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by Josh K. on 2013-04-03 20:32:43
"The FPS clocks in around 320, rof is nice with a 7.4
BODY IS FULL METAL. It is the first one that Marui is allowed to make with metal body.

Accuracy and consistency is where it shines. It shoots 200 feet accurately.
If you really dont want to get the Marui because of price, be prepared to do a LOT of work on hopup units of the ACM replicas.

There is a reason TM is copied, they are the best. Hands down when it comes to quality.

5/5 stars. Excellent rifle.
by Victor H. on 2008-11-28 08:44:09
"Kip i hope you know that this is actually a mostly metal external, probably because this is one of TM's newest guns along with the AK-74m which is also metal
by chad w. on 2008-11-27 20:37:19
"aye kip u are wrong my friend. tokyo marui has way better internals than be-tech. the fps may be better on it but it will not last as long as a marui. get ur facts straight.
shoot i want one of these....
by Kip N. on 2008-11-16 16:26:19
"The type 89 is a very nice gun, but if you do not want to pay the $429.99 for the Marui you can get a exact copy made by Matrix (BE-Tech) for $150. I would say you can not tell the difference between the two, but you can. The Matrix version is much better! The Matrix / BE-Tech is full metal, better internals, higher FPS.
by Jimmy A. on 2008-06-16 09:10:32
-Looks very nice with its all metal body and black flashhider.
-Putting the battery in is extremely easy.
-You can hold an extra bttery in the stock which helps me.
-High rate of fire
-Awsome 3-round burst
-Sweet bi-pod that it comes with

-Low FPS, only like 285
-pretty heavy
-kinda expensive

This is a great gun, I highy recommend it!
by William m. on 2008-05-05 21:45:40
"Tokyo marui (TM) well known to have high quality airsoft weapons. Tokyo Marui is the Ferrari of the airsoft market as the cheep plastic spring guns at wal-mart are a Hyundai. Now there’s nothing wrong with a Hyundai, but which one ,given the choice, would you rather own the Ferrari, or the Hyundai. Now as do the Ferrari’s, the Tokyo maruis have a relatively higher price than the clones. Unlike most manufactures Tokyo marui guns have mostly ABS plastic body’s. Due to the fact that there are always two sides to the story, some people turn there nose up at this fact, and others welcome it. A pro to the plastic body is that plastic body’s make the gun light weight. A con is that plastic scratches easier than metal. However all Tokyo marui AEG’s have metal gears and gearboxes. Tokyo maruis are built to last someone clamed that they had there’s for ten years with only a few minor problems.

The Tokyo marui Type 89 (also model 34 from Palco Sports) is a very unique AEG. This weapon is one of the very few airsoft weapons that has a three round burst action. Three round is very use full in airsoft skirmishes. Mostly because three bb’s are flying at your enemy before they know what happened. Second the TM type 89 is unique due to the fact that the selector switch is on the right hand side instead of the left. This does not take long to get use to, but is a little strange at first.

The battery is a bit difficult to install mostly because it is in the hand guard. But you get you use to it. The hand guard slides apart in two different sections.(right and left). I found the easiest way to insert the battery is to remove only the left hand side and place the battery in the top section with the plug facing towards the gearbox then connect the plug to the other one and slide the left section back on and insert the pin. Also there is an extra battery compartment in the stock of the gun.

The TM type 89 comes with a small bag of .2 bb’s and a black flash hider a bipod. The bipod is detachable and I tend not to use it due to the fact that it scratches the barrel. This weapon can use both type 89 mags and m4/m16 mags which is very useful if you already have a m4 or m16. (note: type 89 nags do NOT work in m4/m16’s).

There are two different versions of the type 89. The first version has a solid stock (the one in the review), the other one has a folding stock. Both versions are exactly the same except for the stock and they are both the same price. I chose the solid stock version due to the spare battery compartment in the stock. The type 89 has a good solid feel and looks nice.

In conclusion I am pleased with the TM Type 89 thus far. I must admit however at first I was not a fan of plastic bodies but now I realize that they are rather nice. This gun has good range and is accurate. I would recommend this gun to anyone looking for a nice AEG.

Pros/Cons, Ratings


1. Light weight

2. 3-round burst

3. Spare battery compartment

4. Uses m4/m16 mags


1. Uses stick battery

2. Battery is hard to install


1. Exterior 9 / 10

2. Accessories 7 / 10

3. Overall 8 / 10

Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 reviews)