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WE Metal Hi-CAPA 5.1 Hyper Speed Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistol w/ Threaded Barrel

14 Customer Reviews

by Brian C. on 06/08/2017
"super sexy. i got it at a gun show for $40 with an extra mag so i am lucky.
its a great gun. i shot it on a field on a 85 degree day everyone turned their heads it is so f-ing loud. this is 2nd favorite pistol because if you try to be sneaky/fast it rattles but i don't know because it might be because it was used.
by Matt B. on 07/21/2011
"Great Pistol!!! ive had it for over a year now and it has had 0 problems i love the modern 1911 look and the weight and blowback are fanominal

Pros Weight Blowback Excellent Quality modern 1911 look

Cons Metal slide sometimes doesnt lock when out of ammo due to weight the handle grip safety dosent work
by Bryan K. on 03/10/2011
"Awesome gun. I have had this for about a month now. This is my first GBB gun and I love it. I use both green gas and CO2 mags and it has been running perfectly for both type of mags.

Looks awesome
Hefty weight
Nice recoil
Tip is removable (just unscrew it)

Barrel is a little wobbly but not that big of a deal
My safety is a little loose but I got it fixed

If you are thinking about buying this gun...stop thinking and buy it.
Word of caution. When removing the safety be very careful about the left sided one. It holds a spring and 2 little parts (called nine ball) that keep your slide stop locked in as well as keeping the safety in the "safe" position. It pops out when you remove the left thumb safety so be careful. I learned that the hard way
by Luke L. on 10/04/2009
"had this gun for about 6 months and i can say its AWESOME!!! i can easily hit a stop sign from 150ft.
also after a while i bored of it being semi auto so i modded it to full auto!!!!
by Elric L. on 02/06/2009
"This thing is sweet.. First gas blow back and don't think I will own another one ever again.
by Nathan a. on 09/20/2008
"this is the secound we-tech gun i own. i recommend any we-tech items. i run all my we-tech pistols on co2. i find that the green/red gas magazines for every gun leak after time.
by steven f. on 09/19/2008
"whats good i just bought this gun and it is the best gun i have ever shot its strong and powerfull. not much more u can ask of it and i use it with propane...
by Thomas A. on 08/09/2008
"I have had this gun for a while now and all I have to say is "wow." The gun is built very solid, very hard to do much damage to. It is also rather accurate, I am getting 3" groups at 25'. The hopup and sights on this gun are fully adjustable on this gun, but I found mine to be almost perfectly alligned out of the box. If you're looking for a more unique approach to a Hi-Cappa 5.1, this is the gun to get. The ported slide looks slick, it doesn't have a large ammount of slots, unlike the newer version, but I think this one looks better.
by matthew m. on 08/08/2008
"this guns is amasing easy to mantan shoots far and hard and is nerly indestructable cons the majoraty of the wate is in the mags and there a forchen just for one $24.95 on here but still gun is amasing
by Dave L. on 07/17/2008
"WE series guns can take propane because it is full metal. I don't have this model but I have the dragon which is pretty much the same.

You can buy propane tanks for around $5 a can at Wal-Mart. If you are not sure, check out the yellow propane adapter, it has a image of the tank you can buy at Wal-mart in the descritpion. Or you can use green gas for this gun.
by Thomas A. on 05/13/2008
"I have the older version of this gun, it has less holes in the slide.

This gun is very well made. The frame and slide are all metal and is very durable. The grips are a bit "sharp" out of the box and feels similar to gripping coarse sand paper when using this gun without gloves while new.

This gun shoots at 320fps with green gas mags and 340 with CO2 mags. It holds 30 rounds, but to keep spring life, I reccomend only using 25 rounds. You can load in BB's two ways in this gun, you can use the long way and load them in one by one throught the top, or you can load them in with a loader bottle or speed loader near the lower part of the mag where the spring guide slot tapers out.

This gun is built like a tank and is rather difficult to completely dissasemble. I would reccomend this gun as a sidearm to anyone. It is accurate, reliable and fun to shoot.
by Peter S. on 07/10/2008
"i just got this gun yesterday and it looks pretty good. i have not fired it yet because i cant find my propane tank bt so far the only con i could find is that the barrel has a slight wobble to it. i dont know if that somehow factors into the blowback or not but thats so far the only con i could find
by Ruth L. on 10/04/2013
"I got this gun around a month to two months ago. The gun was awesome until pieces fell of and right now it isn't even working and I don't know how to fix it. The right thumb safety fell off in a week and I couldn't find after that, without all the bad things that happened to it ( my fault) is an awesome gun shoots at 360 370 has a awesome recoil and a nice feel to it.
by Russel a. on 12/16/2014
"Accurate up to 60feet. Chrono with .25BB 260fps on green gas, 300fps on CO2, However on Co2, the nozzle cant handle the power and made the nozzle to get stuck. Need nozzle upgrading, but mine still under warranty and i got a replacement and never used the CO2 mag. what a waste on getting 2 CO2 mags. I tried the propane with adapter with silicon oil, but doesnt hold the gas long enough to fully empty the mags until it leaks. recommend getting a better pistol if youll be using CO2.