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ICS Full Metal M4 Assault Pistol CQB Airsoft AEG Rifle with LE Stock

7 Customer Reviews

by logan f. on 09/15/2012
"Ok, this gun is crazy im running an 11.1 lipo stock and getting 25 rps also another great feature of this gun is the ICS split gearbox. it shoots pretty far for a cqb gun. and this gun is a tank because of its metal body. my friend dropped it from 6 ft and didnt even scratch it!!

crazy rps
good range
built like a tank
easy to maneuver
looks great
spring decompression


BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Jared O. on 08/19/2012
"This gun is awesome! I've owned two other AEGs which were both JG and even though this ICS cost twice as much it's worth it. The construction is amazing, the full metal is solid, and it breaks down too easily for cleaning and upgrading.

I recommend getting a higher power spring and metal teeth piston if you want to run a LiPo and play outside. The stock piston is great and I've shot 1k rounds using my 11.1 LiPo and 9.6 with absolutely no markings, but I'm putting a m120 spring and new piston in for playing in the woods.

The only complaint is one screw on the upper gearbox was so flimsy it stripped the first turn of my screwdriver. Buy an extra upper gearbox to upgrade and use the stock one for indoor CQB games.

If you are considering a cheaper AEG vs. this one, save up the extra cash and invest in this gun. It is well worth the price and will last you a long time and save tons of headaches compared to JG or similar AEGs ...

Stay safe and have fun!
by Cole S. on 08/03/2009
"First off, this gun is the best gun for the price. It comes with two 500 round, high-cap mags, the gun, two Allan wrenches to easily remove things, like the sight on the end of the gun for instance, or the flash hider. Second the gun is easily upgradable, and out of the box, it shoots 300 FPS, and out of the box, IT IS LI-POLY READY, AND I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU GET ONE FOR THIS GUN. Here are some pros and cons.


1.) Full Metal
2.) Comes with two mags
3.) Li-poly ready
4.) Highly upgradeable due to two piece gearbox
5.) Comes with BB's and high grade laser


1. No battery in laser/PEQ Box
2. Nothing else

Once again I will say that I would definitely buy this because I have no regrets about this purchase. On reliability with Li-poly, it beat the KWA.
by Donald G. on 12/06/2008
"TOTALLY AWESOME ....... weighs like the real one ,shoots fast ,very strong. easy to upgrade any accessory will make this baby look so sweet
by Walter W. on 06/14/2008
"ROF is result from 1) Battery. 2)Gear Ratio and 3) Motor Type.

More experienced players also lighten the weight of the piston to achieve additiona rate of fire.

The two piece gearbox does not at all limit its ability to use high speed gear set, high speed motor, any piston or any spring.

Besides the gearbox, most of the parts are Marui compatible like all other brands. The split gearbox is an advantage because you can switch it out in the middle of battle if anything is worn out in matters of seconds. Switching a spring in this AEG takes about 10 minutes which made ICS M4 series AEG unique and better than other brands. This two piece gearbox design is also on the Systema PTW but thats a $1400 gun and most parts are not compatible.

The weight is realistic and the gun only need a 10 minute spring change (super easy on two piece gearbox) to shoot 330 fps, or 360, or 400.....or 450.
by Mason R. on 02/22/2017
"This thing is a tank. I've owned it for 3 years and I've never had an issue. The only thing I don't like, is it's wired to the front, but rewiring it isn't that hard with the help of YouTube.
by David N. on 06/14/2008
"This gun has good quality but due to the Split gear box design it does not have great potential to upgrade especially in the ROF sector.I would prefer the FPS to be around 330FPS instead of the stock 300 FPS.It is very good as a collector item but not very suitable for gaming due to it"s heavy weight and low ROF compare to other one piece gear box design in which ROF can be upgraded.