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JG M4 Tactical-System Enhanced Lipo Ready Airsoft AEG Rifle (Desert Tan Special Edition)

40 Customer Reviews

by Ryan N. on 02/09/2014
"This was my first REAL Airsoft gun and it's still my favorite after 2 years
Along the way I made some mods to it such as adding a MOSFET and fixing up the hand guard to hold a 9.6 and now it's one of the fastest gun at my field
by Joseph S. on 12/27/2013
"This gun is very good. This was my first high end airsoft gun, and when it worked is was incredible. After it broke down several times I took it apart and realized that a wire had stripped. After I replaced the wire and bought a new battery it performed beautifully.

small battery space
by Brian M. on 11/29/2012
"ive had this gun for 2 years and its still brand new. battery may be hard to get in sometimes but just as long as its a mini type, butterfly, or numchuck battery. fps is great. easy to disassemble hop up works great.

pros: hop up works amaizing, well built and very sturdy, mags have no wobble, very solid, the battery works nicely, iron sights are awsome, it comes with a mag key to wind up the mag, its only jammed once, perfect field weapon, and most deffinitly not a starter gun so if ur starting out and u have the money then this is worth more then u pay.

cons:i would use .23g bbs for max proformance not .20g, everything else is amaizing. no complaints at all
by Spencer H. on 04/22/2012
"I've had this gun for about a week now and its amazing, its not to heavy but the right weight to feel realistic. the only problem i had was it comes with a small fit 8.4v battery and i like shooting fast so i also bought a 9.6v battery but the battery compartment is only fit for the 8.4v battery. It doesn't mention it but if you want to have a stronger battery you should buy a PEQ box because nothing else will work. Over all i love this gun and i can't wait to destroy my friends with it.
-Very high FPS
-Good weight
-adjustable sight
-great look
-only fits 8.4 battery it came with(buy a PEQ box)
5 Stars!
by ben b. on 01/10/2012
"I've had this gun for over two years it has never let me down ever it was one of my first guns

all i have to say that you have to grease it with silicone spray or you will burn out your motor overall this gun will not let you down i suggest you get the 5000rd box mag other than that nothing is wrong with this gun
by dominic s. on 09/28/2011
"I love this gunnnnnn!! i had it for at least 2 years it has great accuracy, the fps is BEAST! the only problem is that now that i had it for a while it shoots lots of blanks and the battery is so HARD to get in.

pros: great FPS
great accuracy
great rate of fire
great durable body
love the iron sights (mw2 m4(:
last long
great price!!!!:)

cons: not much but its very hard to get the battery in and the only other thing is mine shoots blank once and a while):

i love this gun and it lasted a long time! i give it 5 stars *****:D
by Brandon H. on 05/12/2011
"This gun well, shoots AMAZING! Chronoed at 420-436 depending on battery power witha standard 8.4. And its one of the most accurate m4 ive ever seen. The fact that its full metal gives you the good feeling that if you drop it, its not gonna break on you. BUT, its a double sided sword. The rail system can get VERY uncomfortable when you dont have gloves or a grip on...but, who cares?
Buy this if you want a very go od gun for a amazing price.
by anthony j. on 12/20/2010
Looks (Like the m4 in COD MW2)
Range (GODLY)
Accuracy (Very helpful on the field)
Fps (May be a little high for some places, you can always get a spring, but ive never had that problem)

Rof (Get a 9.6v, it may not fit so i recommed getting something to hold it, like that fake granade launcher that holds the battery, its very useful)
Mag(Buy a new one, your gonna need it anyway, you'll need more than 1 mag for field or CQB.)

Things I Recommend to Buy
9.6v battery
Mag (at least 2)
Something to hold the battery.

Overall i give this a 9/10 stars. I would give this a 10 but the rof and the mag kind of turn me away from that, but that is easy to fix.
by Gregory A. on 12/09/2010
"I got this gun a couple months ago and it is AMAZING. It shoots very hard and fast. It shoots pretty close to my brothers classic army sl8 which is triple the price of this gun. Most of the gun is full metal. However is does get very heavy at times. The little plastic the gun does have is very sturdy. The best feature of this gun is how customizable it is. This gun can take pretty much all upgrade parts and its easy to mount tons of things on the rails. WARNING: if you get this gun you will need to do a battery mod. The battery that comes with the gun can barely turn the motor and it will wear down your internals very quickly. Also the battery barely fits inside the handguard it takes like 20 minutes to get the battery in the gun. I recommend getting a 9.6v or lipoly battery for this gun and then get a PEQ2 box. Or you can make your own which is what I did.

good fps: 380-430
good ROF: about 1000rpm with a 9.6v
good accuracy: 100-130ft
very customizable
very durable
good iron adjustable flip up iron sights

stock battery is low quality and a pain to fit in the gun (easily fixed with an external battery mod)
very heavy: about 9lbs when fully loaded
a little overpowered: must use at least .2g bbs to be accurate best with .25g or .28g

Overall this is a very good gun. It is sturdy and well made. The gearbox is very good except you will need a better battery to get the most out of it. If you looking for a cheap AEG thats very upgradable and powerful then this is your gun. I own a classic army sniper AEG and an echo one p90 and this gun is easily competitive with both of them.
by Dylan T. on 09/27/2010
"I bought this gun a while back and have used it in the field multiple times. i would recommend this gun to everyone it is amazing i just love it. one of the awesome things about it is that its so customizable

good fps
nice feel
good quality

cons there are non
by Tammy F. on 06/10/2010
"Where can I start about this gun... Good range, better fps love the colors and rail system... Great gun to have... The gun has some wieght to it so be warned... That's something I like though :)
good fps
decent distance
full metal rail system
great heavy weight to the gun

not full metal but for the price u can't go wrong
sometimes I have issues shooting after taking it off saftey.

Overall, amazing gun, for amazing price...
Get it
by Kody C. on 05/30/2010
"This gun is amazing!!! I pre-ordered it and it came on Friday. IT SHOOTS SO FAST. I shot my friend from 75 feet and now he has a giant welt. It's also has amazing accuracy. For $120, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this gun. The only huge problem is the battery compartment, it will not fit a 9.6v mini so don't try it, but suck it up

High FPS
Amazing Accuracy
Looks Godly
High ROF

Battery Compartment
Front heavy
by Adam Z. on 05/29/2010
"this is an exellent gun, i have had it since last christmas and it hasnt let me down yet, the batterie is a pain to get in but i still loveit, it is amazinly accurate and and has long range, hurts like a bugger also. Here are some pros ans cons.

Amazingly accurate
good range
long batterie life(if youre not firing constantly than it is a lot shorter)
rails make attchments easy to put on
stock is very sturdy and durable
selcter swicth clicks into place and dosent move by its self like other models
hurts like a bugger
mostly all metal

batterie is a pain to get in
thats all i got

Over al this is an amazing gun, worth the 140$.
by Paul M. on 02/03/2010
"If you're looking for a very good primary that you can easily pimp, this M4 is for you.
I had my first skirmishes with this over the past few weeks. I loved the power and accuracy this dished out. Quite honestly, you can use this for sniping. With a 3x32 scope I was able to get headshots from 60 yards with .20g bb's. You can probably even do that with the iron sights.
The main thing I loved about this was the amount of accessories you can put on it. I mounted a Masterkey on the bottom rail, flashlight on the right rail, PEQ2 box on the left, and a scope up top. You can imagine how much stuff you can load onto the gun. It is pretty heavy though. It isn't full metal, but the ABS is HIGH QUALITY material.

*NOTE*: This gun comes with a stock 8.4v 1100mah battery. Too much use with the stock battery will wear down the gears because they can just barely be pulled. I suggest a 9.6v 1600mah or lipoly battery to keep this gun running strong. Being the internals are made for lipoly, use a much stronger battery than the stock one.
**Also, clean / lube barrel before and after games.

High FPS
Great fire rate with stock battery
Easy to mount accessories, no need to buy extra rails or RIS handguards
lipoly ready
black metal gearbox
ABS is high quality, will not crack or break if dropped (Don't purposely drop it.)
Amazing price. Thanks EVIKE.

stock battery
steel flash hider VERY hard to remove
by Felix K. on 01/16/2010
"This gun is great, mine only shoots 370 because i had to make it fit field specs here. But any how, the gun is amazingly accurate and has never failed on me. I use it as a back up because i like my mp5 better for its speed. Mine looks real BA, equipped with ready mag, silencer, acog, peq box and grenade launcher. Kinda went overkill on the dressing up of this gun because it weighs about 13lbs. With out all the stuff on it it weighs in at a good 9lbs.

Rail space

Battery space (pain to get in)
Hi-cap mag

If anything id recomend getting a fore grip or PEQ box for your battery, it'll make life that much easier