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KJW Full Metal M700 High Power Airsoft Gas Sniper Rifle - Take Down Model

6 Customer Reviews

by Danny N. on 12/25/2008
"this is a great gun. to adjust the velocity you have to go on youtube and seach.
by Ryan K. on 07/21/2008
"400-470 fps YEAH RIGHT!!! i had it chronoed and it clocked in at least over 550 fps and a even over 600 fps out of the box. Accuracy was a little shabby but with a $40 upgrade for a tightbore barrel its the best sniper i've ever used.
by WILL K. on 07/17/2008
"This is a great weapon. It's accurate (if you know how to zero a scope and can climb a tree or roof you will become a long distance reaper), durable (I've smashed the barrel into a few walls and have only recieved dents for punishment), feels right (the materials put into this weapon and the nice bolt help one get into the"sniping mood"), powerful (it's fps is insanely high and I've made a friend bleed at over sixty feet), will last you for ever, if you treat it well enough, and requires little coking effort as compared to spring bolt-action rifle. You can also adjust the velocity by adding or releasing tension on a spring inside the bolt. However, though gas can achieve high fps and gas guns last forever, it does have it's deficiencies: pressure changes with tempereture and though you may have it perfectly zeroed, your zero could be on a half-mag-of-gas or a full mag, in the end adding to inconsistancy. I don't exactly have a large budget and I'm told this gun is cheap for a gas sniper rifle, and to me, the gun + scope + gas + BBs adds up; however, if your serious about sniping, this is an excellent rifle for the job.
by Josh M. on 07/11/2008
"I've been doing airsoft for four years and I have to say I love this gun. The feel and the realism are awesome. I shot a couple rounds in the backyard and I could easily hit targets at 100ft w/ a .20g BB. The .28gs kind of dropped off. In the manual there is nothing about the velocity adjustment or the hop up. And the bolt does wobble, but not enough to ruin performance. Only problem was the mag. The second one I ordered did not let enough gas out to make the bb shoot. Everything is great about this rifle. Besides the little mag problem I had I'm extremely happy with it. Buy it!!
by Nicholas B. on 09/24/2009
"Out of the box I was very dissappointed with this gun. the front part was cracked and had way too much side to side wobble. the groupings were terrable. after tearing the gun appart remounting the front assembly so there was no more wobble adding a MadBull sniper barrel (was too long but I drilled out the end of the gun to fit the barrel (from the inside you outside was untouched) I had to adjust the trigger a bit. after doing this the gun was solid but the accuracy was still lacking a bit. the easiest and best upgrade I did to this gun was throw out the hop-up bucking. it sucks poor design put a standard AEG hop-up bucking on it, it will be dramatically better. after doing a bunch of work to this gun it shoots hard and VERY consistant. I wouldn't suggest buying it if you have little to no experience working with airsoft guns and knowing how they work. get a VSR10 you'll be much happier out of the box.

If you know Airsoft and want a really sweet gun but understand it needs work out of the box, get this it's a lot of fun.
by John D. on 07/11/2008
"ZOMG!!! this thing has some weight to it. i havent taken it out to the field to try my hand at "critter control" yet, but i will leave another review when i do. as far as i can tell, the only issue i see is the bolt itself....its kinda wobbly.....but it takes nothing to pull back....once you lift the bolt lever, there is absolutely no resistence on the bolt making it very quiet to cock. also it is quieter than i thought when fireing.