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Model: Helm-M88-B

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by Michael M. on 2016-04-25 15:18:17
"The helmet is light and shiny. id recommend buying a helmet cover if you run one. id recommend this helmet to snipers who want one but i advise you to buy a cover and take good care of it because the material is rather cheap
by Nicolas C. on 2015-11-09 05:53:08
"All the screws holding the straps inside the helmet fell out after 1 day of use
by Steve T. on 2015-02-16 10:01:39
"I'll give it a not terrible. It is very cheap quality and light, but it works if you're going with a certain look. I'd like to point out the chin strap is actually black. The helmet is somewhat adjustable, there is a series of straps and strings in the helmet you can play with to make it sort of fit. If you have long hair, it will not grip your head well. But to be fair it was designed for people with GI haircuts. Real surplus PASGT helmet covers will fit this helmet just fine. I have yet to operate with it but as long as you take care of your gear, it should last. So be gentle when making adjustments. In conclusion, it works if your going with a certain look, plus its really cheap, but that's about it. Poor quality materials and construction.
by William V. on 2014-12-27 16:34:35
"I had the helmet and it fell apart in two weeks
by Thomas F. on 2014-07-27 22:06:12
"This helmet was simply a waste of money. I completely regret buying it and hope no one else wastes their money on it. When it was hit by a 300 - 350 fps airsoft gun it made large dents in it and the other side got shattered and some hits even went straight through the helmet. Not only that but the chin strap is very uncomfortable and the strap frayed and buckles fell off without me even using it. Please do not buy this it is simply not worth it.
by Thomas B. on 2013-07-22 16:57:36
"This is a horrible helmet, and I regret ever purchasing it. The chin strap is made of very cheap and unreliable cloth, the buckle is made of the weakest plastic I've ever seen, and broke within my second or third use of it. The helmet itself is very cheap plastic and looks and feels very poor.

I guess this doesn't come to a surprise considering its only $18, but just keep it in mind.
by Doug M. on 2012-05-16 17:51:45
"Very good helmet for the price. It is made a a thin light plastic that doesn't feal very real but the shape looks dead acurate to a PASGT. A textured gritty paint would have been nice but once you put a helmet cover on it you dont notice anyway. Head and chin strap are easy to adjust, however the head strap cannot be adjusted with the helmet on so it takes a little playing around with to get perfect. Overall a great deal and probably the best helmet you will find for that price, definatly reccomended!
by Lucas G. on 2012-05-09 18:36:10
"Very good! I have had this helmet for 6 months now and it hasn't failed me once. I use it with my navy seal military issue camo, and it looks great. It has saved my head from many shots and falls. For best performance get an iron face and ski goggles.

swat style
1 size fits most
hair does not get tangled
plastic (not really that big of a con, but i like realism, but very durable)
kind of hard to find camo covers.
over all great!!! 5 out of 5 stars.
by Lisa B. on 2012-04-25 10:32:03
"I love this helmet! It's cheap but reliable. At my field we have a rule, get shot in the helmet first shot doesn't count. The two PASGT helmet covers I also bought do not fit! They seem to be too large and have painful metal hooks that come undone and will cut your head! Read full review of helmet cover on the evike PASGT Helmet Cover ACU item. It is possible that my helmet is a defect and is too small, for one size fits all it seems like its made for small heads (I'm not complaining though, fits me)

Protects your head
Takes away the pain
Good feel to it
Made of good reliable plastic
Fit's my very large DYE airsoft googles
Good adjustable chin strap that doesn't cut ito my chin
Just looks cool
Isn't shiny like most replica's so you dont dtick out to much( buy a helmet cover though unless your playing urban)

None really, a bit light (pro also!)

Overall 5/5 but buy velcro helmet covers from somewhere else! They do not fit my Helmet and the hooks will cut your head. If you need a good helmet right know but this one.
by ian w. on 2011-10-06 22:15:46
"You can't do much better for only $25. This helmet has saved me ALOT of pain and bloodshed. I was playing CQB with no engagement restrictions, and I got messed up by a KWA M16 from a foot and a half away. This helmet stopped about 10 rounds from frilling me in the skull. If I wasn't wearing the helmet, I would have been bleeding badly. AND not only is it good for blocking BB's, but It also saved my head from the sheet of plywood that fell on me after getting shot up.
This is an absolute must have for anyone doing CQB or just wanting to look Pro.
by josephena m. on 2011-01-19 16:56:20
"very good and comfortable helmet. the adjustments are very easy to make and this helmet looks good with a cover and a cat eye band.100% recommend this to anyone looking for a helmet.
by Victor B. on 2010-09-02 21:50:19
"Great helmet, good price, resistant, it gives you a better look, good complement for your gear!!

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