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by ben p. on 12/20/2010
"Hello every body. I just got this gun in november and after putting it through some tests would like to give y'all a review.
Now I want to start off by saying that I am a gun nut. So rest assured that if I got a gun that isnt good or reliable I would have no problem saying it, so onto the review.

I would like to start off by saying that the gun, and the price for all of this is nothing short of amazing. The gun is well crafted and incredibly realistic. And almost everything the package includes are good quality items. And the two peace gearbox is an amazing feature. Cleaning and oiling became incredibly easier! However, and this is REALLY important, always make shure to hit the tension release button before cleaning/oiling. It sets the gears back to there origional place so when u open the gun it will close proberly. Otherwise u can't close the gun up. Now I really only found one disapointment with the package, and thatbwas the box mag. I bought this to have the versitility of an assualt rifle and a squad support weapon only to find it was a crappy wind up box mag, and mabie mines dfective, but I can only get about five shots off per wind. :/ but don't let that set u off because the gun and other upgrades and assesories make it more that worth it!

Pros- Good accuracy. Not the best, but ull hit what u aim at
Good rof
Grest assesories (bi-pod handles awsome! )
Well worth the money
Realism is incredible
Two peace gearbox!
Plenty of mounts
Held up perfectly through crazy cold and snow conditions here in ohio
Versitility ( able to be an assualt rifle, and ssw)
De-jamming/tention release button

Neutral- Heavy (I love it but some don't)
Orange tip (darn us laws and regulations

Cons- Lame cheap box mag

And that's all. Thanks for reading, and thank u evike for your continued quality selection. May everyone enjoi their christmas and new years, and for those who don't celebrate christmas enjoi your holidays! :)
by Ryan W. on 03/27/2009
"This gun is so money. Very much worth the price and much more. The ACOG and other accessories are such a good deal. The range and accuracy are great, my friend has an upgraded spring and extended tightbore in his mid range aeg and I constantly out distance him with the stock version of this gun (its so funny watching him get pissed about it). In other words, if you want a great gun but you have no idea how to even open a gearbox (or even if you do) this is a very solid choice for you. Comes out of the box great and has vast amounts of potential.

-all metal from butt to flash hider (except the obvious exceptions, PEQ2, foregrip, etc)
-range of 100' accurate and at about 175' the bb's start falling at their toes (stock)
-good ROF, can spray some serious bullets but won't burn through your mag in 30 seconds
-sturdy, everything is solid except my front sight moved from side to side a bit
-gets kills while still looking sexy
-very reliable

-PEQ2 box, I think its too bulky and noisy but some like the way they look
-Front sight wobble (easily addressed)
-typical mag wobble (what can you do?)
-all metal = heavy, con for some but i love it (get a sling you pansy)

Great weapon, you will not be disappointed. If your on the ropes between this and another gun with a more tempting price, get this (especially if you plan on putting money into upgrades)
by Debra B. on 03/03/2009
"This is an amazingly built gun. It is full metal, and the gear box is amazing. The red dot scope, foregrip, and both of the 450 round mags are great. However the box mag and the PEQ box arent' so good. First I have no idea how to get the PEQ box open I tried with the knobs but I don't know how far, how hard, or which way to turn them. Or which knob is the right one to turn, so if you do know please respond to this. The box mag carries an insane amount of bb's, of course, but is loose in the gun. When you slide it in it jiggles around and the catch doesn't seem to be too effective, sometimes I can pull it out without pressing the release. My recomendation is that you buy a new catch for the gun.

DESCRIPTION : ICS / Evike.com Anniversary Limited Edition Full metal full size M4A1 AEG package. Fully upgraded internal and external. Brand new with ICS laser engraved logo for each AEG and serial number. This is the new version after the "2006 Anniversary model" with all new 2008 ICS parts. A feature that ONLY ICS M4 series A.E.G. have that will not be available to Marui, Classic Army or other leading brand AEG is it's two piece gearbox system. The bolt release button actually un-jam your gears when it is jammed with the press of the button. The two piece gearbox will take only 10 minutes to install a different spring. (If you carry a spare upper gearbox, you can swap it in the middle of the game in less than 5 minutes!)
PACKAGE INCLUDES : Each Anniversary Version 2 comes with a 5000 round box magazine, two 450 round hi-cap magazine, Action electro red dot scope, full metal body, Bipod grip with steel spirng eject bipod, ICS steel skeleton folding stock, PEQ2 box, 9.6V 2300mah custom battery, Full Steel R.I.S. System Handguard, detachable carrying handle, AEG, MANUAL, LOADER, CLEANING ROD, and 1000 0.20G BB. (Whole package valued over $1000). (ICS Internals are more durable and are considered upgrade/reinforced parts for other lower price brand AEG.
VELOCITY : 330~360 Feet Per Second
MAGAZINE : Two 450 round high precision hi-cap magazine and a 5000 round box magaizne included in this package
GEAR BOX : ICS FULLY TUNED TWO PIECE GEARBOX W. Installation a spring can take less than 10 minutes!
BATTERY : Custom Type. (PEQ2 type custom battery & PEQ2 box included.)
Each model contain:

- ICS M4A1 AEG Special Edition - 5000 round box magazine. - Two 450rd Magazines - Action Electro Special Force Red Dot Scope with Ruby lens
- New Turbo 3000 High torque high speed Motor
- Spring-Eject Bipod Grip
- High output Battery
- Full Capacity Cylinder
- Metal Folding Stock
- Steel Bushings
- ICS Reinforced Gearbox
- Fitted with an M120 Spring
- PEQ Battery Box
- New 16-Guage Wire
- Metal R.A.S.
- Steel Pinion Gear
- 1000rds BB Speed loader
- Steel Bevel Gear
- New ICS Catalogue

New Generation Spring Eject Bipod

New Generation Turbo 3000 high torque motor and two 450 round hi-cap magazine.
ICS PEQ2 Battery box with 9.6V 2300mah hi-out custom battery pack, Charger included.

1000 rounds of high precision ICS 0.20g bb in a fast loading feeder.

New Generation Steel skeleton folding stock. (Folds both ways, modular design, takes 5 minutes to adjust it to fold to the right instead.)
Guarder / Action Full Metal illumination Red Dot Scope with Built in Mount.
Action Adjustable Steel Electric powered Red dot Scope with weaver mount. (Free with this auction! $100 value!)

This box magazine uses 6mm Airsoft bb (Use only high grade bbs!)
A exact copy of the Laylax Box Mag, but completed so it is ready to go and no modification and custom work is required. Just load the bb and if your Airsoft AEG is ready, then you are ready to shoot!
Perfect Outlook: This box magazine is not like the regular drum magazine that gets in the way, it is slim and slick looking!
This Mag Box has pre-installed the bb supply assembly. Simply pour 5000 bb , wind and shoot!
Weight: 510.00g
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This item is Discontinued.


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