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Condor Compact Assault Pack w/ Hydration Compartment (Color: Black)

8 Customer Reviews

by austin b. on 01/08/2011
"this the best backpack ive taken into the feild worked perfect the three day weekend opertion we played

helps distrebute the weight
tightins to not bounce around

got a little heavy when we put the tent that we used on it

overall the backpack is deffinetly worth the 44$ and if u r carry alot of ammo supplies and MREs
by Velimir S. on 05/18/2010
• good quality
• nice design
• fair price
• lot of pockets
• padded-soft back
• plastic zippers – will not get rusty
• waterproof
• mole ready – 2 on each side and 3 on a back
• hydration compartment
• If you tight him well it will not bounce around even If you are running
• you can tight this pack well even with body west – chest strap under the west and lover strap above web belt, shoulder straps will be bit aside but not uncomfortable at all – I have Deluxe Spec. Force Cross Draw Tactical Vest

• before one than two days – if you take just BBS, food and water than is a 2 day but if you have full equipment (raincoat, tent…) then 1 day – I put my shovel on a back mole and sleeping bag under the pack and tight sleeping bag on both sides for mole – OK I know…it is an assault bag :) approximately 30 l and you should have one more for 3 days – app 65l
• ACU universal - inefficient camo pattern – just for urban CQB
• no other camo patterns
by Trevor A. on 04/04/2010
"This is an awsome pack! I carry almost all of my real medical equitment in this pack, as well as a laptop, food, and water. This pack is well made and functions for a 1-2 day assault pack.
by Cesar M. on 12/27/2008
"Well if u tighten this pack well, it will not bounce around. Now if you plan on wearing a vest under there is a possibility that it will get in the way depending on the vest. yes you can wear the pack above the vest but depending on the vest you cannot tighten it as preffered. I tried it with the 18$ chest rig and i could not tighten it very well and it didnt look very good neither. Also tried the Navy Seal armor vest and it fit that no problem and very comfortable as well. I hope that helps. Or you could also just put pockets on the belt and harnesses of the pack instead. All in all a great pack for any event,

P.S. i love the hydration pack pouch =)
by stephen d. on 09/15/2008
"Can you put this over a otv vest and will it get in the way of handling any of the pockets on my vest. Also is it really steardy for moving around alot cuz i am usally on the recon force in my team and i have to get in and out as soon as possible and i cant have my backpack tossing and fumbling all over.
by Andrew E. on 08/03/2008
"This bag is great. I am a 1LT an the West Virginia National Guard and I've used this bag in the hills on 2-3 day trianing missions. It is good to carry food in and I put my CammelBak in the middle pocket. It very comfortable and does get in the way of my equipment. So if you like a little bag to go hunting with this is the bag for the job. Also, I would have taken it to Ft. Knox but it didn't get to my place in time.
by Cesar M. on 07/29/2008
"this is a great backpack... it hold everything u need and more, u can add molle pouches on the back and also on the belt....i plan on using the belt to put mag pouches and other stuff i need on hand. i dont use a vest cuz i can put everything on the belt. also all the harnesses make it feel very light if tightened well of course. also great for milsim and overnight events
by Garrett C. on 12/18/2008
"A good vest but the picture makes it look a little bigger than it is but it is still a good size. Best thing about this backpack is the gazillion pockets it has. This pack can carry a lot and has many straps to hold the pack tight against it self so if it is not fully loaded you gear will not move around. Fits fine over my tac vest w/o any attachments on back of my vest. There is a little Velcro on the top outer pocket but not really enough for anything to get a good grip because of MOLLE webbing.