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Avengers Special Operation Tactical Knee Pad Set (Color: Tan)

31 Customer Reviews

by Jakub G. on 08/03/2017
"I have these but in tan, and now i wanted black ones. Based off the tan ones, you get what you pay for, sometimes they will loosen after after some running and will fall down but its hard for any knee cap to stay on like that!
by Michael M. on 04/25/2016
"These knee pads are AMAZING! They're comfortable, Budget friendly, and look good with basically any loadout.

Good material
Good padding
easy to wash

Might rip if you use them in rough terrain

Over all very good and would recommend to all skill levels
by Scott G. on 09/29/2014
"i just wanted to said i got this about almost a year ago they still holding up strong few scarching but still keep my knee from getting shot at i play cqb so i do alot knee drops

they cheap
they fit
they dont side ever
nice straps to hold them up

ehh only con i have to said is maybe the padding could be thicker but some people might think so that just me i guess

but i give this pads 5 stars
by Tom B. on 05/22/2012
"I absolutely love these! They are very big and secure nice and tight to your legs and offer AMAZING knee or shin protection.

- Big
- Secure
- Strong
- Beautiful

- Can not think of any!

Get them if you need some woodland/jungle pattern knee pads!
by tim h. on 12/03/2011
"these things r great. iv had it for about 1 yr and if i didnt have them i wld need knee replacements get them!!!!
by Angela B. on 12/29/2010
"Best knee pads EVER i wear them around the house for no reason! They are soft warm and comfy. They work great when you bend on your knees also. I have no complaints and they fit my legs fine.
by Robert A. on 04/18/2010
"These are a good set of knee pads for what your buying you have to keep in mind you are only spending 20 dollers here and what you get for that is a pretty fair product. They arent the most comfortable pair but they keep your knees from getting mangled which is why you buy knee pads in first place. the plastic strap rings are the only real problem ive had with them but it was a quick fix i bought a few 3/16'' quick links good as new i dont see me ever snaping on of these off after taking a kneel. all and all its perfect for the price.
by Brendan V. on 03/05/2009
"It sucks when you come home from a 6-8 hour airsoft game day and your knee's hurt so much that you can not go out and have a drink after the game! Buy these knee pads if your uniform is ACU. Knee pads are never really all that comfortable but it is NEVER comfortable kneeling on rocks, dirt and debris on the groung either! These make the end of your days so much more better because the pads take the abuse, not your KNEES! i find them quite durable compared to the other ones my friends have bought and detroyed in the first day or two of playing Recomened Buy It, Shoot It, Love It!
by taylor r. on 03/05/2009
"BEST KNEE PADS EVERY BOUGHT haven tried airsoft yet but for speed ball i never played tht well with any other knee pads or without any at all it was so easy to stay on knees normally tht kills (i have bad knees and these were still extremly comforable) these are so easy to slide on the field wit also and ppl say they hurtback of knees they do u just gott A. move em up or around til they fit better OR B. put something behind em like a rag or somethink
by Kaizer A. on 01/28/2009
"these are great, i use it all the time. feels great
you have to buy them
its better if you use inside of your gear
by Skylar L. on 01/01/2009
"definite good buy. These knee pads have a very soft cushion inside it so really, the fiber glass pad on the front, you will not feel it at all!!!! Also, wat about the price?! INCREDIBLE!!! buy these and you wont regret it!!!!works super, great price, what else could u ask for?
by Dave L. on 08/16/2008
"Very good knee pad! A must have! A LOT better looking than skating board knee pads. If you want the military look you gotta get these. The knee pad are very durable, in fact, they are being used by military personnels now since Condor is now taking military contract. The knee pad is a redesign of the Blackhawk knee pad.
by James W. on 08/14/2008
"Best knee-pads I have used to date!

I argee with only using a single strap to prevent binding and pinching. But I'm also a big guy, and most knee pads seem to be built with skinny folk in mind. Prolly pinch less if you can wear these comfortably with both straps.
by Joseph C. on 07/05/2008
"3 words- THESE ARE GREAT. I got these a few days ago and just tried them out at an OP today. Now, being from New England the Woods i played in was a little rocky. these held up great, never slipped and did thier job. BUY THESE IF YOUR LOOKING FOR KNEEPADS they are simply the best i can find to date.
by Dennis W. on 06/25/2008
"These are the best knee pads to get. The other ones you can find in skateboard shops are very hard to put on, uncomfortable and does not look tactical at all. These match your BDU well and are very comfortable.

A tip is to use only one of the two strap, it actually is even more comfortable when you are wearing no pants or a very thin pants.