Reviews: CQB Master CNC Selective Rails System for M4 series Airsoft Rifles - Dark Earth

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by Jay Y. on 2014-04-14 22:57:39
"Got this for my Dark Earth BoA Elite Force M4 and I'm pretty happy with it.

Pros: Well made and well finished. Adds some nice heft to the front of the rifle. More rail space than most people will ever use. Vastly improves the structural rigidity of the whole front end!

Cons: Pricey! Dark Earth isn't as dark as the picture would have you think. Much closer to desert.
by Paul H. on 2013-02-10 15:52:20
Looks great
feels great
easy to install (slip back delta ring and slap it on and bolt it to the top)
very high quality metal
feels sturdy
so much more room for "activities" (attachments)

Expensive but well worth it
small space to fit batteries in it (i was able to fit a tenergy 9.6 1200Mah in it)
people keep asking if u got a new gun because it looks awesome
by Jed F. on 2012-11-21 03:36:31
"This rail system is great! It's solid and definitely adds a mean look to your gun. Ease of installation depends on what brand of gun you have. So far I've tried it on my KWA M4A1 and fits perfectly, but for my WE Tech M4, I had to modify the rails on my upper receiver to allow this to fit. There is also no wobble with this system at all, which is a huge plus if you're using a vertical grip or any other attachments.

Although it's designed to store batteries, it will also depend on the diameter of your outer barrel. My WE Tech M4 outer barrel has a small diameter which allows me to fit a small or nun-chuck type battery inside with little problem. But with the KWA M4A1, having a larger outer barrel diameter, these types of batteries wont properly fit at all. Li-Po batteries should be able to fit, but I haven't tried yet.

The paint for this dark earth version is pretty well coated, but the paint chips off around the inner hinges (I've also bought this system in black and it does the same thing). This isn't so much a problem since it's within the rail system and can't be seen externally.

Pros: Looks great. Solid and no wobble. Can store batteries (Depending on your outer barrel).

Cons: Paint scratches within the hinges. It's a bit pricey, but hey, if you've got the money go for it. Installation might need modification.
by Giuseppe O. on 2012-04-06 05:02:27
"If you want to create a unique looking M4, buy this rail system! Awesome looks plus eliminates all wobble issues with your standard M4 handguard. I used to have a Magpul MOE handguard on my Ares M4 and have tried everything to make it more stable but no luck. I've been waiting for this rail system and I'm glad they restock it. Unfortunately, it doesn't have the cool trademarks on it as pictured here. This is not from King Arms. That one will set you back $150 plus shipping. Found that one on Red Wolf. But why spend that much money! This one is a bargain! Just don't install an outer barrel with a thick profile. Make sure it's a slim one or else your gonna need to buy a REALLY small battery like a 7.4V lipoly. I bought and installed a Madbull Noveske 10.5 outer barrel and didn't realized the width of this thing after installing it. Tried putting my 9.6v in there and it just won't close. I ended up buying a 7.4v lipoly 1300mah by Gen Star.

All in all, I really like this one. It sets itself apart from your run of the mill m4/m16 in terms of looks and capability.

Pros: Awesome and unique
Very stable, no wobble
Monolithic upper rail system, plenty of real estate for optics and lights

Cons: Not a lot of room for batteries if your AEG is front-wired

Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 reviews)