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Shadow Op MB01 Type96 MK96 APS-2 Airsoft Bolt Action Sniper Rifle - OD Green (Package: Rifle)

74 Customer Reviews

by Kent C J. on 03/02/2016
"This is a good gun, but please read the rest of my review.

I got this my upgrade to my UTG SOFT-M324 Gen 5 Master Sniper. That is a nice gun but I never should have wasted money on it because upgrading it is a pain in the rear. You can upgrade everything on the the MB01 except the stock, LOL. Everything. But first...

Is it confusing? Heck yeah it is! Is this an L96, an MB01, an APS2 or an S368? Made you look! No one knows, that's my conclusion. Yes, No, All Of The Above.

Out of the box: It goes together very easily. The speed loader comes with a little thingy that helps you shovel BBs into the MB01 mag. It's funky but it works fine. The first thing I did was load it up and fire a few. At 30 feet I was getting a 2" group using Cobb's .28 BBs. That's right out of the box with a dirty barrel. I noticed right away that it does not have the FPS of the M324. Not surprising as it's barrel is much longer.

Next, I took it apart. You really want to be careful when you do this.

*** Important *** If you don't intend to upgrade this gun soon I highly recommend that you not open it up! There is really no need unless something crazy is going on. That, and use good, polished BBs. It's the single best thing you can do for any AirSoft gun!

First I removed the barrel from the upper receiver. Loosen one small allen and unscrew the barrel. No big deal. It comes right apart and, contrary to internet myths, there is not too much oil or grease on anything. Remove the magazine guide attached to the barrel with a small phillips head and it slid right out. Brass barrel with two cheeseball spacers. You want to tape these in place. The HopUp is a basic one piece unit. The adjuster is a fairly coarse affair so a little turn can go a long way. The barrel is held in place in the HopUp unit with a pressure fitting that you can loosen with a small crescent wrench. Don't bend the barrel... if you remove the barrel from the HopUp you need to take note of the brass washer you will leave behind in the HopUp. Not much to see...

Next I wanted to see the cylinder. * Caution *. Remove the bolt housing with an allen wrench (it has thread tightener on it for a reason). When it is removed you want to carefully pull the piece that it secures back and off. There are small pins in the bolt and bolt holder that you want to pay close attention to. Pull it apart slowly and carefully and note the exact location of everything. Really.

I pulled out the cylinder and glanced at it - not too much grease. I didn't open it up.

I put everything back together.

My conclusion is that A) don't do this unless you are confident. B) they took care assembling it wherever they do this so that you have a usable rifle right out of the box. I didn't take any special care re-assembling it and the quality of the pieces shows. It works fine but I need to make sure I return the bolt solidly to make sure the BB is seated properly or else it will totally jam and freak out. Tightening the bolt holder by 1-2 thousands might fix this.

My recommendations: 1) Upgrade Barrel to 6.01mm SS and HopUp to an AEG version with new Bucking. 2) Metal Trigger 3) Upgrade Cylinder, Spring and Piston (with head to match HopUp).

That's my plan and I predict I will have a monster that places .28-.30 BBs with crazy accuracy and FPS.

Accurate right out of the box.
Plastic trigger is really good with a solid piston guide. Really. I hope a metal upgrade can match it.
Easy to dis-assemble.
Easy to re-assemble.
Easy to Upgrade (and you will want to).

Mine didn't come with a cleaning rod, just a plastic thingy that can slid down the barrel and clear a jam, not hold a cleaning cloth.
While I haven't adjusted it, the Allen Screw that adjusts the HopUp seems too loose and coarse. If you can't upgrade I would add some thread seal to this ASAP.
The rail adapter that attached to the front of the rifle in unforgivably loose fitting. I rolled my eyes at all the reviewers that mentioned this until I got this gun. Given what UTG does and is capable of, they should have just made a decision to re-machine this piece so it fits properly. I wrapped some tape on mine...
by rob p. on 06/30/2012
"this gun is fairly accurate until you brake it in. this gun shoots about 460 fps or 480fps with .25 gram bbs. it doesn't come with scope rings so it you have your own scope you want to get scope rings.

pros cons
lightweight the sling
accurate orange tip
mostly metal
looks real
by Kevin T. on 04/30/2012
"This gun is awesome, i got it in the mail a month ago. It is amazing for the price, as good accuracy and range as a sniper should have. The bi pod and scope that come with it if you select them at the bottom of the page are awesome, full metal and work great. The magazines are full metal, and heavy, and spring loaded witch is a very helpful and cool feature. I would recemend getting extra magazines, i got one extra and it wasn't enough, not because the magazines don't hold alot, because you blow through ammo. The pull back is heavy, but you get used to it. the one problem i had with this gun is how when i got it, all of the bullets shot like 5 feet to the right. I was about to take the gun apart, but then i relised that the orange tip was rubbing against the bbs, so i rotated it with pliers, and the gun is now perfect.

Realistic feel
fps 450
incredible accuracy
bi pod
ajustible stock and cheek rest

only the orange tip, but that was fixed imediantly

all in all, great gun. Th only reason you shouldn't get it, is if you absolutely hate L96's
by dominick c. on 12/13/2011
"I am writing another review about this gun because in the video it says its hard to disassemble but its not I did it with ease the hardest part was getting the trigger box out. the hopup he had to use pliers but thats because he didn't unscrew the brass ring. if you do it comes of with a little tug.
by Robert F. on 12/11/2011
"This is a good gun for the price. I have not had any jams with it and I would estimate i have put about 500 rounds through it. I personally use .28 Matrix but I think i am going to get some .30 BBs. I did some grouping tests and was pleased with it as it is stock. At about 30 yards it had a 7 inch group after 50 BBs. This gun would be about 4 stars if not for all of the upgrade parts so you can turn this gun into a top notch sniper rifle.

If you plan on getting a TBB you WILL need to get a new hop-up as the stock one only fits the stock barrel, I would recommend the PDI hop-up but it's $70

The internals on it as not so exciting, plastic spring guide, plastic piston, and a plastic trigger assembly (it does have metal sears but what kind of metal is beyond me). I would recommend you change these to metal ASAP and also getting a better spring that would lose its FPS so soon.

Overall it is a good gun to run stock for a while but time with beat it and the internals will break eventually.

Pros Cons
good grouping for stock plastic internals
feels nice to hold looks like cheap plastic body but has held up pretty well
you get TWO mags with it
fun to shoot
the bi-pod its pretty decend

Sidenote: the golden pin or "Jesus" pin has been fixed on this one and won't fall out.
by dominick c. on 12/01/2011
"I got this gun three years ago, and its still strong as an ox. This gun has proven to be accurate. Mine started with around 470fps and hurt when you got hit. It sometimes has problems with the bolt, it wont always go down but that's because its not all the way forward if you screw in the screw on the back of the bolt you'll be fine. In its old age it has begun to jam every ounce in a while. Just simply pull the bolt back take out the clip and shake it, that solves that. this gun is very amazing and its got a good price. Very good for new and semi pros. Although It has started to loose fps so I might get the upgrades. I would get the 6.01mm barrel too, although its very hard to get the sturdy hop-up of. This gun is very silent it is hard for your enemies to tell were you are. I would recommend getting a gillie suit and camo form. I have loved this gun along time and you will too.
by Nathan B. on 11/30/2011
"a very good gun and it is very powerful just do not use the wrong bbs they float badly
by Abe M. on 09/10/2011
"This is my favorite airsoft gun I own. It has all the stuff snipers need accuracy, power and range. The only downside is that it weighs quite a bit but that really isn't a big downside at all.

There is one thing I should say, after about a month of owning this gun something went wrong and several parts flat out broke. Some internal part went out of place and blocked the barrel from the inside and then not long after the bolt would not go down not letting me fire at all. I contacted Evike and they are now sending me a new one. I think it was a factory problem probably unlikely to happen to anyone else.

Don't let the above statement discourage you this gun is really awesome.
by Mike R. on 06/10/2011
"i got this gun a year ago and it still fires around 500fps
by dominick c. on 06/02/2011
"I got this gun 2 years ago and loved it! when I got it it was very powerful and accurate. 2 years after purchase I hit a circle about a half ft radius at 175 ft.(with .28g bbs) I got mine when they came with a bipod it was really not worth extra. You don't need an upgrade for this sniper. one problem is sometimes the bolt wont go down its really the back square just tighten the screw on the back and your problems are solved. You should clean this gun every 2 or 3 months (or more if you play a lot)for better accuracy. You need .28g or above.

very high fps
extremely accurate
solid for very long time(sometimes you need to tighten all the screws)
big magazine
hand grip (very comfortable)
heavy it almost ways 10 pounds(I took out the weights then it was around 5)
very hard to get into
long (some might like)

All around great gun! I love it!
by Keith L. on 04/04/2011
"This is an OUTSTANDING sniper rifle for its price. The tri-rail is a bit wably but no worries on that. It shoots about 480 with .20 but I recommend using a .30 or .25 to really pack a punch with the opposing players. Also, be sure to have enough strength to carry this thing around if your the Scout Sniper in your team, but if your just the average sniper...Sit put because this rifle is a bit too heavy to run around in. The scope that you buy in the package as an option, the scope ring screw that hold it on the rail comes off pretty easily, I lost the screw on my first game with it and the scope itself is alright but I would invest on buying a better scope.

When you buy this rifle, just buy the bi-pod and not the "Scope and Bi-Pod package"

Oh, make sure to lube the rifle before you use it. Just saying.

* Packs a punch with a womping 460+ of fps
* Easy to assemble
* Great feel to it
* Really quiet when your shooting
* An amazing rifle for its price, shoots quite and fast (can barely see the bb's when firing)
*the Scope that comes with the package is kinda dissapointing
*Kinda Heavy
*Digital camo looks horrible so stick with the OD Green,it looks better by far
* A real pain when loading the clips

Hope this helps! =D
by stephen h. on 02/22/2011
"This L96 airsoft sniper rifle is the best one I have used. I have owned this rifle for over a year now and have run across only a few minor problems. I have a generation two rifle (can be determined by the screw in the back of the bolt assembly; flat head = gen. two, and Phillips head = gen. three). The problem was that this screw kept coming loose and was literally falling apart with each time the action was worked. I solved this using a thread glue (can still be disassembled after application of glue) after over frustration. This is not a problem with a generation three however. After solving this issue, this has become the ultimate sniperís rifle for a battle. Please note that this review is written by an experienced player and marksman.

- High accuracy and FPS, good up to 250 - 300 feet maximum, most effective if under 200 feet. I am able to get 3 inch groupings at 200 feet (with a scope in the sitting position).
- Easy to clean WITHOUT taking the barrel and assembly out of the stock. To accomplish this, there is the piston release lever located in front of the trigger. Simply push down on the lever, and pull out the cylinder and bolt assembly. The airsoft rifle can then be cleaned from the barrel to the receiver without complication.
- Magazine release, simply push the release lever and the magazine shoots out into your hand.
- Smooth action
- High capacity for a sniper (30 rounds)
- Suppressor adaptor available, on this website for $18. The orange tip is removed by UNSCREWING it, not cutting or pulling. Then add the adaptor and suppressor and ta-da!
- Quiet when fired.
- Bipod mount included upon purchase of just the rifle. If you already have a bipod, donít waste your money on buying one for this rifle.

- Long barrel (this is a con to some but is a perk for a sniper)
- Heavy, about 12- 13 lbs.
- The grip does take some getting used to, but eventually is accustomed to.
- Loud when using the bipod, not too sneaky when metal is clanking together.
- Difficult to reload clips, unless you know a trick. This is my trick; because the magazines are spring loaded, push down the spring and put your thumb on the bb port. Then take your index finger and make a pinching grip on the other side. Lastly, get your speed loader and have at it!
- Bulkier than other rifles.
- Scope add-on isnít great but gets the job done.
- Some complain about the fact that this is a sniper rifle and is most effective while being a sniper. Not recommended for closer ranges.

Overall, this is an outstanding rifle and very effective at longer than average ranges. I have been getting nice groupings using .28 gram bbs by matrix. This has a very nice range, power, and accuracy without further modifications. A scope is recommended for this rifle because no sights are included. Before using in a battle, actually take your time and sight in your scope. Before I sighted my scope, I was hitting almost three feet left (over 140 clicks!!!!) and over 5 feet low (240 clicks!!!) and only at 200 feet. This is because of the scope, not the rifle. I recommend getting a few extra magazines (as you should do with any weapon). I rank this at a 19/20 for combat effectiveness after sighting in.
by Matt O. on 12/15/2010
"This gun is amazing!! I have used this in many wars and it makes my friends cry!
good scope: adjustable zoom
very quiet
awesome bolt if you maintain it
difficult to assemble/ deassemble
sometimes loads 2

by Cole K. on 11/27/2010
"! Modeled after the Sako Arctic Warfare Magnum L96A1 in .338 Lapua Magnum, it's a great gun! It's pretty heavy, not something you want to lug around, I suggest getting this with the bipod, and buy a good shotgun with your purchase, so you aren't carrying this around all day. But, anyhow, this is a very good gun, has an effective range of 200 feet (I shot a kid from 200 feet with this and he still felt it pretty well.) I got this for my birthday, with the scope and bipod, what a GREAT scope, 3-9 power, and high quality.


Great range
High FPS (Around 370-400)
Good sling mounts
Very nice solid construction
Strong plastic
Great rail


Must be assembled (it's just two pieces, you must screw together with an allan key)
A bit hard to pull the bolt back, a bit of lube can fix that
If you buy the scope it optionally comes with, the screws for the mount must be tightened often
Scope that it optionally comes with is kind of green, this is not too much of a problem
Bipod it optionally comes with is a bit wobbly
it will jam the first couple shots maybe, to fix these jams, remove the magazine, put on safety, slide the bolt back until BBs come from the chamber, and fire. If this doesn't work, use the unjamming rod it comes with to dislodge the BBs.
Otherwise, this is a great gun
br /> This gun was my first and only sniper rifle. A great buy, perfect price for the quality and performance.

--Cole K
by Jarrod E. on 11/06/2010
"This is a Great Gun especially since its a Maruzen Clone..
Thankfully the people at Polar Star have made some Upgrade parts such as Piston,Spring guide, etc...

Also for those looking for the Right thread adapter to attach a Surpressor here is the link:

Overall this is a great gun for begginers and if your willing to spend some cash you can easily turn this rifle into a QUALITY sniper rifle..

Mine Crono'ed at 490 FPS when i first got it.. and at about 50 feet im getting groupings of less then 8inchs Diameter with only using teflon to seal up the piston head..

There is also a Way to REMOVE the bolt without having to Dissasemble the Gun.. here is step by step.

1. remove mag and clear gun. (also remove the Cheak pad )
2. inside the trigger well you will find the firing pin. all you need to do is Pull Down on it and it will lower, Releasing the Bolt.
3. next you will have to hold down the trigger slightly. It will not be a full trigger pull so dont pull too hard..
4.pull the bolt all the way back and out of the gun..
5. your done..

Putting the bolt back in is simple.. as your sliding the bolt back in place just hold down the trigger sear and the other sear and slide it back in.. dont forget to reinsert the Fireing pin..

**If your bolt gets caught on the Sears and gets stuck then you will need to take off the trigger box to free the bolt..