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Matrix Tactical Systems MICH 2000 Style Replica Kevlar Helmet (Black)

14 Customer Reviews

by Trae H. on 07/13/2015
Very good material
Very Strong
Realistic feel

Padding(Too thin)

I had to actually replace the padding in it with a MICH 2001's Pads...If you don't the helmet tends to be very loose on your head. Thing is I have a good sized head so if you have a small head...I'd buy new pads.

That's about it other than that 10/10
by marcus b. on 12/28/2011
"Fits great. But I had to pit a bowling ball inside it to break in the pads though
by Geoff W. on 07/09/2011
"Excellent helmet, fits well, and does what a helmet should: protect my head from damage. That said, it does have a few downsides. First off, it does seem to scratch easily, but that is just cosmetic, not really an issue. However, a more serious issue I've encountered is, while running into the wind, the helmet seems to channel the wind around my ears, which is just about deafening, it is kind of like sticking your head out of a car window, going down the freeway at 30 miles per hour, which is bad. But if there isn't much wind, it is not that bad. Overall, excellent protection, it looks good, its comfortable, I'd say it is a great helmet.
by donald e. on 07/07/2011
"This helmet is simply amazing extremely comfortable, doesn't feel cheap in anyway, my multicam helmet cover fits perfectly over it, along with my NVG mount, cat eyed band, and revision tactical goggles. if your looking for a MICH replica for a realistic milsim loadout you've just found it!! *add to cart*
by darby g. on 01/05/2010
"This is a very very VERY well made replica. it has a good amount of weight (about 2 pounds) and it completes my uniform nicely. Don't buy a cheaper one that doesn't use pads to keep the helmet in place on your head, or you will be disappointed. this one stays nicely on your head and doesn't move around. If you buy this you will love it.
by carol p. on 09/04/2009
"how do you attach the acu helmet cover on the helmet?it has these little chrome hooks and i dont know where they are suppost to attach. someone know where they go?
by Chawntou Y. on 03/10/2009
"This is really a good helmet, very sturdy and adjustable (four points of adjustment). It has padding for the top and side of your head for comfort. It has Velcro for the attachment of the padding. It also has padding for the back of your neck (which when I purchased it, I didn't know) and the neck-padding is adjustable up and down.

Just as they stated, fits medium to large heads. I wouldn't recommend it if your head is small, even with the padding but it'll fit most adults. My helmet covers fit it perfectly, especially those with Velcro.

All in all, it's a very good helmet, I highly recommend it.
by Daniel H. on 01/14/2009
"Rock solid and well made. Lighter than the real-steel MICHs made by MSA and other companies, but definitely heavy-duty enough to withstand glass bottles and such (not that you'd need it for that.....). Fully compatible with bunny ears (aka goggle slings).
by Jacob C. on 01/14/2009
"this is a great helmet and it fits my head perfect. the only problem was that it took some time to adjust.
by Brandi L. on 01/14/2009
"Helmet fit well, and a pretty good replica. I actually have an issued MICH cover on mine, as well as my helmet band, and ESS goggles, and its a dead ringer for my issue helmet, except for the weight.
by Brandon C. on 09/26/2008
"Wonderful!!! Very comfortable. Very reliable and good finish
by allen q. on 09/09/2008
"i like this helmet alot. Its very sturdy and you know its not cheap when you feel it. Will protect you from those bullets that hit your head. GET THIS!
by Brian G. on 02/18/2012
"This is one of the best helmet on the market

-Very nice finish
-Very confortable pads
-Its heavy that add realism
-Looks like the real MICH with NVG mound, ESS Goggles, Velcros, And MS2000

-The chinstrap
-It wobbles a bit on me (Im 7 1/2) hat size
-Gets hot after 1 hour (I think is normal on all helmets)

4/5 - The chinstrap are the only CON, This is a very good helmet for the price I recommend it
by christopher f. on 07/28/2011
"This is definitely a top of the line replica helmet, I doubt there are any out there that are better in quality then this model here.

-Nice look and feel
-Very Comfortable, the pads on the inside are REALLY soft and feel great
-Easy to adjust
-Doesn't flail around or bob up and down when running

-A little on the heavy side but it just makes it feel more real so not really a con but ehh.
-The straps seem sortof weak like they may rip after extensive use
-Scratches show up very easily, even the small ones.

Overall I'd give this Helmet a 4/5 cause of the look and feel and the protection it gives you.