the analogy... Tokyo Marui: Great Gun. WELL: Shitty Gun. Western Arm: Great Pistols. We-Tech: ???? What you think
by WILL K. on 2008-07-17 22:04:29
"A great gun. It's high power plus great feel and look make this a feared weapon. I've dropped it a lot and it still works but the safety an the back of the grip that is supposed to prevent one from pulling the trigger unless pressed, has broken and the plastic covering on the bottom of the magazine has cracked and looks as though it's seen better days. But it still shoots and fits in my waistband comfortably enough. It's really accurate (if you can handle the blowback) and it's fps ensures that tagging fast runners is not a problem.

Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 reviews)