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Model: BU-ZS-07-01

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by Jesse R. on 2016-04-10 21:55:31
"I only use this bucking in all my AEG's as an immediate upgrade. I've been doing so for over four years now, and have never had an issue with these buckings. Whether used as a normal bucking, a flat-hop, or an RHOP, this bucking has sealed the best. I've tried many buckings - this, to me, performed better than Prommy buckings. The BB contact nub inside the bucking is a bit larger than most other brand names. To weigh the Systema hop up rubber against stock G&G green buckings when properly tuned, I immediately gained an extra 30 feet (measured). I will only continue to use this bucking whenever possible, in AEG's, or bolt-actions (PDI hop chamber).
by samuel r. on 2015-01-25 18:56:02
"Soft type of rubber great for gripping bb's. Put it in a gun shooting ~400 FPS and it's holding up just fine. Definite increase from stock bucking in grouping and range. I highly recommend this product to anyone.
by JOHNATHAN S. on 2015-01-19 11:49:51
"I don't know if I just got a bad bucking or what, but as soon as I installed it I started shooting 2 BBs every 5 or 6 shots. The lip will not even hold a BB resting on the bucking alone. Installed my old bucking and my double BB shot problem was fixed.
by Austin L. on 2013-06-10 10:46:28
"This is a decent bucking. I would say that it's worth the $8.

Cheap (cost-wise)
Feels sturdy
Decent air seal
Accuracy was improved a little
Comes with an aluminum barrel ring

Can be easy to tear (I never tore the exterior of it)
The "line" inside of it that aligns with the barrel tore off
by Steven K. on 2012-05-25 15:08:26
"Best bucking ive ever bought, i got this and an element hopup in my BBoys RAS2 and at 30 feet, its dead accurate, its only my CQB gun so im not worried about distance to much but i would highly recomend this to anyone
by Josh P. on 2012-04-16 15:08:07
"Well systema buckings are pretty good due to the type of rubber used. It is one of the softest on the market. I use it in my 400/20rps builds because softer rubber gives more moldabilty and gives greater backspin on the bb. You will need to replace this before a harder one, however I check my guns after every game so it's not a big problem. OVERALL GOOD BUCKING
by Tyler R. on 2012-02-26 16:02:54
"To anybody looking to buy this bucking, buy it now! This thing didn't tear during installation despite twisting (I have no idea why people are complaining about tearing). When combined with the PCS spacer and 6.03 tightbore, this thing dramatically increased my accuracy. For $8, this is one of the best and cheapest upgrades you can do. And to the guy below me: They sent me the bucking pictured and it works great.
by banjo c. on 2012-02-02 14:48:36
"Evike no longer carries the original Systema hop-up buckings. They carry Systema Energy hop-up buckings, which are clear and made of thin silicon, designed for low FPS/high ROF setups. Keep that in mind if you decide to order this. It is NOT the bucking in the image!

The Energy bucking itself is ok as long as you aren't running a setup over 380 FPS. Past that though, I've experienced massive tearing issues. Buyer beware.
by Caleb A. on 2012-02-01 17:54:00
"Just a couple of days ago, i received this and a Madbull Python 509mm. I wanted to put both in my CYMA M14 because the accuracy was horrible. Upon attempting this, i realized that the notches are too far back for an M14 hopup unit... so, the barrel didn't work in the gun. BUT. I sliced off the rear end of this bucking to make it fit on my stock barrel. and guess what?? HOLY HECK. THIS THING WORKS WONDERS. it up-ed my accuracy by (i'll bet) 175%. i can hit stuff dead on with my scope at 5 times zoom right in the center. awesome cheap upgrade, and definitely one of the simpler ones to do.
by Gibson S. on 2011-12-14 14:56:46
"for 8 dolars it noticably increased the accuracy in my p90, need i say more.
by Patrick S. on 2011-10-22 09:16:01
"Yes, this bucking tears easily. NO it is not garbage. Get 2 or 3, or get a madbull shark if you want a little less performance. But if you care about accuracy AT ALL, the bucking should be the first thing you replace (save TM guns) so much so that it affects accuracy more to get an $8 systema bucking than a $160 PDI barrel or $270 PDI cylinder set. There is NO reason not to get 3, because if you are sticking with airsoft, even if you don't rip the first one, you will use them in all your guns.
by Alex P. on 2010-10-08 23:34:11
"Garbage, utter rip-off. Won't fit right in the hop up, tears very easily, and overpriced. Like all other things Systema... Overpriced trash.

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