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by David c. on 2013-04-13 18:35:08
"Was my first airsoft gun and has lasted me about 5 years. Great last resort and is reliable. Has survived being left in the mud and being thrown around with no damage. Never though this cheap gun could last so long.
by Thomas H. on 2012-12-23 23:13:47
"My friend bought a case of these years ago. They were a lot of fun to mess around with until we figured out to buy electric and gas guns. For a cheap pistol to shoot around with or to have as an "emergency" in case your back up fails, they are pretty reliable. Most of the guns are still shooting and have outlasted a few expensive electric rifles that we got. I wouldn't mind having one again.
by Mark N. on 2012-11-03 18:53:00
"ok, so iv had this gun for about a month now and the guns itself shoots much better than my zombie killer smg(i left a review on that). I love how the mags are metal. its shooting about 60-70 feet per shot and the extra mag comes in handy. sometimes i just drop my smg and use my deagle. however i would like to address a major problem. when i try to put the gun in the holster, the front part of the aiming gets caught in the front and starts ripping it. also the extra mag pouch on the side of the holster doesn't really hold the mag very well. due these problems i have to run with my hand holding the gun and mag in which is awkward because i am right-handed. that means i either have to reach across my body and hold the stuff down, or put my primary in my left hand which is bad because i am a cqb player and in cqb fields, people come out of nowhere. there is nothing wrong with the gun or mags. the problem is all in the holster. make sure to check out my smg zombie killer review.
by Lisa C. on 2011-11-20 13:41:20
"This gun should only be used as a last resort backup gun. It is built sturdy, however. You should only use .20 gram bbs with this because .12 gram bbs curve up pretty severely. The hammer on the back has no function for the gun and it breaks easily. Overall I feel that if you want a good spring backup this is tolerable mostly because of the huge magazine size. And it looks cool.
by chris d. on 2010-10-27 02:31:06
"Omg this is a very realistic desert eagle compared to the real one and the hammer moves when you pull the trigger without cocking all im saying is that its avery nicely done airsoft spring gun
by Douglas W. on 2010-10-09 19:47:07
"This is a fantastic gun it looks real good for indoor and outdoor the mag is heavy and the gun the gun is pretty realistic too.


good gun


and it was the gun that made me a public menis :)


hard to get mag out

hard to put in holster

I truly recomend this gun its amazing
by Max R. on 2010-05-11 16:11:46
"For the price, definitely the best spring pistol you can get.

1:1 Scale
Decent weight, at least for plastic spring pistols
2 Mags (I've been able to fit around 28 bbs, and are also decent weight)
Working Safety

Not a real deagle :)

While there are plenty of better side arms available (if you go for gas and more $$$) this package delivers all that I needed it to. If my primary ever goes out of commission I will know that I at least have a backup that will still be able to get some kills.
by Rj D. on 2009-03-22 17:29:09
"omg i definetly recamend this gun for any bigginers or average rate airsofters using .20 bbs I was basicly sniping my buddies at a woods game I shot some guys from at least 65-70 feet definate buy if you are using any standard .20g or.26g bbs
by Charles C. on 2008-09-03 04:50:46
"Bought it for the holster. It is hard to find a holster that can fit my marui desert eagle. (And this one has desert eagle logo on it too!).

The pistol is really nice, 1:1 scale, very nicely finished and shoots pretty good for a spring gun. (Most $30 spring gun only goes about 20 feet, this one actually shoots 50~70 feet)

Displaying 1 to 9 (of 9 reviews)