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ICS Aluminum Piston for Extreme Upgrade.

6 Customer Reviews

by Chris D. on 03/08/2015
"This is a very heavy piston and I would not recommend it unless you have the money for a retro arms gearbox shell, I sorbo padded and radiused my shell and the shear mass of the piston still cracked the cheap "reinforced shells" I had bought before my retro arms shell now I don't have any problems.
by William S. on 10/26/2013
"Good piston. put it in my AUG running 11.1 lipo. bored up with a 650 tightbore. Yes for anyone who is curious a gaurder bore up kit creates enough extra air pressure to consistently shove bbs down a 6.03 650mm barrel (PSG 1 size) so for anyone who tells you otherwise, slap 'em. at least thats how it worked out in my aug. 11.1 lipo may have an effect of course. Point is my gun is demanding alot from its piston and this piston has held up for a long time.
by Piotr S. on 02/12/2011
"really nice piston... it works like magic :D
I also brought "Systema Area 1000 Steel Reinforced Piston Head", worked like magic
also use m150 spring. its really nice that is in one pie having all gears (except of the last one) on the piston, i think that will make it last a lot longer.

hope to see systems make 100% steal piston :)

by George F. on 03/06/2010
"I have purchased two of these to install in my guns and both of them are bulletproof. I have 6 ICS M4’s and all are running Madbull 130 springs with silent piston and cylinder heads. I have had the pistons for about 6 months and have run about 20,000 rounds through them with only one issue. The issue is that these pistons are very heavy compared to a poly piston (In my opinion). Both of my ICS upper gear boxes cracked in the front due to the 130 spring pushing the heavy piston into it. Even running silent piston and cylinder heads did not stop the cracking. You would think that there would be some sort of shock absorption using this set-up, but apparently not enough. These pistons will be great for stock springs but I don’t recommend them for anything above unless you “Swiss cheese” them to reduce the weight. That is what I have done to remedy the issue but I haven’t had them in there that long to tell just yet. Being aluminum, they handled the drilling very nicely. Just be sure to de-burr ALL of your holes afterward. If my new gearboxes last 20,000 rounds I will purchase six of these and drill them all. Had to give them 5 stars as the pistons themselves are virtually indestructible.
by John S. on 11/10/2008
"good piston stronger than you might think can handle steel gears and a systema turbo motor with a 9.6
by Brett T. on 03/30/2015
"It's pretty tough, but unfortunately I'm seeing some not-so-great wear and tear on the first tooth on this piston. I'd recommend a piston with Steel teeth instead of aluminum.