Reviews: Matrix 0.20g Match Grade 6mm Airsoft BB - 2,000/ White

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Model: BB-M20-2KW

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by John M. on 2008-08-21 23:39:47
"Thats why you don't just buy a bag of bb, tag it with your other orders, with the gas pricing going up, I am surprised evike is still offering free shipping for orders over $100. They already have the best price around.

The best deal would be the 20,000 round. These are the best bb and definitely worth the price. Tried a few brand these are by far the highest quality perfect bbs.
by Vincent L. on 2008-08-21 18:54:14
"These are great BB's to use but its somewhat pricey after you've added the tax and shipping. All in all these are nicely made no mess ups no seam lines no BS. 4/5 due to price.
by Snake C. on 2008-07-30 03:08:18
"Awsome bb. Most high quality bb you can tell from just looking at it and these are definitely the bb you want to trust with your AEG. Used over fifty bags of matrix bb now and not a single time I have problem with them. The run smooth even in my tight bore prometheus and PDI barrels. Very reliable brand of bb. Used to use Marui but those are no where to be found anymore and these are just as good with cheaper price.
by Nick S. on 2008-07-24 05:46:20
"wow these are great! Ive used over 75000 of these BB's in my ICS mp5! Hardly ever jammed if ever! great quality for a cheap price!
by John C. on 2008-05-25 23:20:20
"I was reluctant to buy these at first but I finally broke down and got 60,000 of them. I saw an improvement in my high grade springers in velocity, accuracy and distance. I also saw an improvement in my AEGs and AEPs as well. I have used several brands and these are up there with some of the best. For the price, you just can’t beat them.
by D. M. on 2008-05-13 01:40:55
"Excellent bb's. Work flawlessly in my gr16 with a km barrel. No seems or nipples. Polished. Like them better than Excel, Marui, KSC, Airsoft Elite because of the price. Shoots consistent 390 fps on my GR16.
by John W. on 2008-05-11 12:16:43
"Great bbs, every gun I put the bb's in, the accuracy is perfect with my tight bore. GREAT DEAL. buy these!!
by Josh S. on 2008-05-09 18:45:50
"Pretty happy with these. Good for just playing around if you want to save your more expensive ones for games. The consistency and polish is very good, and they seem pretty much the same as AE bbs.
by Junro C. on 2008-05-08 00:57:31
"Very accurate. flawless finish. I have put over 30,000 of these things through my sniper with Prometheus barrel. Everything you can ask for from airsoft bb

Displaying 1 to 9 (of 9 reviews)