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Tactical Folding CAMO Airsoft Key Ring Gel Pen. (Limit One per order)

65 Customer Reviews

by Vonda K. on 12/29/2014
"Good pen does what it says except that one time it touched something and that side of the building exploded because of its awesomeness, I'm just kidding works really well though
by Connor H. on 04/05/2012
"When I received this weapon in the mail, it didn't come in a box. According to the mail man, the box "imploded on itself because of the mighty energy stored inside the bowels" of said pen. I thought he was just joking until my buddy Chuck Norris asked me to borrow this pen and his hand disintegrated. This is truly the tactical folding super-arsenal of the future.
by Kevin T. on 12/15/2011
"this pen has incredible WPS (words per second)
amaziingly portable
super acurate
blends in with the classroom (not really
and itis good for writting!
by colton m. on 09/26/2011
"it is just a pen what is every on freaking it isint a bannoet, airsoft gun, sight, etc. just a pen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Vincent M. on 09/13/2011
"I really love this pen because the flamethrower and million dollars inside the pen if you brake it,this pen really pays off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-
by Caysan L. on 06/08/2011
"In south America, I was deep in the forest, when I see the enemy fortress. I quickly pull out my dual pens and shoot my way into the base. Halfway through, and I see a guy with dual evike pens! I think this guy sucks, until he shoots me 77 times in the chest. But I have quick revive, so I pull out my downy pen and clean my shirt. I then pull out my evike bayonet pen and stab him in the face. I win.

Fantastic rambo abilities
Epic number of the enemy Intel on the back
Holds an amazing 76,000 round magazine
Shoots 6 words per second
Amazing ball point outer barrel
Accuracy can stay in between lines on a sheet of paper.

Chuck Norris approved (pro for the ladies)
Camo, so I can't find it on the forest floor
Only one per order
Turns into a light saber that isn't red.

Other than that, it rocks
by Tyler R. on 03/20/2011
"Great tactical pen for any airsoft purpose. Great for those short notes, or for battles that wear out longer like book reports. Incredibly light for a weapon of this caliber. Comes preinstalled with a nice helping of tactical black ink that is easily seen on standard issue, white paper. Extremely comfortable, even better than a crane stock. Could use a weaker spring so you can use it in tight situations, like writing on a sticky note.

Yes this was cheezy. It's a freaking pen. It does what it should, be a pen.
by Shawn E. on 01/03/2011
"Thing is a freaking tank. clips on to backpack keyrings, keychains, gun slings (for when you're out of BB's). Just make sure you have commando pro with your guns as well due to the short extent of the barrel.
Here's the scenario:
Pinned down in a hostile CQB town when a battery dies and only one more Real-cap, 20rd mag remains left. Willing to accept the captivity, torture and defeat, the corner of the wooden wall calls for a sobbing victim. But suddenly, down at that Tac-pack (that mom spent $82.57 on), is a pen... but not just any ordinary pen... Life flashing, some may scream,"WAIT A FREAKING SECOND... I HAVE MY TACTICAL FOLDING EVIKE PEN WITH CONTACT INFO FOR EVIKE'S SALES REPRESENTATIVES AT 626-286-0630 or [email protected]" AEG ak's and m4's roaring left and right, Another Must-have military-issued brick phone was radioed in that a dead battery could cost one's game. Scared, alone, and fragile, a cry was heard in the distance.
"We are here for you buddy!" shouted the mysterious, familiar voice. "We won't let you down!". Into the Electric winding gun-shots; sprinting without hesitation, runs a truly brave soul... An Evike Sales Representative that was called, mear seven minutes ago. Some say the package he delivered was a new 9.6v, 2300mAh battery and a 1000rd, auto-winding High-cap that won the game. Others say it was a CQB master 1911 Highcapa with loaded, and filled 52rd extended mags that could have won the game. Few say it was replacement ink cartridges and the courage to remove the barrel from his weapon and play airsoft, Indian-style; perhaps blow-darting BB projectiles at his foes. No one can be too certain, except for the fact Evike is, perhaps the greatest Airsoft retailers with the largest inventory and fastest shipping in the world. As for the result of the game that was just stressed. That particular individual was given a low price for the item(s) they received and had no problem paying (It was well worth the money anotherwords). Looking back to the pen they baught shy of two quarters and a dime; Could it had saved him the game? Or was it the skepticism he was receiving the best service anyone get get for shopping at -Shawn Eacho- :FIN:

yeah.... true story^ back to the pen. It's a beast. clips to nearly anything clippable and folds better than a contortionist. Writes smooth and thick -I'm reviewing the pen, dammit- and is highly advised to add to your next purchase along with the two, one dollar spring pistols, stickers and barrel condoms.
by Lucas L. on 10/14/2010
"Very high accuracy and power. Beats most swords.

-A pen
-also, a pen
-high FPS
-A pen
-Can calculate the very last number of pi

by Kem H. on 10/12/2010
"AWESOME PEN! I made a good suppresser with it and a great bayonet with it and a good 200 round hi cap.
by Connor S. on 09/28/2010
"I had an mp5 with 400 fps. THIS on the other hand, powns everyone on the field. i just pull it out and write an essay. i recommend getting a metal barrel and tighter spring. the silencer idea is good, its kinda loud. It is very green gas efficient, and doesn't use too many bbs. A nylon sling would do nicely. I should also get a laser for better accuracy. it has a range of one atom and is very maneuverable. Im gonna get some extra mags and a scope or a red dot sight.
by Julian T. on 09/10/2010
"This pen is so tactical, it hid itself from me while I was doing my chemistry homework.

I love it! I have three of them so far.
by Blaise D. on 09/02/2010
"This pen is awesome the gel is nice and feels good in your hand the ink last a long time. i really like it, SO BUY IT:)
by memo g. on 06/12/2010
"very reliable in battle and also has gel so you know your not running out of ammo any time soon. lol get it!!!
by memo g. on 06/09/2010
"WOW.. all i can say is WOW .. this pen has amazing quality and great ink capacity. i nearly was shot for losing all utensils but then i remembered this AEG QUALITY PEN. IT SAVED MY LIFE JUST FOR A NICE AMOUNT OF 1 CENT:) I LOVE EVIKE.COM