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WE Hi-Capa 5.1 Expert Type Full Metal Airsoft Gas Blowback

9 Customer Reviews

by BRADLEY p. on 05/09/2016
"Bought from an Evike independent retailer over the weekend and this gun is a BEAST! Operation of the gun is perfect, strong slide kick, slide locks in place when empty. This is an especially good gun for lefties as the slide lock, and mag release are both within easy reach of the lefty trigger finger, and the safety is universal. the hop-up is sensitive but not overly so, and fairly easy to dial in.

Pros: all of the above

Cons: none!
by Zachary R. on 03/04/2014
"Purchased this pistol a few months ago, and my buddy bought one at the same time. We both love it, it kicks really hard, has a tight bore barrel stock (verified in tearing it down) and is a beast. Could be a little more accurate sometimes, but its a pistol. Have had alot of people comment on how great it looks. Really solid built and heavy, great gun for the price!!!
by christian s. on 11/30/2009
"This gun is really heavy for a pistol and its beautiful. Feels like a real gun and shoots like a real gun. Looks way better in person than pictures. You can change the valve in the mag to reach the capacity of the gun (FPS wise). My personal opinion is its way better than KJW pistols.
by ryan c. on 09/05/2009
"I bought this weapon for my Best friend birthday present. Heavy weight, durable, and Is a beautiful pistol. Has a futuristic look to it. All around good Fps/Mps.
by Dan O. on 10/23/2008
"oh yah one more thing the picture they show isnt that good. it looks a lot better in real life.
by Dan O. on 10/23/2008
"Ok i just got this yeasterday and from what i can tell its a great gun. Only downsides so far are that i ordered it in the two tone version and they gave me the black one. kind of annoying. in facted im still a little pissed of and may return it for the two tone. anyway i opened it up and the insides are little shaky but they are nice. Over all a good gun and compared to my TM i would say the tm is somewhat better internals but fr the price the we is more worth it and you can upgrade the internals and have a metal body unlike the TM's plastic ones. Hoped this helped
by Susan W. on 10/10/2008
"i just got this today in a walk in store, but mine is CO2. it shoots great and has a crisp feel. i just want to get a few more mags. more when i can use it in a game.
by jacob m. on 04/05/2012
"Just got this gun today! I have to say this is a very nice pistol. I have shoot around 15 magazines worth already, the only thing I don't like so much about it is when the gas gets low the slide wont go back far enough to load another BB into the barrel. But when you fill the magazine fully that is not a problem. I rather have enjoyed this pistol very much. As well as this is my first gas blow back pistol. I did get the "holy cow" extra magazine, but the only problem is that the extra magazine has a pretty descent leak from the top of it. Guess I will have to fix it! Thanks Evike, really is a great pistol!

Pros: Heavy weight, high BB capacity, hard kick, smooth trigger, full metal, and much more!

Cons: Haven't figured out how to get the orange tip off yet, the extra magazine(but has nothing to do with the gun), nothing to much.

Overall I would give this pistol a two thumbs up! Once again thanks evike!
by Marcus F. on 12/11/2010
"First impressions:
Heavy and realistic. This GBB felt solid in the hand and if your familiar with a 1911, you will be right at home with it's functionality. The magazine seems well built with added protection at the bottom if it ever hits the ground. Very impressed by this gun so far. Also a fantastic replica for those 1911 fanatics looking to get the same action with the real deal w/o wasting ammo at the range.

Mechanisms, parts, etc:
Smooth slide and addicting to cock. The safety switch is good, except on the right side. For the left handed shooter. That one keeps falling off while its on safe. Iím right handed so I decided to box the loose safety switch just in case I lose it for good. Rear sight is adjustable for both windage and elevation. Dis-assembly is simple. Only one bolt to deal with to access the hop up and disengage the slide. Annoying orange tip is removable. But hold on to it for legal purposes. The barrel has a bit of a play t it's not concerning. Same goes with the magazine. But it's not going to compromise the quality or the performance of the gun whatsoever.

Packs a punch. The action is addicting. I use propane and the mag holds more than enough gas to empty the bb's + more. Usually it takes about 7-10 sec to fill the mag. I have an extended 50 round mag on the way and I'm willing to bet it's going hold enough gas to empty the clip. Have not tried the co2 mag yet. But by the looks of things it wont disappoint. Out of the box at a 45ft target, I managed a softball size grouping with almost all 12 25g bb's tested repeated twice. It did shoot low and to the left off target buy 3 centimeters. But adjusting the hop-up and the rear sight, I was able to dial it in to hit the center of the target no problem. Just take the time to get it dialed.

-Great feel/heavy and realism
-Shoots hard
-Upgradable and easy to find parts

-Paint seems to wear off easily
-Left handed safety switch comes off too easily while on safe

A great buy for a collector or a gamer. For a gbb in it's class the WE HiCapa seems to deliver a great product for the right price. Best of all, it's going to be high on the fun factor using this pistol.