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by charles m. on 2012-12-20 22:39:08
"I have had one of these for years, and I love it. You will never run out of room. The only problem I have had was slow cralling throue tall grass. All the gaps between the pockets gathered grass and twigs, I looked like I was wereing a cheap goly sut. ( It didn't help that I am 6,3 with broad sholders, plus and M60) In the end it worked.
by Michelle S. on 2010-12-05 19:40:41
"First off this is a very good vest. the vest its self is very comfortable and it holds alot of mags and has two dump pouches the water bladder works fine and its only 40$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!

pros: holds about 7 magpouches
some good pouches for grenades and radio
nice watter blader

cons: no holster but buy a leg holster

i highly recomend this vest nice evike
by adam s. on 2010-04-24 22:20:28
"Amazing vest, especially for the price. mag pouches are right where you want them. can hold tons of ammo and junk (think i managed to get 9 m4 mags, speedloader, food, and spare bbs in). the OD went nicely with my multicam. It can fit sticks, I'm 5' 10" and 125lbs...

only cons are: the camel back tube is bright friggin blue and has no cover.
the drop pouches are very annoying. The slit cut in them to insert mags is just big enough to put a mag in which pretty much makes it just as efficient to put it into pouch you pulled it from.... (yes you can somewhat open the larger hole on the drop pouch but this is also very annoying to do if you already have mags inside it....)

all in all the only 2 cons are very minor, when you swap mags you do it in cover.... the 15sec or so difference really isn't much.
by Louis B. on 2010-04-09 00:58:09
"this vest is good it carries all of my gear and is not all at the front so i can go prone easier
good to go prone with
alot of mag pouches
two dumping pouches
can fit mostly everyone
good hydration tube
there is still lots of space to carry my L96
no pistol holster (please correct me if there is mine didn't)
some of the strapes are a bit weak but nothin to worry about
so all in all a very good vest or watever it makes it easy to carry both my L96 and G&G M4 and if i feel i need to carry more i'll take my JG MP5 SD6 and it still fits in all mags THIS VEST THING IS THE BEST AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Michael T. on 2010-04-08 08:53:16
"I've had this vest for a few games and I just have one word... AWESOME! I run a SAW and the two drop pouches add to the realism and allow me to carry an obscene amount of ammo. The most common question I get is "When do you ever run out of ammo and where did you get that friggen vest?"

Pro's: Room for everything you will ever need even for large ops.

Con: Tuube for hydration is uncovered bright blue and gets pinched easy.

Awesome vest and worth three times as much.
by Anthony W. on 2010-03-12 08:05:45
"I think this is great. I am totaly buying one. I looked @ hydration packs and they are about $29.99. I could then spend a good $20 more on pouches. I was looking 4 an awsome vest. I FOUND IT!!!!!!!!!!! Thanx 4 the reviews. They boosted my confidence about getting this vest. CAN'T WAIT 2 GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Burton K. on 2009-04-14 16:25:41
"This vest is awesome. I love it, works great for anything but G36 mags, very simple fix, there's a divider inside the mag pouches; just cut it out and G36 mags fit perfect. fits all other mags except you might have trouble with m14 or G3. It's light, comes with the bladder, and has too many pockets.

4 mag pouches
2 dump pouches
1 utility pouch
1 pouch that can be mags or like i did cut the divider and put batteries in it
2 circular grenade pouches
1 hydration pouch

Great vest and heck it's 40 bucks. ya sure no molle but unless you're super intense (even if you are kinda like me its great you can always modify it). This also comes with the bladder which is usually like 20 bucks.
by Burton K. on 2009-03-03 15:54:00
"I love this vest I'm a small guy but this thing fits great. and its got so many freakin pockets, I have a Echo 1 P90 (high five to all who own one echo 1 and (tm) WOO) and an KWA M4A1 CQB.It holds all my P90 mags, and all my M4 mags and I still have another dump mag pouch. Its got 2 frag grenade pockets, like 6 or 7 M4 pouches 2 dump pouches, hydration pack with bladder. I love this thing its light, easily adjusted, and awesome. I highly recommend this, to anyone. Heck for $39.99 what more could you want, bladders are normally $29.99. BUY IT.
by Dan P. on 2009-02-25 10:50:54
"this is a very good vest, can hold alot of mags, and great for m16s, m4s, mp5s or anything with mags that size, i bought it for armor, but not much to give in that field, but it is great, saved my netherlands more than once in a fight, you can be Fxxxing rambo because this will hold a shotgun in the back, the only downside i have for this thing is the foam shoulder straps come out kind of easily but other than that, it's great, but if you are a wuss (like me) get a molle or something :)
by Skylar L. on 2009-01-01 18:21:37
"Wow I really have a lot to say about this vest. Ill go from cons to pros so we can get the negative things out of the way, though, there are barely any!!!! Anyways, so ill say there are 3 cons on this vest and they are all minor. Well number one is that the dump pouches are not closed by velcro. This means that u have to adjust it to open it fully, which takes a long time, however, u can just leave it open becuz the mags inside will not move if itz full!!! so dnt worry about it. Second of all, even though this vest (even though itz more of a rig to me) has 5 assualt rifle pouches in the front, they are not g36 magazine compatible unless u modify it on ur own by butting through some of it. Which is definitely not recommended. And lastly, is a very minor issue. The tube from the hydration bladder, really has no place to go unless u strp it down onto a nearby strap. Wich really isnt a con!!!!

Now on to the good part, the pro's. Well instead of writing an essay to u guys, ill just make a list.

G36 mag compatible!!! (very useful for myself as I do have a CA G36C)
Can hold ALOT of mags... And I mean ALOT!!!
Mini horizantal dump pouch under the left side of the vest!!!! (easy for "emerygencies")
Pen pouches
FREE Hydration Bladder!!!!!!! FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE wats better than that?!?!?!?!
super adjustable
can attach to ur tactical belt so it will stay put
very comfortable
one size fits all!!!!(i'm 6 2 and 225 so ya)

cons.... =\ :
slightly bulky when all ur stuffs in it (mags, grenades, etc.)
the mini dump pouch i mentioned earlier, well itz basically a hole because theres no other side to it. (still a pro though cuz its a stiff space)
All the ones listed above

Well, you guys might be wondering about all the pouches in the vest, so heres a schweet lil' tweet for u =D

1 mega dump pouch on each side (4 G36 mags, 6 M4/M16 mags, 12 MP5 mags, u get the point!!!)
1 m4/m16 mag pouch on each of the dump pouches (i recommend using one of these as a radio pouch)
1 utility pouch on the left side
1 grenade pouch on each side (flat fircular ones only though, no cylinders like flashbangs)
1 pistol mag pouch on each side at the top
1 pen pouch on each pistol mag pouch
2 M4/M16 mag pouches on the right hand side instead of a utility pouch
Hydration bladder pouch with bladder inside it when u get it out of the box (I also heard that u can take the bladder out and pur a sawnoff shotgun in there too as a backup!!!)

All in all? Well u should already have read my mind!!!! I wont need to explain beyond this so please BUY THIS NOW!!!!!!
by mike h. on 2008-12-22 10:02:49
"I was very happy with this vest. It hold 10 m4 mags which was a huge plus in my books. The dump pouches are a little hard to use but other than thats its good. It has 2 grenade pouches which also can be used for radios or small things like that. It does come with the camelpack which is another plus. Finally the vest isnt very bulgy. You still can move around perfectly fine
by nathan o. on 2008-12-18 20:11:45
"I've actually heard that this does hold about 4 or 5 p90 mags in the dump poucheS on the sides so if you have a p90 like me (tm) then get this cuz i am soon!

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