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Mad Bull Powder Puff Airsoft Grenade Mine.

9 Customer Reviews

by Michael N. on 06/04/2017
"i meen its was prety good but not eonughh powderr so theey don get reely coveredd good
by jon c. on 01/17/2009
"this is a amazing product best of all the other traps ive seen its simple makes a good noise and the pwder goes up pretty high definately geting more of these
by brian H. on 12/03/2008
"glen you dumpass ..... the powder comes out of the little holes around the sides so it shoots up gets all over
by brandon r. on 07/22/2008
"this mine is freakin sweet!!!!! i put under some leaves and when my brother stepped on it he fell flat on his ass!!!!1 i recomend this!!!
by Jeffrey S. on 08/06/2017
"It's challenging but very fun to use.
I lost mine but would buy another.
4 stars because most people don't even notice it go off when in an airsoft game.
by jase g. on 04/15/2009
"these are reliable and reusable. but they are the kind of landmine that requires quanity to be effective. since most mines use tripwires it covers alot less area. but if you can get them in mass they will be very effective.

theres no spring valve, only the tension of the gas, so nothing wears out if its left gassed.
however, ive tried every which way to get the "powder effect" and let me tell you, forget it. the powder blows out the sides. little if any goes out the top.

only use co2 with this device. propane and redgas simply are not loud enough to make it audable when stepped on.
by aidan t. on 12/02/2008
"dawm this is so sick i was just out on the feild in my rich jewish friends back yard which is 2.5 miles long and he bought like five and there coming tomrow they look good
by John H. on 08/30/2008
"The Mad Bull Powder Shot Landmine is capable of firing powder (flour or corn starch work best), 8mm Airsoft BBs, and paintballs. For best results, use CO2, but do ~not~ exceed 500psi or you will have to repair your Mad Bull unit, and it is recommended you use an adapter with built in regulator. The mine also works well with green gas/propane. These mines are alot of fun, just dont forget to keep them lubed!
by Glenn R. on 10/19/2008
"lol, when you step on it you cover the whole thing, so the enemy will only get a messy foot