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G&P Long Range M203 High Power 40mm Airsoft BB Gas Grenade

9 Customer Reviews

by christina j. on 08/24/2017
"Love these grenades!! They shoot between 15-25 yards and really hurt. At first the gas was leaking but i put some silicone in it which fully sealed it and works great. So far no issues really.
by Tammy M. on 04/22/2015
"bought one 3 months ago and it works great in my MGL. long range and accuracy. The only 2 minor cons is that #1 I had one before and it wouldn't reset so I sent it back and got a new one. #2 you need to press really hard on the back' but that's a fine trade off for the large tactical advantage it gives you.
by Kyle C. on 01/27/2014
"The G&P long range grenade is a top notch grenade in all my experiences and they're my favorite grenades to use. I own four of them as of now, and each of them hold their gas and function as they should.
From what I understand they are of a very common design for 40mm grenades, similar to any other non-self resetting grenades. The grenade does hold 18 BBs (3 BBs down each barrel tube) and the BBs are held in place by an O-ring towards the bottom of the tubes. You'll need a stick or de-jamming rod to push them past the O-ring. The range on these things is unreal for a BB shower grenade, not to mention it makes a tight grouping. Honestly you can get a good 100-120 foot range, with the right arc launch of course. In a straight shot they'll go 60 feet. These are most definitely long range capable. And on another plus note, they do look pretty cool.
The one grip that I have with these grenades is the fact they have a square nose which does make it a slight challenge to get into my M203 launcher. But after some practice it's not so bad.

•Long range
•Tight grouping (about 4 feet at 60 foot range)
•Small BB consumption (only 18 per shot)
•Loud and intimidating
•Very well made
•Stainless steel striker valve

•Like I said these can be somewhat of a challenge to get into a M203 launcher, but with practice it becomes easier
by Brian H. on 10/03/2013
"I give this item 5 stars for multiple reasons, i thought it would only hold 18 rounds cuz it says 18 in the description, no, it holds 72 rounds, its decently loud, made all dogs bark in my neighbborhood when i tested this bad boy out, it shoots all rounds over 100 feet, guestimation due to fact i was against my house and shot at tree line far away, heard the bb's hit the leaves on the trees and bushes, all metal, durable, and it got to my house 1 day earlier than i thought it would.

comes fully gassed, test fire it with no bb's to make sure gas is released and you dont accidentally shoot yourself/anything around you.

other than that is is 100% amazing.
by David G. on 06/16/2012
"Great Grenade!!! No problems whatsoever! I bought the BD Matrix 120 rd Mosquito grenade, on the first day it leaked, and from then on never worked again. Took it to Evike, and exchanged that one for this one. Best Decision Ever!

Grenade is overall metal, looks just like the real deal, and fits in perfectly! Overall range is about 30/40 yards with about three puffs of Green Gas.

I recommend picking one up, don't buy any BD grenades!
by Robert R. on 12/19/2011
"I am happy with the performance of this grenade. BE CAREFUL. THE GRENADE COMES LOADED WITH GAS. It went off in my hand and shot me in the finger with all 18 bbs. It kinda hurt. Be careful. To the webmaster, please make sure these grenades are not loaded, because they could have easily hit me in the face/eye.
by Ramon M. on 01/08/2016
"It's a very high quality finish and works very well as it should but once in a while or maybe between 3 or so shots you must open it up because the bearings sometimes loosens but usually works afterwards once its sets. Its not hard at all, for me anyway and make sure to grease up the bearings and put silicon oil on the o-rings also. The fill valves is pretty much the same as madbulls, so if that breaks just buy a madbull fill valve which are made of steel rather than brass like this one. This is a good buy by the way, you wont regret this if you don't mind the cons that i mentioned. I will definitely buy another one or two.
by Zachary A. on 08/03/2008
"Is a uber good!!! excellent quality looks real and is metal, very durable. expensive, but worth t.
by Thomas D. on 05/25/2015
"I bought this as my first grenade because it was reasonably priced, long range and had good reviews. When i first recieved it i was impressed with the weight and finish. It did come filled with gas which actually helps to keep the grenade sealed. The performance was also pretty good getting close to 100ft with a good spread with .20s. Where this grenade failed me was with the reset. For the first few uses the grenade worked and reset fine. After about ten uses though the reset became rather tough and finicky, it would take a few times to get it to reset properly. At one point the grenade Completly jammed and required me to manually reset it by disassembling the grenade. Upon disassembly i noticed the grenade was almost bone dry even with using green gas, a few drops of silicone oil fixed that and it worked even better afterwards. A few shots later and it started acting up again, and again, and again. The thing is it seems like it resets, but it doesn't and so i go to fill it and it shoots the gas right out. Lastly, after filling it with gas only and puting it in my m320 on safety, the grenade fired off by itself just from setting my gun down. Luckily it didn't fire out anything, but this really angered me after all of the problems i've had. When it works like it should it works great, otherwise it's just a frustation device. By the looks though it seems it was just my grenade, so don't let this worry you.