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AIM All Purpose Silicone Lubricant Oil Spray for Airsoft / Firearm (Two Bottles)

14 Customer Reviews

by Kraig M. on 12/12/2012
"Great dea. Great product. Great to throw in with your gear for the field. Must have for gbb users and propane adapter. Really nice viscosity.
by yolanda g. on 05/16/2012
"i love these things they are a must have if you own a gas powered gun this is a great deal buy them the only bad thing is that the cans are small
by Dave H. on 01/18/2011
"Amazing lubricant for airsoft guns.


it will mess up your gun faster than throwing it in a fire.
(well maybe thats an exaggeration but you get the idea)

Can is about actual size compared to the picture above.
This is a MUST HAVE for gas gun owners, for any airsoft owner for a matter of fact.
by David G. on 03/21/2010
"i have tsd guns and high quality rc cars can i use the slilcone oil in my cars aslo$$$$$$$$$$$4
by tali l. on 09/12/2009
"This silicon oil is a must for any airsoft players if you want your gun to work like new. They have many uses. You can use some for your magazines, your shotgun shells, and your airsoft gun of course! Very nice price for two of them. Definetly get them to have your have gun and magazines work flawlessly!
by Jordan T. on 11/07/2008
"Good Product! 5/5 Only thing I think is that for the the price of the cans and the size I dont think they really match well. The can is about 4 and a 1/2 inches long and they are not the same as in the picture but work just as nice. I thought they were going to be bigger but I guess not!
by Tom O. on 10/17/2008
"Hopefully this outta lube my mag well so i can shoot my AUG without it misfeeding. =/
by Nathan a. on 09/25/2008
"planing on buying this product but was wondering how many ounces each can has
by Edric C. on 08/25/2008
"This stuff is AWESOME! it gets all the dirt out of your inner barrel. Its also cheap and affordable. Evike need to fix the caps lock problem, though.
by Brendan M. on 08/17/2008
"I love this stuff, its simply amazing! Not only can you use it to lube up any part of your gun, but you can also use it with a propane adaptor! I just got my propane adaptor and i have to say, this stuff works PERFECTLY with it
by Nicholas M. on 07/21/2008
"a must for all airsoft owners. it lubricates your guns and magazines to keep them running. do not use wd40 on guns! use only 100% silicone or silicon oil. 2 for the price of 1.5 here.
by Nick S. on 07/20/2008
"Great stuff!! An essential for any airsofter! My UTG shotgun shells were not feeding properly and this fixed them right up!

Buy this stuff!
by Matt J. on 07/05/2008
"I have a bottle of this stuff on hand all the time in comps or in just back yard skirmishes, its just too handy. Every gun I have, Echo 1 MP5pdw, G36c, Classic Army G36E, Tokyo Marui P90, KWA Mac11, all of these need some sort of silicone at one point or another to achieve maximum performance. This stuff works great and takes about 200rds to get a half-second shot worked throught your barrel and reciever, and once it does you can tell your gun works better just by how much harder it fires. If you're getting an AEG and haven't owned one before, get a bottle or two of this and just give the insided of your barrel and reciever a half second shot and put 200-250rds through it and you should be set.
by Mike K. on 07/04/2008
"this is a good deal, $7 for 2 or $4.50 for 1? save $2 by buying two or more at once. absolutely necessary for any wirsoft owner