Reviews: Mil-Spec 50" Deluxe Tactical Sniper Drag Bag / Rifle Case System - Black


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Model: BAG-CVDB2912-BK
Location: L7-906

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by Hank L. on 2010-02-19 06:09:41
"OH MAN! Where to start with this thing! First off its damn amazing, and heavy. I got mine black, which looks very nice with my guns. I can fit both of my M14's and my Mac11 in this thing, with the extra pocket in one of the cells for my bipod. It has two perfect pockets for both my sniper scopes with the large M14 scope rails. The large diagonal square pocket is perfect for all my batteries large and small, and the bigger zipper pocket underneath it is damn perfect for all the magzines or anything else i want to put in it. This thing is so damn durable, its made out of really tough, amazing material, that hasn't even started to fray. Im still not 100% sure what the cover on the top is really for... The carrying straps and shoulder straps are great, but when i have all my guns and gear in the bag, it really calls for the hidden back pack straps in the back, which are superbly comfortable, strong, and really lifts the bag and all its weight off of your pressure points on your back.
Very well made
Nothing has broken
The backpack straps are Very effective
The spacer in the bag helps alot
The support buttons, and strong zipper are top notch
Plenty of room
Straps for the guns and gear
The bag also comes with all these little extra straps and slats for attaching anything else possible
The bag its self is actually light when its empty
It can get really heavy when filled
Steep price, but DAMN is this thing worth it

10/10 Thanks for the awesome product!
by spencer m. on 2010-01-09 09:59:18
"This bag is amazing!! will fit a(n) AGM L96 and a JG M4 and on the inside of the bag it has axtra little pouch where u can put 1-3 mags (depending on the mag size). Great bag. 5/5.
by Collin S. on 2008-12-26 19:05:54
"I would also have to agree. this is great for someone who likes to snipe but hates to constantly cary their gun on their sholder, and have to grab all of their other stuff and put it in their pockets or where ever ells you could put your stuff with a hasel. With this bag you can fit almost any thing in this bag. You can put two guns including a spot for a pistol. In myn I have my ca m24 sniper and my gas pistol. you can also add all the ammo you want becasuse there are many spots to put ammo in. So in conclusion I would have to rate this bag 9/10 only because it is a vary larg bag.
by Lars F. on 2008-11-08 17:00:09
"The drag bag is amazing. I was first thrown off by the steep price tag, but decided to give it a shot. It can easily hold my M24, M4, and gear. It is durable and safely protects the equipment. Great buy

Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 reviews)