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AIM 2500rd Electric Winding C-MAG Drum Mag for G36 Series Airsoft AEG

10 Customer Reviews

by jim s. on 05/21/2010
"This an amazing and useful piece of equipment. For me it fires 10-14 shot bursts with quarter second break time(for mag to rewind) while continually holding down the pressure switch. With out my 9.6 battery causing crazy,unnecessary rof it would shoot in longer bursts with less break time.

As for looks its awesome, i chose the dual c type for this reason only

ups fire power
looks great
a little bulky i strongly recommend the use of a vertical grip or a bipod because it is difficult to aim without
wiring seems a little fragile but it will not break as long as you are gentle when replacing the 4 double a batterys

so in summary a well built mag that will let you put down some heavy fire and feeds very well
perfect for trigger happy people like me
its well worth the money and i would buy again
by John Q. on 12/05/2014
"I bought this for my g36k it's a great mag other then mine kept binding up so I put some silicon spray on it and now it's works good , other wise great mag.
by Felipe F. on 04/01/2012
"This magazine is very good! I liked it. There are a few problems with it though. The place where I plug in the wire though comes off really easily but i managed to fix that by making the hole bigger, and then putting in the whole thing in and then only the wire sticks out. It does take a while to reload and that can be a pain but still good. You probably won't understand this until you get it but the batteries fall out really easily, a bit of tape will solve that though. Also the plastic feels really cheap, not the ABS plastic I expected. OVERALL this magazine can and most likely WILL BE problematic but IF YOU DO FIX IT like I did it is very effective and helps a lot. It is also very good because you will not be having to stop and winding the bb's during the game. I would recommend this magazine to friends, but I would help them fix the problems before they had it.

BTW I had to start using a sling with this because it will make your gun heavier! After all it does make your gun look like an LMG! (Light machine gun)

P.S. IF you do buy this magazine for the JG G36C like I did it is a little smaller then the regular magazine. So to take it out after its in your gun you have to press the mag release then lean it forward to take it out!!! (VERY IMPORTANT!)
by AUSTIN S. on 01/21/2012
"I got this mag in the middle of the summer last year and overall i am very impressed by it. The plastic is of good quality and it works very well. There are a few small things with the mag that are problematic but can be easily fixed. 1 The batteries in one of my matches fell out of the component so i didnt have power. this can be fixed though with some electrical tape over them to keep them from falling out. 2. It can e very hard to reload. i suggest getting a funnel to help yourself get the bbs into it. 3. The mag may not fit the greatest into your gun like it did mine but i easily fixed this by putting some electrical tape on the front of it to keep it from being loose. over all this is great mag for the price and would recomend it to any player looking for a little more fire support on the field.
Good Plastic material
Feeds well
Looks Awesome!

(all small ones that shouldnt stop you from getting this)
Can be difficult to reload
batteries had a tendency to fall out
the gears in side are plastic but if you use this correctly this souldnt cause problems for you
by Kimberley F. on 04/16/2010
"Definitely gets the job done for a 60 dollar c-mag, is compatible with all TM compatible g36 rifles, including the JG mk36 just so people stop asking if it will fit. 99% chance it will. works well, it is powered by 4 AAA batteries inside one part of the mag, easy to access and provide enough power to keep up with my 8.4 volt battery. When i used my new 9.6 on full charge, it was an unstoppable rate of fire and this mag makes it have an unstobble amount of ammo. really great buy. Sometimes it will skip a few shots when using a 9.6, just give it like two seconds to catch up and you'll be laying down some serious fire power for a longgggg time, 3000 rounds goes a long way as a SAW.
Quick warning, some screws were really loose on it, probaly from shipping it across the US, just make sure you check to see if you have loose screws

Cheap (CA's mag is 150)
AAA Batteries included (i hate rechargeable batts for drum mags, impossible to find a replacement, AAA's are easy)
Works well
Plastic seems durable enough
An assset to any squad or team lacking a good support AEG requiring constant fire
just looks so intimidating people run away, fast, only to get hit in the back :)

Long time to refill
Not always able to keep up w/ rof when my jg mk36 has a 9.6 in it, not that bad though
you use wayyyyyy more BB's then when your using your g36 and just an assault rifle
Arguements erupt over who wants to be on your team (be careful of this)
by Thomas A. on 12/14/2008
"you cant fold stock if you are using this on a rifle with side folding stock I recommend the the 1 drum mag
by James W. on 11/26/2008
"This is a great drum mag and fits the TSD G36's.

The back plate on the BB side could have been mounted better I think. I had to two-part apoxy mine to prevent it from splitting open. But that little bit of TLC has gone along way.
by Mark H. on 02/15/2012
"Hello, I bought this drum mag for my JG Gen4 g36c, running a 9.6v battery. Here's my review:

Construction: When I received this drug mag from Evike, I was very impressed with the look and feel of it (also makes your gun look SICK). none of the screws were loose, plastic was very solid, etc. Definitely adds to the intimidation factor. In that respect, it gets a 5/5.

Feeding: It keeps up with the 9.6v very well, though it only feeds 40-50 rounds before winding again (it's not really much of a problem with the pressure which, though). 3000 rounds is a lot, and it does take a VERY long time to load, but this thing allows you to provide covering fire for a very, very long time.

Problems I've had with it: the battery pack. More often than not, one of the AAA batteries comes loose in transport or if the mag gets shaken around in combat. It's kind of tiring because you have to take the back plate off and put the battery back in. A piece of tape will fix this, but it's just annoying because you have 3000 bbs inside a drum mag that has been rendered useless. The pressure switch also comes unplugged easily, but again a piece of black duct tape fixes that easily too.
The biggest problem i've had with it is that it jams. I've used it in 2 wars now, and it has jammed in the middle of a game. To fix that, I had to partially empty the drum, and shake it around a considerable amount to get it working again.

Conclusion: You get what you pay for. The drum works pretty well, but not great. for $55, it's really not all that bad. If you're looking for your gun to shoot reliably all the time, I'd stick with hicaps. The only reason gave it a 3/5 is for the jamming issues. If you're looking for a cheap drum mag for a decently low price, this isn't bad, if you're looking for a lot of ammo that feeds reliably, I'd just get 3 or 4 hicaps.
by Aaron S. on 09/07/2009
"I have a G36C from KWA. would this be compatible? if not does anyone have prefrences?

Webmaster: Yes it is compatible.
by David G. on 09/23/2014
"So I bought the mag and it was great for the first hour. Then the cable that the whole thing relies on broke at the injection port. And I cant find another cable anywhere. Seriously Evike make it possible to buy these cables. Part of it was user error but at the same time it broke off! Only get this if you have spare pressure sensitive feeding cables.